The Chronicles of Arm'e

An Arm'eian that was transported to Earth at birth, must take on the ultimate challenges of his life.


9. Chapter Nine: Vern'e's Test

Chapter 9: Vern'e's Test

It was early in the morning when I got back to Earth, so I prepared myself for the day. All I thought of was what I did with Marsa. It was official, even though I didn't want to believe it; I have lost my virginity and will be a father in six months. My spine quivered at the thought, so I banned it from my memory the best I could.

What was I going to for six months, because I've mastered all of the techniques that I need to transform into the Ultimate Warrior, except the one that requires two people to perform. Once again, I was stuck with no options. Still, I needed to remain at my best, because Black Matter could deceive or attack me at anytime he wished.

I just knew that he was watching, for I could feel it. I don't know if it's just me being paranoid or my Arm'eian instincts acting up again, but either way, I needed to be on guard no matter what. What he was going to do next is unpredictable, but I know that when it happens it'll be able to notice. I just hope he doesn't attack Salt Lake City, because that will be on my conscious all my life.

The cool air of fall blew through my hair. It felt so nice, almost as if an angel had come to me and lifted all of my troubles and worries away from existence. However, the memories of that night at the orphanage; when I found out who I was, where I came from, why I must protect the entire universe from Black Matter. That memory will never leave my thoughts. Never.

I kicked the ground lightly, causing a small puff of dust to blow away with the cool breeze. As I sat up against a mesa, wide awake, I whistled a small tune that echoed throughout the entire valley of mesas that went on for miles. The tune was one that I would usually play when I was absolutely bored to death.

How could I be bored? I'm actually supposed to be happy, because I'm finally getting a break from training my butt off for almost twelve days straight. It has to be my Arm'eian side craving for fighting and training. I hated when my Arm'eian side would overshadow me inside and force me to train when I felt like taking a long break.

"Dumb instincts. Why can't I take a long break that I very well deserve?" My blood began to rush, and my heartbeat rate was speeding up. I was getting frustrated. "Quit! I deserve a break you dumb instincts! I still have a human side too, and I say stop your damn acting up now!"

My instincts listened and quit acting up. They were acting like a child who wants an expensive toy that their parents can't afford, so they begin to scream and shout. The desert turned quiet, with no sound in the distance. "Odd, but I don't care." I sat back against the same mesa as before and began to whistle that same tune again.


* * *


In the afternoon, I still was laying back against the same mesa breathing at a normal pace. "I'm so bored. What am I going to do for six months, for I have no need to train with the other techniques I've already learned and mastered." I can release a Rosna attack of a dangerously high caliber. Enough to destroy an entire city. The Thunder Strike is scary to do, because I can create a very large and loud thunder storm.

I was so bored, that I was just picking up rocks and throwing them. I sighed then pounded my head lightly against my kneecaps for at least five minutes. I wanted someone to fight so that I could test myself against an enemy and truly find out how much stronger I've gotten. I ran my hands through my thick hair and stretched, hearing some pops that loosened up my entire spine.

I put one hand on my head and played with my hair for a minute, then sat back. The desert was quiet, then I heard a small snap sound not far from me. It couldn't be an animal, for Reese said himself that there is no life out here due to the high temperatures. It had to be someone, but the question was, who? It had to be another one of Black Matter's deception schemes. He wants to see for himself how strong I've truly become.

The same sound echoed in my ear again, and this time it was even closer. I stood up from the ground and shut my eyes. I listened closely to every sound in the desert. The wind, the echo of another snap, and thought of every movement that whatever this was was making. It was slowly approaching ten yards from me. Closer, closer, another step, now only five yards from me. The character has now stopped and is making a different movement. It's jumping and is now two yards from me. I opened my eyes and to my right I jabbed my fist straight through the abdomen of a small Black Matter figurine.

The lights behind its eye plate faded from red to black. I pulled my fist back- covered in purple blood- and got in my fighting position. Suddenly, all around me, in every direction I began to see small black bodies lunging at me in the air. Apparently, Black Matter was listening when I said I wanted someone to fight. Well, time to test my limits.

All the small Dorsians surrounded me in every direction. I can do this. I'm ready. "Come and get me." All of the small figurines lunged at me. I closed my eyes and prepared myself for the first attack. Left. Go left. I threw a punch to the left and hit a figurine right on the crown of the head. It fell down and died.

I turned my attention to all of the others and begun to throw kicks and punches in every direction. I hit Dorsian-after-Dorsian, killing each of them with every blow. I yelled as I sped up my blows to speeds, where you could barely see me moving. Every Dorsian died instantly with every blow. One fell after another, as I sped up faster-and-faster, killing each individual Dorsian with punches through their bodies. I even grabbed one by the arms and legs and pulled them until they split into two. Blood would soak my face, but I didn't care.

Another I grabbed the same way I did the other, but instead of pulling them apart, I slammed them against my kneecap and broke their spine into two separate pieces. Blood would spit out onto my chest along with their final bloodcurdling scream, before I'd slam them against the ground, throw them in the air, and finally finish them with a Rosna attack.

I was soaked with purple blood and surrounded by over two-hundred dead Dorsians, by the time I came down to the final one. This one however was scared to death at the sight of what they've just witnessed. "Well Dorsian, I guess it's just you and me now isn't it?."

"You're-you're ruthless. A monster!"

"No. You are."

"Look around you. These were just test subjects, not real beings."

"Oh yeah, then tell me Dorsian. Why am I covered in purple blood?"

"I don't know..." The Dorsian paused. Oh my... These were real beings! Black Matter was supposed to use the test subjects. These are all individual aliens that were under Black Matter's control. My brothers' are dead!"

"You mean these aren't Dorsians, but different innocent beings?"


"Oh my gosh. I am a monster!" I began to pound the ground and cry a little. The small figurine walked over to me.

"It's not your fault Vern'e. Black Matter tricked us both."

"But I killed them. They were innocent."

"You are no monster, because you freed them Vern'e. You freed them of Black Matter's control."

I stopped crying and realized the small figurine was right. I did free them all of his control. I felt a little better. "I'm sorry about your losses."

"It's alright, because I want you to do me a favor."

"What is it?"

"I want you to free me also."

"What? I can't do that."

"Please. I beg you."

"How do you want to die?"

"The fastest way."

"Then hold still. One punch to the head should do it."

"Thank you. You are a true warrior with a pure heart of love and care."

"Tell your brothers' that I'm sorry."

"They've already forgiven you."



With a tear rolling from my eyes, I punched the figurine on the crown of the head.

"Thank you friend." Those were their last words as the dots behind the eye plate faded to black.

"Your welcome friend." The figure fell to the ground.


* * *


I stood tall with blood all over my chest, face, legs, and arms. I felt sick as I felt like I was going to vomit. I fell to the ground on my knees and immediately begun to cry severely. My fists were clenched so tight that blood began to leak out onto the ground. I pounded my fists against the ground, still crying. I had won the battle, but I felt as if I have lost, due to killing innocent beings, and it's all because of that damn Black Matter!

"Black Matter! How dare you pull a stunt like this! I swear when I get the first chance to rip you damn head off and throw it to who knows the hell where, I will make sure that you're finished in ways beyond what you just witnessed! I swear all of this by father's grave! You will burn in the depths of Hell and be damned to eternity in the fires of darkness!"

I calmed myself and looked at the bodies around me. "They deserve a proper burial far from here." I walked out in the distance and fired up a Rosna attack, to create a crater that would hold them all. "Rosna attack!" The blue orb as always shot straight through the ground and immediately blew up and created a crater large enough to fit two hundred bodies.

I walked over to the sight of the previous battle and grabbed as many bodies as I could and carried them to the crater. I set the bodies down slowly and carefully next to one another. It took me twenty minutes to carry every body to the crater and put them next to each other. When I was done, I looked down at all the bodies from above. They all looked at peace and happy to be away from Black Matter's reign. I covered all the bodies with separate boulders, which created a small mountain of boulders. "There must be a way to seal them from any kind of disturbance."

I thought of any kind of way to permantly seal them from disturbance, but at first nothing came. The only thing I thought of was Te Spetar Swors. Maybe it has an ability to seal an object permanently. I walked over to the mesa that had my bag on top of it, and grabbed Te Spetar Swors. With Te Spetar Swors in my hand, I walked to the burial site. At the site, I looked over the sword for any kind of effect of sealing, but there was only a blade and grip.

"Dammit. Come on there's got to be a way to seal with this thing." I tapped the blade against the burial site, due to frustration, then what happened next made my jaw drop. The rocks that covered the site were being covered by a crystal-like material. The material covered the entire site, and the site was glowing like a giant diamond in the desert. The material was hard as any metal I've ever felt. "Nobody will disturb these innocent beings ever again. Rest in peace."

I walked away, feeling sad and sat my head back against the same mesa as before, and -not even tired- fell asleep to wake up to a new day in the morning.

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