The Chronicles of Arm'e

An Arm'eian that was transported to Earth at birth, must take on the ultimate challenges of his life.


8. Chapter Eight: Marsa

Chapter 8: Marsa

Ten days is what it's been of brutality. I've nailed down the Thunder Strike and Rosna attack, so today I move onto the next and last technique on the sheet. The temperatures have begun to drop, because fall is starting, and it is no longer summer. I'm thankful for that, because I won't have such a hard time trying to beat these techniques, due to the baring heat.

Things have also been easier because of Reese's device that provides me food. My aim is dead-on with the Rosna attack, and I can completely control the Lightning Strike. In other words, I have made excellent progress in such a short amount of time, which in this case is eleven days.

Eleven has always been a very lucky number for me, so that could possibly be why I've done so well. I grabbed the sheet and studied the last technique closely, making sure to notice all of the moves and how far you had to reach. It was labeled "The Heartbond attack", and what was weird, was that there was two figures, instead of one performing the technique.

My head began to buzz inside, as my eyes bulged and a small amount of sweat formed on my forehead. "What the hell? Why is there two figures?" On the sheet, I then noticed a number below the technique's description; 5000 PL. "What does that mean?" I had so many questions that only one person could answer; my inner warrior.

"Inner warrior, if you can hear me, I need your help." Silence, but then I heard a voice coming from inside my body. This freaked me out, but at this moment I didn't care, I just needed help.

"What is it Vern'e?"

"This technique. Does it require more than one person."

"Ah, this is a problem Vern'e."

"What's the problem?"

"This technique does require two people, but both must be of the same blood. In other words, you need a family member as a partner to master this technique."

"Not good. All of my family is dead because of Black Matter."

"Well,Vern'e, that isn't fully true."

"What? What are you talking about? I have a surviving family member."

"Yes. Your sister Marsa is the only one left, except you."

"I-I have a sister?"


"Where is she?"

"In the underground catacombs of Arm'e, where she leads the Resistance."

"That reeks! How am I supposed to get to Arm'e? It's over. I lost, and Black Matter won."

"Now hold it Vern'e! There's a way to get to Arm'e."


"By using a small amount of energy, I can teleport you there."

"For real!"


"Take me then!"

"On one condition."


"When you meet Marsa, you will show no emotion. Marsa is not Arm'eian; she's Rasian. A mystifying species with special abilities that affect the mind."

"I promise."

"Good, now brace yourself, and take a deep breath."

I did as my inner warrior told me and braced myself for my first teleportation experience.

"Hold on."

A high beam of luminosity began to enclose me, just like one of my energy domes, then I flew from the ground, into the atmosphere at extreme speeds. I left Earth, which disappeared in about half a second, along with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

The dome of luminosity began to speed up to what I would guess is about three-times the speed of light, as I began to enter a new universe far beyond ours. In the distance, I could see a blue dot that got closer and closer, until I entered its atmosphere, and -like a ghost- flew into the ground below the surface of the planet. Finally, I came to a stop in an underground cave.

"Welcome to Arm'e Vern'e."


* * *


The beam of luminosity faded, then I was left alone in the long, wide cave. "What do I do now?" Before I could even think of an answer, I heard a small voice yelling halt! Intruder!

I didn't move, instead of putting my hands up. A small figure appeared from the shadows with an electric spear in his hands. They walked toward me, with the spear pointed outward towards me.

"Who are you stranger!"

"Please, I mean no harm. My name is Vern'e. I am the son of Vern'eska and Moonsha, who were killed by Black Matter."

"You could be a disguised Dorsian, here to kill us all."

"I swear. I am Arm'eian."

"Okay, then answer this. What was Vern'eska before he died."

"The Ultimate Warrior."

"Come with me."

"Yes." I followed the small figure into the darkness of the catacombs of Arm'e. The cave was long in length, because it took at least ten minutes to reach a door, that guessed would lead me to Marsa.

Inside, there was small huts along the sides of the walls and people sitting outside feeding their young. It was a giant oval of houses with a straight path, leading to another door. Marsa’s room.

The small figure elbowed me gently on my hip to get my attention. "Marsa will see you now."

This was it. The moment I would meet my lost sister for the first time in sixteen years. The door at the end of the path opened, and a medium sized figure in a blue dress and mask on began to walk down the pathway slowly. Once the medium- sized figure reached me, they looked up toward me through the mask.

"Who are you and why have you come?"

The small figure spoke up. "Forgive me Marsa, but this is the son of the Ultimate Warrior."

Marsa didn't speak for a moment, but then she looked at me again then reached into her sleeve. She pulled out a small blade. "No Nomad, he's not who he says he is, until he passes the test. If this blade is able to pierce and draw blood, he will be killed. If the blade breaks, he shall not.

Marsa took my left arm, then slowly placed the blade along my skin. With all force, she dug the blade along my skin. No bloodshed, and the blade didn't even cut my skin, instead the blade broken into two pieces.

"This is no ordinary Arm'eian. He's the Ultimate Warrior, due to not being cut by the Knife of Renosa."

All of the citizens nearby received shocked looks on their

faces, and they all began to whisper to one another.

"State your name Ultimate Warrior", said Marsa.


"Welcome Vern'e."

I humbly accepted her welcoming then spoke again. "Marsa may I speak to you in private?"

The entire oval had sudden worried looks on their faces.

Nomar stepped up with his spear in my face. "No one speaks to Marsa alone!" At that moment, Marsa interrupted.

"Nomar, calm yourself. Yes Vern'e, you may speak with me."

All the citizens went calm again. "Thank you. Where shall we speak?"

"My bedroom."

"Fine." I was having a hard time trying to show no emotion.

"Follow me."

Marsa began to walk down toward the door at the end of the pathway, so I followed. She was the first to enter, so when she was clear of the door and I entered, I shut the door behind me. The room I was in, was an exact replica of my room at the orphanage, except the walls were all made of stone.

The bed she had was at least a queen-size bed, due to its length and width. Marsa walked over to her drawer set and took off her mask, revealing her face. Her skin was the exact color of her dress-a pale blue with white mixed into it-. She had dark bluish-violet hair, blue eyes that glimmered like diamonds, and her lips were the same color as her hair.

Still showing no emotion, I walked over toward her and sat on the edge of the bed. She joined me and sat down next to me. I could feel a strange sensation coming from her, as she leaned in closer to me. In my mind, I wondered if this might be how her kind of people mystify unsuspecting strangers.

"So, Vern'e, what did you need to speak to me for?"

"Okay, brace yourself, cause this is going to be hard to believe."

"Go on."

"Marsa I am your brother."


* * *


Marsa was speechless, with a look on her face of confusion. "You're my what?"


"How can I be you be my brother, when I am an only child?"

"Somehow Marsa. Do you know who your mother was?"

"I believe it was Moonsha."

"That's my mother too, so we are related, due to having the same birth-mother."

"How come we never met?"

"That depends. How old are you?"


"We are five years apart in age, so that's why we never met."

"I-I don't believe it."

"It's true."

"Well, then in that case, hello long-lost brother."

"Hello long-lost sister." We both giggled, but still I showed zero emotion toward her.

"I suppose you didn't come here to break that news to me."


"Then why have you come to Arm'e?"

"I need your help to help me succeed in becoming the Ultimate Warrior."

"How do I have anything to do with this?"

"We are related. Therefore, the very last technique I must accomplish requires two of the same blood to perform."

"I don't fight Vern'e."

"This isn't a sparring technique; just an attack where you supposedly become one whole being by being in tune with your heartbeat, strength, posture, everything."

"Vern'e, I am nowhere near your power, and I just don't think I could pull it off the right way."

"Then what am I supposed to do? Our parents are dead, we have no other siblings. All of our family is dead except you and I."

"You have a good point brother, but I just couldn't do it."

"I guess I'm doomed along with the whole universe, including Arm'e, because Black Matter will learn of this and kill us all."

"Black Matter!?"


"You have only one other option Vern'e and this is going to disturb you a bit."

"What is it?"

"Have a son with me."

At that moment, I wanted to faint. I got a shocked feeling in my stomach, then I remembered that I could not show any emotion toward her, so I remained calm and responded. "That's sick. Absolutely not."

"What other choice do you have?"

Damn, she had me in a clutch, and I didn't even show emotion. In my mind, I thought of any other solution that didn't involve me losing my virginity, but nothing came. I wanted to punch the wall, to make this thought go away. I'm sixteen for Pete’s sake! I've never had any thoughts of having a child at an early age, or even having sex until I was ready!

Marsa was right. I had no other choice. Tonight I lose my virginity. "Damn you're smart."

"Don't get the idea that I want you to bare me a son because I'm in the mood for a good time."

"I knew that, and now I see that I have no other choice."

"Okay, then let's begin."

I gulped then slowly walked to the bed, sat down under the covers and prepared myself for a long night.


* * *


The next morning I was in severe pain in my pelvic area. I could hardly walk and was limping out of the bed, as I put my clothes back on then walked out of the room into the courtyard. Everyone was up and eating breakfast. They looked at me as I walked down the trail, trying to stay erect, but I kept slouching from the pain.

A woman came over to me and grabbed my shoulder, which supported my balance, as she took me toward her little hut. She took me inside which was just a large round table made out of clay. The surface of it was smooth as a polished stone and it shone like shattered glass in the sun.

"Please lay on the table young warrior."

"It hurts so bad to even attempt to walk, how will laying on the table help any less?"

"Just trust me, for I am a medicine creator. Whenever anybody here gets hurt in any way, I care for them with my medicines."

"Then I guess you know what happened last night, and why I can't even walk."

"You aren't the first to come to me in severe pain like this. Down here, we must create offspring, in order to keep the resistance alive, therefore, I deliver the offspring for each female Arm'eian and care for them."

"Seems like you've been into this for your whole life."

"My mother was also a medicine woman, and when she died, she left me only one promise; that I would care for those in pain and take her place in the Resistance."

"Thank you."

"My pleasure. Now hold still, while I rub this special cream along you hips."

I held as still as possible, as the woman rubbed the medicine on me. The cream felt nice against my hips, as the woman rubbed the cream deep into my skin. The pain began to fade away to nothing but numbness. The woman stopped rubbing and stepped away from me.

"How do you feel now?"

"Great. The pain is completely gone."

"I'm glad to hear that."

I arose off the table then walked out of the hut, into the courtyard. Marsa was standing at the end of the aisle in a blue dress, but her mask was not on, so she must've thought that since I've seen her face already, there was no need to hide it any longer.

She was also limping, but as bad as I was before. I walked up to her and looked in her crystal-blue eyes. "How are you?"


"I understand why."

"You don't have to be so rough you know."

"Sorry. That was my first time."

"Mine too."

"Never again."

"Agree 100%."

"I pray it's a boy."

"Oh don't worry. I don't even have to take a pregnancy test to know if it is a boy or not."

"How can you know if it's a boy or not?"

"Humans are different from Arm'eians. Humans are most likely to have girls than boys. Am I correct?"

"From what I've learned.Yes."

"Well, Arm'eians are more likely to have boys than girls, and the reason why is because Arm'e needs boys to keep the Armysearches organization running. The Armysearches organization is the HQ of the people who fight to protect us, unfortunately it was destroyed when Black Matter attacked; when our father died."

"That's a relief." Marsa giggled, while I rubbed my forehead clean of sweat.

"Well, you should probably take your leave."

"Right. Oh, one last thing."


"How long does it take for an Arm'eian baby to fully develop?"

"Six months."

"Another difference from humans and Arm'eians. Humans take nine months to fully develop."

"That's a nightmare to female Arm'eians."

I chuckled. "Okay I'll check-in in three months. Goodbye for now."

"Goodbye, and good luck."

"Thank you."

With one final wave, I transported back to Earth.

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