Dream come true

The story is about Directioner who made her dreams came true, met One Direction, became a member of their band and fell in love with one member. The whole story is very interesting and it teaches us that we mustn't give up. Miracles happen every day so be happy and enjoy life!


7. The happiest day of my life

When we finished, Harry turned to me and said: "Listen, we thought, and decided to ask you if you want to play in our band?" When I heard that I could not believe it, I suddenly turned pale, I sat on the couch, surprised by his offer. After a few seconds I got up and said happily: "YES!" Everyone applauded and happily hugged me. I had to tell this to my parents,explain everything and convince them to let me join the band. I took the phone,called my mom at home and explained everything to her, after long assurances,she agreed. I was so happy . But I had to come home to say goodbye to my family, relatives and friends, and to pack my stuff. There was only one small problem, how to get back home ?? Bus has already gone. The boys smiled and offered me a ride with their private plane. WOOW! Of course I agreed. I told them that I'm afraid to go by plane because it was my first time brrr, but they calmed me and I somehow entered the plane. 

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