Ten Days In Hell

An innocent man labelled as 174920 is locked up in a facility. Can he escape? This story contains, strong language and disturbing violence.


6. Day Six: Sparks Fly

Today was a different type of day; it was quiet and there was no drama or torture of any kind. It relieved me, but it also worried me. The disappearances of the guards I killed were stirring up suspicion, plus the doctor was dead, adding more fuel to the fire, but today it was quiet. Too quiet. Since it was normal, for once, I started to work on the bomb again. The time for escape was approaching, so I had to make sure the bomb was going to work for sure with no problems.

There was no need to worry about anything, because I think the reason why today is so calm, is because I killed all the guards, making this escape a lot more easier. When I'd sneak out of my cell from now on, I wouldn't have to worry about a single guard, but I knew that there was still one person here that is heavily guarded; the warden. He is probably sitting in his quarters, smoking a cigarette or cigar, eating gourmet meals, and drinking an alcoholic beverage, while the rest of us are starving and wish we were dead.

Who was the warden? This was one question I couldn't answer, unless I saw the face of him myself. In my mind, though, I call him the leader of hell itself; Satan, because this place to me was hell on earth. The end of this Satan would come soon enough, other then the real Satan. Satan will be struck down to the pits of hell for eternity during the end of days, but the Satan here will burn to nothing but ash, along with this place the day everyone escapes. The time was nearing closer and closer.

I continued working on the bomb for the next hour, making sure the wires were sturdy. I also started to make the bomb's top, which I will push down to activate the circuit, creating a spark and then the fireworks will start. The fuel source still needed to be found, so soon I would have to find it, so my plan can succeed. I had decided to search for it, once the bomb is finished, which would take me one more day at least. I know I promised my ally I would have it done in two days, but I had to make sure it would work. It's just like that saying "you can't rush perfection."

After another two hours of working on the bomb, I decided to stop for a bit, and figure out what I need to do next. If I was going to sneak out of my cell, I would have to wait until night, so I decided to just stay put, until night came. I had yet to give the medicine that gets the nanobots out of the body to the rest of the prisoners, so that when they escape they will be unharmed from the nanobot's ability to be able to shock the hell out of them.

However, I would need more of the medicine, because I was only able to grab twenty other tubes of the medicine. I don't know the exact number of prisoners that are in this place, but from the look of the cell room's population, I would say that there was at least over a hundred. Therefore, I would grab every single one, just to be safe. Everyone here was counting on me, so I couldn't afford to fail them.

Nobody showed up at my cell to take me to lunch, so it was only obvious that I had killed every guard that deals with prisoners. Now, I knew for sure that it was safe to sneak out of my cell, but was it safe during daytime? If that was the case, I would be able to get so much more done then I do at night. Should I risk it? If I'm caught, they'll for sure search my cell and find the bomb, and then possibly, kill me afterwards. Then again I was great at defending myself, and I wasn't afraid to kill one of these bastards, so maybe, it was worth giving it a shot.

What else was I going to do today? There was nothing going on, so sneaking out was better then sitting and doing nothing. I decided to sneak out, because if I was going to get out here as soon as possible, I needed to get things done fast. I walked to my door and opened it. How I opened it was, because I left it slightly open, to where none of the guards could see the door was opened. I walked out the catacombs to the long halls again.

I followed the same route as the I did every time I snuck out, and went to the doctor's room. As I went to enter, I froze, because the entire room was surrounded by guards, and there was one person in the center of the room, standing in the spot where I killed the doctor. It looked like the guards were having a memorial or something, and the person in the center was the warden himself.

There was no way I could take that many guards on alone, so I moved away from the doctor's room, and hid in a dark corner, where I couldn't be seen. I could overhear the warden speaking.

"Tonight, I want extra security! First, two guards go missing and now, a murder! Someone in this place is doing this, and I want the fucker found! If you catch them, you are permitted to eliminate them! Do I make myself clear!?"

"Yes, warden." said all the guards, in unison.

Fuck! Now, I was in a tough situation. How in the world was I going to get by extra security? It was a game of cat and mouse now; getting out of here was going to be a bitch, and I didn't know if it was going to be possible to do anymore. This pissed me off, and I was starting to lose hope, because if there are extra guards, there's no way that I can sneak out of my cell, find the fuel source, disable the power, interact with my ally, and most importantly, escape.

How was I going to be able to get back to my cell, because now that security with was higher then a skyscraper, they would go to my cell and see I was missing, making me the prime target. I knew I couldn't, so the fight for survival was about to begin, and I knew it wasn't going to be easy. However, if I was going to survive, I had to have hope, even if it took killing every guard in this place one-by-one.

Less then five minutes later, an alarm started to erupt, meaning that they had discovered that my cell was vacant. Now, I was the prime target, because they all knew who was behind everything that had occurred recently. They knew that I, 174920, was out of my cell and hidden somewhere in the entire facility, but they would never find me. I was hidden in the shadows, out of their sight, and the only way to find me was to search this place up, down, and inside-out.

Even if they did manage to find me, I would let all of my rage out and do all I could to survive. It would be easier if I only had to kill one guard at a time. Otherwise, I would have one hell of a war on my hands, which I would go to any measure necessary to win. Freedom was at my fingertips, and I couldn't give up now; not after all I've done to get to this point. I stayed in the shadows, awaiting my first victim.

There was no activity for over an hour, so I continued to rest back in the shadows. My eyes were trying to close, but I couldn't fall asleep anymore. The risk would be too high, and they will hear me snoring then kill me, ending the one chance that would free everybody stuck in this eternal hell. There was only one thing on my mind; getting out of this place, but it was going to be hard as hell, because I still had to find a way back to my cell, where the bomb was.

Hopefully, by tomorrow, I can kill every guard, so I could get the bomb, and get the hell out of this place. If I could get it to where the only person I would have to deal with is the warden, I will be able to get out of here. One man against over a hundred prisoners that want to kill him is enough to make the leader of a hell on earth seem like nothing other then a nuisance. If he were to get in my way, I would not hesitate to put the bastard down.

This was personal. If the warden wants a war, then I'll give him a war he'll never forget. I knew in the end, if I succeeded, it was going to come down to me vs. the warden, and may the best man win. One for freedom. One for years of torture. Only fate will decide the winner, and all I have to say is "bring it on, warden, because this is one war you cannot win. This I assure.

The ultimate war had officially begun.

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