The Chronicles of Arm'e

An Arm'eian that was transported to Earth at birth, must take on the ultimate challenges of his life.


18. Chapter Eighteen: Fight For the Universe

Chapter 18: The Fight For the Universe

Back on Earth, many things, unlike before were changing. The winds were shallow and didn't seem as soft and quiet. Instead, the winds were thick and very loud, and the sound of the wind rumbled my eardrums. The winds seemed more like a hurricane than a calm ocean breeze. They were so strong that they nearly made both Sorenska and I hardly able to stay balanced during last-minute training.

Another thing that had changed was the clouds. The clouds were very gloomy and dark and seemed to get darker every second. The overcast caused the Dry Wastelands to be covered in nothing but shadow and darkness. Temperatures dropped to cold and desolate, almost like Dorsa's temperatures. The temperatures made it hard to concentrate on training as well.

I knew very well that these sudden changes weren't being caused by weather. They were signs of Black Matter closing on Sorenska and I. The darker it got meant he was getting closer to Earth, so as the darkness increased Sorenska and I would rush in training speed. Soon, Black Matter will be among Sorenska and I, so we both knew that we had to do all we could to get a last-minute boost in strength.

Sorenska was practicing his usual jabs and kicks against boulders, while I was practicing my combos. I figured if in battle Black Matter decides to pull what I call a "double-draw", I would need to be prepared for it. In the past times I've faced Black Matter in deception, I've noticed that his combat is very quick and slick.

Black Matter is able to move a punch or kick slowly and move another at a fast pace during combat. Apparently, this must be something that Dorsians are capable of doing, because I've tried to do what he does before and in the end, I always end up falling to the ground.

I wasn't even going to bother practicing moves that require energy, because I didn't want to ware myself to the point where I couldn't fight as I normally would. The last energy blast I used against Clone 1 nearly killed me. If it weren't for Sorenska lending me some of his energy, I'd be dead along with the rest of the Arm'eians and the entire universe.

Sorenska was getting tired, but still he continued to train as severely as he could, for he knew what was upon us. I don't even bother interrupting, because after seeing what he did on Dorsa blew my mind. Sorenska is full of more surprises and capabilities though, and I figure that I'll see those hidden capabilities released when I call for him in my battle with Black Matter.

I was ready to face him at long last. After all he's done to me; deceived me multiple times, killed everyone at the orphanage, killed Reese, shattered my emotions like broken glass, invaded my life, caused me to enter a life that I never knew of, etc. Any other way I will kill and destroy that tyrant once and for all in the worse way possible. It's time for the Ultimate Warrior to do what he did in the past; restore order to the entire universe and free Arm'e from invasion.

"Sorenska, that's enough training. I believe we're ready to face him."

"You sure?"

"Positive. We've been training for over four hours straight."

"Four hours!"


"It feels more like just two hours."

"Time flies when you're training so hard that it's nearly back-breaking."


"Are you ready to face him Sorenska?"

"You bet."

"You only fight if I call you for help. Got it."

"Got it."

"You need to know that Black Matter isn't your average opponent. There's more to him than meets the eye. Trust me. I've fought him in deceptions before."

"What's so different about Black Matter compared to other opponents we've faced?"

"His combat."

"What do you mean?"

"Black Matter is capable of doing things in combat that an Arm'eian is not capable of doing."


"Okay. Black Matter can do what I call a "double-draw". That means that he can pull two moves at different speeds. This technique can throw an opponent off on his speed and finish him in less than a second."

"How does timing affect the opponent."

"Let's say Black Matter's fighting me and he does a slow knee toward the abdomen and a fast punch toward the face. If I don't block my abdomen with my knee while blocking the punch, he'll catch me off guard and have a chance to strike when I least expect it. If you don't watch yourself, you'll be taken down and with one last blow, you'll end up dead."

"How am I supposed to tell if he is going to strike somewhere else, while I'm blocking a punch or kick!?"

"You'll know. Your instincts will become your ally while fighting him."

"I trust what you say, so I know I'll be alright if you say so."

"Thanks. Our enemy will be here in about two hours. I can tell because of the clouds getting darker by the second."

"So, what do we do now?"

"We rest. We'll need to be at full strength when he arrives, otherwise we can kiss our lives goodbye."

"Guess you're right."

"Get some rest. I'll wake you when I see the first sight of Black Matter's ship."

"Right." Sorenska layed down on the rough ground and quickly fell asleep. I stood looking at the sky with anger in my eyes. Come as you want Black Matter, but mark my words, I will be victorious in the end. After saying that, I immediately could feel his energy closing in. Won't be long now. I estimate you'll be here in about an hour. Come. Come all you want.


* * *


I exited my thirty minute trans that I entered to pass the time. My mind was now focused on only one thing; killing Black Matter. My rage was rising, for I could feel the energy getting closer and closer. I knew the time was near. I finally will face Black Matter. My rival, enemy, tyrant, and deceiver. He will finally show his ugly face to me in battle in over a year.

"Ten minutes at the least. It's time to avenge all those who've perished by his hand." I shed a small tear that glowed like silver. "Reese, mother, father, I promised you that I'd make him pay for all he's done. I will make sure that promise doesn't end in vain. I will make him pay. I promise he will fall by my hand."

I clenched my hands into fists and gritted my teeth. My anger was rising to new levels so high that I felt I was going to explode. This was the time that I have ever had so much hatred inside me. This amount of hatred was even more higher than the night I transformed into the Ultimate Warrior. The more the energy grew, the angrier I got.

The energy was getting stronger and stronger with each passing second, causing my blood to boil and revealing the power inside of me. The tips of my hair were glowing like gold and creating a light that eliminated some of the darkness from the sky. The light didn't extinguish the evil energy of Black Matter though. Black Matter's energy just kept increasing more and more.

It began to get heavy, as if the energy of Black Matter was an invisible force pushing me down. If Black Matter was trying to intimidate me with this little stunt, he'd best quit trying, because it's not working by any means. I'm not the same little kid that he met that night in the orphanage. I am now a full-blooded warrior on a mission to elimate whatever threatens my life and Sorenska's life as well.

The glow of the tips of my hair increased to higher levels of luminosity. The glow was so bright, it eliminated the negativity in the air and replaced it with positive energy from the inner warrior inside of me. My rage was growing like a weed, which caused my hair's glow to increase in brightness. It was to the point that it would blind a human eye; almost as bright as the sun itself.

The horizon was beginning to descend to nothing but a pure glow of nothing but golden luminosity. The darkness was extinguished from the shadows that descended upon the Dry Wastelands and was gone forever. Black Matter was close, for I could feel him passing through the atmosphere of Earth. In less then sixty seconds, he'll land and at last we'll fight.

I walked over to Sorenska and quickly woke him out of his deep sleep. He moaned and yawned, then he looked up at me while stretching. "It's time Sorenska. He's here." Sorenska's face immediately turned into a warrior's expression.

"Time to face him."

"Yes. It is time." My hair tips continued to glow due to my anger rising higher and higher. Sorenska was interested in my hair's glow.

"Why is your hair glowing so bright?"

"Anger and pride is being released as a message to Black Matter."

"Calm down. Remember, we need all the power we can get."

"I realize that, but I'm not releasing any power doing this. It's my Arm'eian instincts acting up again, and as usual, I can't control them no matter how hard I try."

"Okay. Just as long as you aren't releasing any power."

"Besides, I'm ready for him. I'm ready to face him, fight him, and kill him. He'll be wishing he never entered my life; wishing he were never even born. When I'm done with him, he'll be at my feet begging for mercy. I will make sure that all those of my past that have fallen because of him will be avenged, and their deaths and sacrifices won't be in vain. I won't fail. I can't fail. They've done too much for me to keep fighting even at the hardest times in battle. The bottom line is that I have to kill him, otherwise Arm'e and the entire universe is doomed, and the Ultimate Warrior will cease to exist."

"I'm here if you need me dad. We will succeed. We must."

"Right." After saying that, a giant black spaceship appeared descending from the sky. At long last, it's come. Black Matter and I will finally fight. The spaceship landed gently on the ground, and in a matter of seconds the door to the spaceship opened. Two red dots glowed in the shadows and slowly a body figure began to appear as it stepped out of the darkness and into the light. In full view, there stood Black Matter staring at me with his blood-red eyes.


* * *


Silence filled the air as Black Matter continued to stare at me with pure evil in his eyes. His glare was of nothing but anger, so the fact that we killed Clone's 1 and 2 had indeed pissed him off. He continued to stare me down, then he chuckled. The chuckle was similar to Clone 1's. No doubt now that Clone 1 was one of Black Matter's creations.

"You go to my home planet, destroy both of my creations at their highest level in power, waste away all the foes I've sent to kill you; what nerve you have to do such things."

"What? You're saying I've done nothing to deceive you? Sorry you selfish bastard, but that's the opposite way around. You've done nothing but deceive me and pushed me so hard into new levels of power in doing so."

"You runt. You may have the attitude of a warrior, but you are just a regular Arm'eian."

"You are so blind. Take a closer look at me. I'm not the same person you faced that night in the orphanage; I'm a ruthless warrior by the name of the Ultimate Warrior."

"Shut your mouth Arm'eian! You are no Ultimate Warrior, therefore you'll die easily."

"We'll see. Just wait till I come undone just for you."

"Shut up! It's begun. Show me the power of the all-powerful Ultimate Warrior."

"As you wish." We both stood our ground in our battle stances, awaiting the first move. We stared at each other with true hatred in our eyes. I knew that he'd make the first move, so I held my ground and awaited his move. He was doing the same thing I was doing though; waiting for me to make the first move.

I knew that somehow I had to trick him and cause him to make the first move, so I thought hard of a way to trick him. Black Matter has been in many battles, so I knew he was smart about what I was about to pull. I planned to slide my foot across the surface, as if I were preparing for an attack.

With no further option, I tried my trick and slowly begun to slide my foot across the ground. Come on. Take the bait. I continued to slide my foot slowly and lunge outward a little to make it seem as if I were going to charge. Black Matter stood looking at me, and inside his head I knew he was pondering on whether to attack or not. What was I going to do? I had to attack, even though I didn't want to make the first move. I prepared to attack, but as soon as I was about to attack, Black Matter was already charging me at full speed.

Quickly, I held my arms up to protect myself from impact. Black Matter hit my arms then he fell back onto the ground sort of dizzy from the hit. Now was my chance, so I charged to the ground and began to throw punches and kicks as fast as I could to anywhere I could hit and damage him.

I was successful and didn't stop throwing blow-after-blow. I was hitting him in the face, chest, abdomen, groin, etc. In other words, I was damaging him severely but not enough to weaken him. I rose off of him and stood with my arms crossed.

Black Matter struggled to breathe, and looked at me with hatred in his eyes as he stood back up off the ground. "You wretched little rat! There's no way that you could be this strong! My scanners read you at a very low level!"

"Maybe you should quit counting on your scanners to read an opponent, for you have yet to see what I've been hiding from you; my true power."

"Impossible. You can't conserve the energy amount of which you speak."

"You'd be surprised at what Arm'eians are capable of, which you wouldn't know, because all you do is slaughter Arm'eians and any other species besides the Dorsian race."

"I do know! I know that you're lying!" Black Matter rushed toward me, so I quickly rose my power a little and followed Black Matter into an assault. We both threw an onslaught of combos at each other. Black Matter was at least equal to me in this assault, unlike the last assault, where I wiped the floor with him.

Our speed was phenomenal, and Black Matter was having trouble keeping up with my speed. We each threw blows to one another, but they were blocked each time. This assault was a 50/50 situation in power, so despite speed, Black Matter and I were evenly matched. Seeing that neither of us were striking one another, Black Matter and I broke away from each other.

"How is it possible you were even able to match my power? I boosted my power to a higher level before the assault!"

"Like I said before, you'd be surprised what an Arm'eian is capable of. What's the matter Black Matter? Have you finally met an opponent who can match your power, or are you so caught up in only the amount of power I hold against you that it has caused you to experience something that all who have fallen by your hand have; fear?"

"I don't fear you! I don't fear anything!"

"Really? Look at you compared to me. As far as I can tell, I have no damage and you do. Hmm, tell me now. Who's winning this battle?"

"Shut up!" Black Matter threw a massive punch straight to my face. "Take that!" At first Black Matter had a grin of evil, but suddenly it changed to a worried grin, for I wasn't even bruised or damaged.

"That was a cute touch. Now... I landblasted Black Matter with a punch that nearly broke his jaw and threw another punch to his abdomen with my other free hand. The punch to the abdomen was so severe, because it created a giant dent in the suit's armor. The punch almost broke through the armor into the stomach, too bad that it didn't, because this battle would be over.

The dent reminded me of the giant puncture Black Matter made with his foot on my chest. I guess the punch was a signal of how much pain he inflicted into me that night. I didn't stop with just that punch though; I began to throw punch-after-punch to abdomen. My fists were moving so fast that you couldn't see them moving at a rapid pace into the abdomen of Black Matter.

After I landed at least over two-hundred punches to the abdomen, I continued my assault by throwing an upper-cut to Black Matter jaw, causing him to go flying into the air. I flew up to him and put my fists together to form a hammer-fist. First, I kicked Black Matter in the center of the chest, then I used teleportation to transport to Black Matter again.

I threw a kick straight to the center of his spine and sent him flying upward again. I transported to him again and lastly, landed a hammerfist to the crown of his head. Black Matter crashed hard into the ground, so I used this to my advantage and prepared a Rosna attack.

Black Matter was struggling to get up, and his eyeplate was covered by dust. I fueled up the Rosna attack into an energy ball as quick as I could, so that I could finish Black Matter once and for all. The Rosna attack was firing up, so I got into my Rosna attack pose in the air and prepared for the blast. I targeted Black Matter, whose vision was returning to normal; I had to hurry. "Rosna attack!" The blue orb shot out of my hand to where Black Matter sat. I was hoping Black Matter wouldn't see the blast in time and would be engulfed by the attack, before he could act in defense.

The blast was almost to Black Matter, but as he begun to turn around, he could see normally again. I prayed he'd miss the blast and wouldn't be able to block it in time. Black Matter saw the blast, and quickly acted in defense by throwing a Red Nova attack at the Rosna attack. The Red Nova was pushing my Rosna attack back at me, making it hard to concentrate on redirecting the Red Nova back at Black Matter.

The force of the Red Nova was strong and pushing me back, so I did my best to stay in control and pushed back at the Red Nova. I felt like I was fighting Clone 1 again, because when we fought, we did something similar to this. I pushed as hard as I could to retract the Red Nova, but it was killing my energy. That's when I stopped and realized what Black Matter was doing; he was draining my energy resources, so that I couldn't match up to his power when these two blasts collide with one another. That clever bastard!

I retracted my Rosna attack and freed my control from the blast, and without hesitation teleported to the ground behind Black Matter. Angrily, I landed a devastating kick to the spine that echoed throughout the desert. The kick didn't send Black Matter flying across the desert, instead he fell to the ground in severe pain.

The kick to him must've felt like a truck hit him head-on, because he was almost bent in half when he fell to the ground. He sat on the ground squirming like a worm trying to catch his breath. He balanced himself with his two arms and used one to pull off a piece of armor from the chin area.

Underneath the armor, I saw Black Matter's mouth. His skin was a putrid green, and his mouth was composed of giant jagged teeth. He ripped the piece of armor attached to the chin to reveal his entire mouth. By ripping off the mouthplate, he tore away some of his skin and was bleeding horribly. Purple blood poured out of his mouth onto the ground, creating a puddle of blood that looked like a spot where grape juice had been spilt.

Black Matter readjusted his back, causing a sound that sounded like he broke his back then put the piece of armor that covered the chin area back on. I figured the chin piece was attached to his skin, so he couldn't reattach it to his face. He looked at me with pure anger in his eyes, and struggled as he rose back to his feet.

"I've have never removed my armor before! Especially removed a piece of armor nailed to my face! Thanks to you, my chin is now without armor! You'll pay for what you just did to me Ultimate Warrior! I swear it!"

"I figured out your little trick to drain myself of my reserves of energy to defeat your ass. How does it feel to feel something you've dealt to me severely in the past year?"

"What are you talking about Arm'eian?"

"Pain. Now you know how pain feels, and it's worse when I've also caused you to know what fear is in this battle. You are finally getting what you have deserved for a long time; defeat."

"Wrong! I am not defeated! I still have a secret weapon!"

"What nonsense are you speaking of? Let's just end this battle."

"I can't believe I have to do this back-up emergency feature against the likes of you! Never before have I done this, so be honored, for you will be the first mortal to see my ultimate transformation."

I began to get worried about this "ultimate transformation". Was Black Matter pulling my chain, or was this transformation a true back-up mechanism that could turn the tables on this battle?

"Get ready Arm'eian. Get ready to see the greatest terror you've ever witnessed in your short life." Black Matter pushed a button on his chest, and immediately everything about him began to change. His chest opened up and expanded, his arms began to shift into a blasting cannon, knives grew on the tops of his arms, his legs began to expand and form into heavily-armored shields, and the worse thing is that he began to grow up the size of a skyscraper. He became more buff and monstrous. Black Matter no longer a Dorsian, but something else beyond that.

"Well, what do you think? Impressive isn't it?"

I was speechless and could only stand in fear of being crushed to death.

"What happened Ultimate Warrior? What happened to that talk of me being weaker then you? I transform and all-of-a-sudden you're so afraid that you can't speak or even move."

I had to shake it off that he was tall, but just as the computer once told me "the bigger they are, the harder they fall." I sure hope the computer's right, because if I can't match Black Matter's power in this form, I may as well die now. As for Sorenska, I didn't want him getting in the middle of this, so he stays on the sidelines. I was now in 50/50 situation, but I had to try. I braced myself and jumped in the air for an all-or-nothing battle.


* * *



I felt like a house fly that was flying upward at a giant human, which in this case was a Dorsian. Black Matter laughed as I approached his chest for the first attack. I rushed forward at my fastest speed toward the chest, but was quickly knocked to the ground by a punch to the head by Black Matter. As I rose from the ground, Black Matter laughed at my failure to approach him successfully.

"You'll have to do better than that if you want to even hit me."

I gritted my teeth in frustration and jumped up at a faster speed then before. Next, I used teleportation to transport to Black Matter, but once again was stopped by another punch to the head. I plowed into the ground just like before and rubbed my head, for that punch was more devastating than the first one.

"Come on Ultimate Warrior. You need a better approach then that to even catch me off guard. I saw you transport right to me and was able to strike before you had the chance to even re-appear next to me."

Black Matter was right. If I was going to have any chance of even getting toward him, I had to use my head and think of a way to do so. Before I could start thinking, Black Matter interrupted my thoughts.

"Very well. If you won't strike, I will!" Black Matter used threw a fist with an incredible amount of force. Luckily, I was able to jump out the way and escape the impact of the punch, but I wasn't safe yet. He came back at me and threw another punch that barely missed. I couldn't just keep jumping and avoiding Black Matter's blows; I had to find a way to attack Black Matter, otherwise I'm doomed.

While dodging another punch, I thought in my mind of a way to attack Black Matter without getting plowed into the ground. It was hard to dodge and think at the same time, for my head was already pounding from the punches Black Matter delivered. No matter what, I had to find a way to attack.

I thought hard while dodging attacks, and still no answer came. Somehow, I had to find a way to catch Black Matter off guard, so I could have an opening to attack. That's when a thought popped in my head; the answer was to basically get his fist stuck in a rock or something, so that I could strike.

The idea was good enough now, so I changed direction toward a mesa and landed on the base of the mesa. "Black Matter I'm right here! Come get me!"

"Fool. If you want to die like this, fine with me." He threw the punch downward toward me and at a dangerous speed with infinity force. Just as the punch was about to hit, I jumped out of the way. Black Matter's fist pounded into the ground and shook the whole desert, as if an earthquake were occurring. I struggled to hold my balance, but somehow, I was able to stay standing.

Black Matter's fist was stuck, so I knew this was my chance to strike. I quickly transported to Black Matter's chest cavity and landed a punch, but strangely, the punch made no impact. The punch felt like I'd just punched lead, and pain immediately struck my entire hand.

I held my hand, now in severe pain and red as a beet. While groaning in pain, I became worried, because if I couldn't even land a punch that delivers impact then Black Matter is stronger than me. Now I was in danger, for I just tricked Black Matter and failed to even deliver damage. In other words, I was about to get beat to death by Black Matter.

Black Matter pulled his fist free then spotted me by the center of the chest. I awaited another pound to the head, but all that Black Matter did was chuckle. At first, I was confused. Why didn't he grab me and toss, strangle, or even squeeze me until my guts came out of every opening on my body?

The confusion immediately faded away when I saw his chest opening glow. The light nearly blinded me, but that wasn't the worst part. Next, the light shot out at me and closed me into a ball of negative energy. I couldn't move a limb. It was if I was frozen solid in an ice cube or paralyzed. "What the hell?! What is this?! Why can't I move!?"

"That's my signature move; paralyzation."


"Yes. Now that you can't move, I can increase the negative energy, which will pressurize you to nothing but a mere peanut-sized Arm'eian." Black Matter increased the negative energy, and immediately, I was being compressed just like he said.

I fought as hard as I could to break free from Black Matter's control, but I couldn't even move a limb. Come on Vern'e. Fight. You've been in tougher situations then this. Fight! After saying that in my mind, I began to regain control of my limbs.

"What? This is impossible!" I struggled and pushed with my legs and arms. I even begun to scream and release energy to break free. With one last effort, I pushed as hard as I could, and this time I was able to break free from Black Matter's control. The final burst of power that I used to break free caused Black Matter to fall back a little and nearly collapse to the ground, but he was able to keep his balance.

"That was close."

"How did you escape my paralyzation Arm'eian?!"

"Truly, it was because I knew that if I didn't, you would triumph over me. I can't allow that, now can I?"

"You should've stayed still, for you realize that you are powerless against me in this form."

"Maybe, but I have to keep fighting no matter what."

"You won't last much longer, so you should just accept defeat. I know all your moves, combos, weaknesses, and a lot more that you don't even know about yourself."

"That's the key word Black Matter."

"What are you talking about?"

"Everybody has a weakness, and once I figure out your weakness, I'll have the upper hand. It doesn't matter how tall you are or how strong you are. What matters is the size of your heart, and in this case Black Matter, my heart is much larger than your black hole heart."

"Foolish Arm'eian. Heart size is not what matters, and I'll prove it by smashing you into the ground like a puny insect compared to my superior size. Nobody who has approached me has lived, and you're not going to be the first to live. I promise that!"

"Show me then, but in the end I shall be victorious."

"Manage this!" Black Matter became infuriated, and caused the entire desert to become shaded by dark clouds filled with his energy. I knew he was trying to turn the air into a toxin that drains energy from those with positive energy, so I decided to do what I did with my hair tips before.

The tips of my hair began to glow golden light and extinguish the darkness that Black Matter was releasing in the air.

"What are you doing to my energy!"

I continued to let off more light and extinguish more of the darkness Black Matter was creating. "See the light Black Matter!" I let out a final burst of light that could blind a human eye easily with one glance. The burst of light blinded Black Matter and weakened him a little. The evil energy was extinguished and Black Matter was weakened, but not weakened enough for me to land any bit of damage to his armor.

I extinguished the light from my hair and stared at Black Matter on the ground blinded by the light.

"The light! It hurts my eyes! You little pest! Once I can see again, you're dead!"

I flew as far away from Black Matter as I could and began to think of a place on the body that is his weak spot. The first spot that came to me was the stomach, but I knew that wasn't it. The weak spot had to be a spot that couldn't convert; it'd stay the same no matter what. The only place that didn't change through the entire transformation was the head. That was it! The crown of the head was the weak spot.

That makes since, because in the story that Clone 2 told Sorenska and I, the Dorsian named Chaos was defeated by a punch to the crown of the head. The big question though was, am I strong enough. If I couldn't damage the chest, could I also not be able to deliver the damage I need to the head? I decided I needed more power just to be safe, so I used mind communication to communicate with Sorenska.

"Sorenska can you hear me? If you can then answer!"

"Huh, dad is that you?"

"Yes. We don't have much time though! Black Matter will regain his vision in a matter of seconds, so I need you to listen carefully and do what I say."

"Okay. What is it?"

"Just like when I was fighting Clone 1, I need you to transfer a large amount of energy to me."

"Okay. I'll do my best."

"Hurry!" I cut off my communication with Sorenska and awaited the energy from Sorenska to arrive.

I looked over at Sorenska holding his arm outward and concentrating hard. Suddenly, I could feel energy entering my body. The energy was high in power, and as the energy entered my body, my heartbeat and bloodflow increased. The adrenaline in my veins grew to new heights, and suddenly, I felt like I was ten times stronger than before and could defeat Black Matter easily.

"That's enough Sorenska. Thank you." Sorenska retracted from transferring energy to me and put his arm down. Black Matter had regained sight and was looking at me so angrily. I prepared myself for an all-out attack and lunged forward after Black Matter, so I could end this battle for the universe once and for all.


* * *



I rushed out into the opening toward Black Matter's upper body and avoided his attacks along the way. He used his arms to swat me away like an annoying fly buzzing in his ear, and sometimes he'd almost get me. He used his blaster to fire a beam at me, but I was somehow able to dodge it and get the upper hand of a direct attack.

"You pest! Hold still!"

I laughed at Black Matter's remark then increased the speed of my rush toward Black Matter's head. Black Matter was getting frustrated and full of anger, so I stayed cautious, for I knew that when Black Matter snaps it is never a pretty outcome.

He began to growl like an angry animal and enclose inside a dome of negative energy. This was bad, because if I couldn't land the final blow to Black Matter in time, the negative energy would engulf me and kill me. I rushed at fast as I could at Black Matter before the negative energy dome could close and create a barrier that I couldn't escape.

At my fastest speed, I closed in on Black Matter's head, and was hoping in my mind that he didn't see me coming, otherwise I'm toast. I was less than ten yards from Black Matter's head, when he turned his head and looked straight down at me with his blood-red eyes. No! That was my last chance! He swatted me hard to the ground.

The impact of my collision into the ground was strong enough to create a crater and cut me severely in multiple areas on my body. I was bleeding severely and creating a giant pool of blood surrounding the spot where I sat in severe pain and nearly passed out into death. Black Matter stared at me while laughing and began to say something that is a blur to me.

"Ha! You thought that you were going to blindsight me with that little trick, and succeed by hitting me in my most vulnerable spot? Sorry, but you'll have to do much better than that in order to have any chance of ever defeating me. Now do you understand Arm'eian, why every opponent who's ever dared to challenge me failed. I have the upper hand, and the opponent doesn't. Especially, pathetic and weak Arm'eians. That's why your father left all this on you. He dared not to challenge me, because he knew that if he were to of, he'd die a horrible death, and the Ultimate Warrior would cease to exist."

Anger grew inside of me. "No. My father wouldn't do that to me. You're only telling me these things to frustrate me to the point where you would have an advantage of me turning on all that I knew before you came into my life!"

"Believe what you want. Either way, you will now die."

"I still believe in hope, and I know that somehow I will pull through this alive."

"You're delusional. No more procrastinating, for it's time for you to die and for me to finally become supreme ruler of the universe for eternity!"

Black Matter jumped into the air and was right above me in the crater soaked with my blood. I knew that now I was going die and that I'd be dead once Black Matter impacts my entire body with his shoulder. I failed. I'm sorry mother, father, all those that perished in the fire in Salt Lake City. I failed you. Black Matter fell from the sky with his shoulder targeted straight at me. I awaited the impact, but then I realized that I still had Sorenska to attempt an assault against Black Matter. Quickly, before Black Matter hit, I yelled out as loud as I could at Sorenska. "Sorenska! Do it for me! Finish him once and for all!" Black Matter hit me and broke every bone in my body all at once. Before my last breath, I uttered out these words; "Please do it Sorenska...

All I saw before I passed away was Sorenska nodding his head and crying at the same time.


* * *


I woke up inside a room that was of nothing but pitch-black darkness. I always thought that when someone dies they see a light at the end of a long tunnel, which I'd guess leads to Heaven. Strangely, I felt like I was still alive in this place, like I was still alive on Earth. I was so confused and lost in my mind. Where the hell am I? Am I still alive? Is this one of Black Matter's tricks?

"Hello? Is anyone here?" The sound of my voice echoed off the non-existing walls. Suddenly, a light shone out of nowhere that was brighter than an aftermath of a Rosna attack. "Hello?" I heard footsteps in the distance, so I put my fists up in defense. "Who's there?"

"There is no need to fear."

The voice was coming from in front of me. "Who are you?"

"My son. I'm your father."

"Show yourself." The light that shone in the room suddenly let out a sudden flash that lit the entire room, and in front of me stood not only my father but other people I've come to know dearly. Reese, my father, mother, and even the computer stood before me.

"Reese, mother, father, computer is it really you?"

"It is."

"Where am I? What's going on?" My father interrupted.

"Vern'e calm down. It's okay. You're safe here in the mid-realm"

"What do you mean? Am I dead?"

"No. You are in the mid-realm; a place that all Ultimate Warriors' enter when they die in battle."

"What happens here?"

"You change. You evolve into a true Ultimate Warrior."

"So before I came here, I was never the Ultimate Warrior."

"You were the Ultimate Warrior, but only a first-level Ultimate Warrior. You see Vern'e, the Ultimate Warrior transformation goes through two evolutions before you are truly a full-powered Ultimate Warrior. The reason you weren't able to defeat Black Matter even at your full power is because you aren't fully evolved into a true Ultimate Warrior."

"Is that why you retreated in your last battle with Black Matter and gave me your power to one day face Black Matter?"

"Yes. Even I hadn't full evolved, but Vern'e you have, because you are will to lay it all on the line to save the entire universe."

"So, what do I do now?"

"You return to Earth to finish him once and for all."

"Will I ever see you again?"

"One day, but not today. You have a full life to live Vern'e, so do what I couldn't; defeat Black Matter and restore the universe back in order." The room faded to black and everyone disappeared, but quickly, the room was lit by a light again. The light wasn't being created by my father though. Instead, the golden tips of my hair were glowing, and at the same time, I began to change.

The power being built up inside me was tremendous. In no doubt, I was changing into something new. Something more powerful than an Ultimate Warrior. Something with more pride, strength, honor, and a heart of pure battle temptation and Arm'eian energy. I was evolving into a true Ultimate Warrior.


* * *


I re-awakened in the crater created before by Black Matter crushing me into the ground. I was completely restored to full health and strength, only this time I was evolved into a stronger warrior with infinite strength. Rising from the ground, I saw Sorenska fighting Black Matter and so far, Black Matter was winning by a mile.

"You're weak just like your father!" Sorenska was clobbered to the ground. I immediately spoke out in Sorenska's defense. "Black Matter! This is between you and me!" He looked back at me and immediately received a look of confusion on his face.

"That's impossible! How are you alive!?"

"Like I said, I have hope and will come out of this alive and well."

"I don't know how you are still alive, but this time when I kill you, I'll make sure you stay dead!"

"I wouldn't say that. I've come back a whole new warrior than before, and this time you'll be the one that dies."

"You worm! Prepare to die!" Black Matter rushed out at me at fast speeds; I stood in place awaiting his arrival. His first attack was a punch, which I easily blocked and continued to block each punch he attempted to hit me with. "Hold still!" Before he could hit me with again, I rushed right up to Black Matter's center chest and hit him with a devastating punch that rumbled the entire suit.

Black Matter didn't move. He was motionless and couldn't move from the impact of my punch. "That's impossible... You couldn't even... Black Matter couldn't speak, breath, or move. It seemed as if he were paralyzed. I pulled back my fist and still, Black Matter couldn't move from where he stood.

I used the same fist again to land another devastating punch straight to the same spot. A dent begun to form in Black Matter's chest cavity, and as I continued to punch Black Matter the dent deepened more and more, until blood began to leak from the chest cavity.

I'd broken through his skin, and now was my chance to really injure him. I fired up a Rosna attack around the fist that I was delivering impact with before and prepared for the final blow that would prevent Black Matter from having any chance of winning this battle. I threw a final punch to the stomach and fired a Rosna attack from the fist I hit him with.

Black Matter screamed, as he fell back with a giant hole in his stomach. "This can't be!" At that moment, Black Matter began to convert back to his original form. He shrunk back to normal size, his arms and legs returned to normal size also. In other words, this battle belonged to me now, and it was over.

"Please spare me! I'll leave this place! Go to a faraway desolate planet far in the solar system! I give you my word! I'll free all of Arm'e and call off the invasion! Please!"

"Shut your mouth! You expect me to spare you after all you've done to me? You've put me through hell! You killed my father, mother, and all my friends I've ever come to know! I promised to avenge them, and I will do so! It's over Black Matter! You lose!"


"Goodbye forever!" I formed a giant Rosna attack that was stronger than any other Rosna attack I've formed and prepared to let it go. "Rosna attack!" I released the ball of energy and fired it at Black Matter. Black Matter attempted to block it, but it was useless. The blast passed through his hands and entered his chest, and with one last look at Black Matter, I clenched my hand into a fist and immediately, Black Matter exploded into millions of separate pieces. I could hear one last scream, but it faded away into the air. It was over at long last. Black Matter was dead once and for all.


* * *


I treated Sorenska's wounds with the special medicine inside of the Spider Sword's grip, as for me, I was unharmed. All I received from that last assault with Black Matter was a little bit of his blood contaminating my skin, so all I had to do was wipe the blood away with a spare piece of cloth.

Sorenska was injured severely when I found him after I killed Black Matter. Some bones were broke, he had a bad cut down his back from the blades that were on the arms. It was going to take Sorenska quite a while to heal, so I figured that when we go to do the last thing that needs to be done, he should stay with Marsa while I take care of the invasion on Arm'e.

Once the invasion is taken care of, the Arm'eians will at long last be free from terror that has lasted hundreds of years. Black Matter was finally dead, so there will be nothing that can stop me from finishing off the Dorsians occupying Arm'e. It was time to finish off the horror that has inhabited Arm'e for hundreds of years and finally accomplish my destiny from the day I was born.

I grabbed the Spider Sword and put it in its sheath then I grabbed Sorenska gently and held him in my arms, as I began to transport to Arm'e to finally put an end to the war between the Arm'eians and Dorsians forever.

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