Ten Days In Hell

An innocent man labelled as 174920 is locked up in a facility. Can he escape? This story contains, strong language and disturbing violence.


3. Day Three: The Smell In My Cell

I woke up early the next day. I tried to go back to sleep, but for some reason, my body was wide awake. My bladder was full, so I figured I should get all the urine out of my system. I rose from the bed then walked toward the toilet, only a few feet away from the bed. Hoping there was no cameras watching, I pulled down my pants and let all the urine flow into the toilet. There was only a small amount of water in the toilet which sickened me, but at this point, I didn't care. However, if I was taking a shit, then it would bother me. These people were sick, but it didn't matter; soon I would find a way out.

I sat back on the bed, and stared at the ceiling, thinking about my wife and son. They had to be worried sick about me, but these bastards probably told them I was dead and died in a car accident or something. Even if they did, my wife would never believe them, for she knew I was a strong person, and it would take more then a car accident to kill me.

I also thought about the little nanobot in my body. Sometimes I could actually feel it crawling beneath my skin, like a parasite that embeds itself in the body. I wanted to rip that thing out so bad, but I knew that I would die if I even tried. The serum may make me immortal, but if I can extract it from my blood, it wouldn't work anymore. Just how long would I be in here before I could escape? Five days? Two weeks? A year? I will use all my power to break out of here, and burn it to the ground. This caused me to fall asleep again.

"Wakey, wakey."

I jumped out of a dream I was having and gazed over at the door of my cell, only to see a guard banging his nightstick against the fiberglass.

"What now?!" I said with anger.

"It's 8:00 a.m. Time to get up, and exercise." he replied with evil in his voice.

"My muscles are still sore from yesterday. I can't exercise." I lied.

"Don't give me that bullshit, 174920. You forget; we know all about you, and the fact that you exercised every morning."

I was caught. Damn!

"Okay. You caught me."

"Good. Now, put your hands behind your back, and walk this way."

There was no use to argue, so I did as he said and walked toward the door with my hands behind my back. The guard entered the code to open my door then grabbed his handcuffs, and opened the door. He put the handcuffs on then escorted me to the exercise room.

In the exercise room, I did the same exercises as yesterday. During the exercises, I was motivated with my rage, so I was able to accomplish double what I did yesterday. Now, I was exhausted and was sweating horribly, which started to make me thristy.

"Can I get some water?" I asked the guard outside the door.

"I'll see if I can. If I can, you'll receive it back in your cell." he replied.

This guard actually cared. I wondered what happened to the other guard from yesterday. That was when I remembered what the guard said last night. "The warden is going to wring his neck for that."

I thought he was just kidding, but could the warden have killed or tortured the guard. Either way, I don't give a shit about what happens to these guards. All I wanted to do was kill the bastards, so I could move to Phase one of my plan to get the hell out of my cell every night. First, I needed to find a way to hack the mechanism that unlocks my cell door. If I could hack it, and shut it down for good, I would be able to get out of my cell, and get a better look at this place.

I wiped the sweat from my face with my shirt just like before then planted myself on the ground to cool off. The exercise room was cool, so I was able to cool down fast. My heartbeat had settled back to its original rate, and my body didn't feel like jello anymore, making it easier to stand again. I inhaled and exhaled slowly, so I could catch my breath. I knew any minute that the guard would be knocking on the door, telling me that it was time to go back to my cell, so I figured I should even myself out, so I wasn't walking like I was drunk back to my cell.

Within a minute, the guard knocked on the door.

"Times up, 174920. Get your things together." he commanded.

I slipped my sweat-soaked shirt back on then opened the exercise room's door, where the guard handcuffed me again then took me back to my cell.

At my cell, the guard took the handcuffs off then shoved me through the door of my cell, causing me to collapse to the floor. The guard shut the door then returned to who-knows-where, while I made my way back to my feet.

I was all alone again. Isolated, with nowhere to go. It frustrated me, because I just wanted to do something other then sit in the cell all day talking to myself. I punched the hard concrete wall with all my strength, hoping it would do something. Instead, I received only pain and a bloody fist. I had scratches on my knuckles, causing blood to leak from them. It looked like I had just dipped my entire hand in a pool of blood, like the bucket of pigs blood that Carrie White got drenched with.

However, I couldn't die, so I ignored the pain, and let it subside. Since there was nothing to do, I just sat on the bed and looked at the same things I've seen for the past two days. I was tired anyways, so I sat down and closed my eyes.

The dream started out with a bright light then the light dimmed, and my wife appeared next to me;It was the same dream as before. She looked at me then began to say those four words again, "remember who you are." She continued to repeat the words over and over, until the light in the background brightened again then she was gone.

I woke up and supposed that it was around noon, but I could've been wrong. I wondered if I should just go back to sleep again, but I decided not to. She would be there, in my dreams, and it was to painful to see her, because it wasn't really her here with me.

I stepped out bed, and walked over to the sink, and gripped both sides of the sink. I stared at myself in the mirror above the sink with a look of rage and hatred, and thought to myself "I can't lose hope. Not ever. I must remain strong and figure out a way out this place, which I knew I could do, but I couldn't do it alone. I needed allies."

Surely, I wasn't the only person that wanted out of this prison; there had to be others. I'll find out soon enough, for tomorrow, I will interact with people, because I'm getting sick of looking at the same shit every day.

I stepped away from the sink, then started to walk back to the bed, until something stopped me. I had caught a smell of the same thing I caught a wiff of yesterday, only this time it wasn't a wiff; the smell was lingering in my cell.

"What the hell is that smell? I said.

I took in a few more sniffs, until the smell became clear to me; it was gasoline.

Why was I smelling gas? There is no fuel resource nearby, so where was the smell coming from? This surprised me, so I started to search for a possible fuel resource in my cell. I checked under the sink, in the toilet, and under my bed, but nothing was in my cell that required fuel, so where was it coming from? I scratched my head with my right hand then the smell of fuel increased exponentially.

That was strange, so I lowered my right hand, but the smell of the fuel nearly gagged me.

"There's no way...

I rose my hand to my nose, and the smell of fuel filled my nose, causing my eyes to water. The smell was coming from my hand near the knuckles. The smell of fuel was lingering out of the scratches I received by punching the wall. The question was, how did fuel get in my body?

These people wouldn't try to kill me, so they didn't put it in the water I drank, or the food I ate. How else could fuel be in my body? Then it hit me; the only things that have been inserted into my body besides the food and water was that serum. Of course! The serum had to have fuel in it, because the little nanobot that is inside of me must run off of fuel.

This was the most bizarre thing I've ever experienced, but it gave me a lead on why the serum is required and why it burned like hell when it was injected. This was a great discovery, but I still had a long way to go, before I could even think about attempting to escape. My first objective as of tomorrow, is to socialize with others and gather allies.

I needed allies that knew their way around this place, so I can find out where everything is. If I was going to take this place down for good, I needed to know where the main grid is, so everything in this place will be disabled. Until tomorrow, I have to scheme a plan that is for sure going to be enough to get all of these people out of this hell-hole.

The rest of the day was quiet.

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