Draville: The Year After

»--»Neville's POV- unless otherwise marked«--«
Neville didn't mean to murder. It just... Happened.
When Malfoy shows up, just as dirty and cut-up as Neville, saying he understands, what will happen?
»--» Draville Ship BOYxBOY so you know the drill«--«


3. Three

"The Manor is now your home."

I look up at Malfoy, and see him smiling sympathetically at me.


"I'll show you the way to your room."

I nod, and he grabs my arm, steering me up toward the stairs.

"So, uh..." Malfoy tried (and failed) to make small talk. "Your grandma's a tough one, huh?"

"Yeah, but she's alright. I mean, she didn't have to take me in. I had plenty of other... Wait. How do you know about her?"

He looks at me, guilt in his eyes. "You were muttering about it. In your rant."

"Really now?"

"Look, whatever you are hiding, you can tell me. It's okay. I'll understand."

I shook my head.

"This is where you'll be staying."

"Thank you." The gratitude I felt toward Malfoy at that moment was overwhelming.

"You sure you don't want to tell me something? Anything?"


He shrugged. "Alright."

I flopped onto the bed. What have I done?

I let my tears, still spread-eagled on Malfoy's bed. What have I done?

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