Dream come true

The story is about Directioner who made her dreams came true, met One Direction, became a member of their band and fell in love with one member. The whole story is very interesting and it teaches us that we mustn't give up. Miracles happen every day so be happy and enjoy life!


3. Wait what? OMG

 I could not believe it, I ran up to them, and they said:" Looks like you late for concert as we hahaha" I could not believe it, the guys realized that I was in shock, so they just said, "Come on, let's go in there and do it!" I went with them. They told me that they hope to see me in the first row, and I proudly showed them my ticket for the first row! The problem was that there was already so many people, so I never could pull up to the first row, but they had the solution. They invited me backstage and told me to get down off the stage to the first row, I was in shock, I thought I was dreaming. I did as they told me. Others were jealous which is understandable. I took my place and waited for the fun begin! The concert was crazy! I enjoyed like never in my life! A couple of times they caught my hand and sang to me, I thought I would pass out! After the concert, I was getting ready to go home, but the guys invited me backstage, I started to think that this is all just a dream, I thought: "If this is just a dream, don't wake me up!" 

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