Draville: The Year After

»--»Neville's POV- unless otherwise marked«--«
Neville didn't mean to murder. It just... Happened.
When Malfoy shows up, just as dirty and cut-up as Neville, saying he understands, what will happen?
»--» Draville Ship BOYxBOY so you know the drill«--«


8. Eight

I had just kissed another male.

Oh, my God.

What is happening?

I'm not gay, hell no.

I look at Draco, who is smiling. It makes me glad to see that, to see his beautiful gray orbs have some life in them. And to know I put that there is even better.

Wait, what was I thinking? Draco Malfoy was and is my sworn enemy. But... One part of me knows that isn't true. I've had feelings for him. No matter what I say, that is the truth: I'm gay. And I like Draco Malfoy.

"That- that was amazing." Draco says smugly.

I smile, breathless. "Yeah, it was."

"I've been wanting to do that to you since our fifth year," his smirk was growing with every word.

Just then, I realized all that had happened. "Get away from me!"

"But- Neville!"

"Draco, please don't make this hard on me." I plead.

"Then please," he begs. "Don't leave. Didn't you- didn't you like that?"

"Yes. I did, but I really have to go-"

"If you liked it, then stay. Please," he looks at me.

"Come with me." I compromised.

"Where are you going?"

"I need to see my friends. Ginny, Ron, Luna, all of them."

"You can't! George is dangerous! He'll kill you!"

"No. I'll stay away from him. I love it here, but I have to see them!"

Draco just shakes his head. I offer my arm. "Are you coming? Because I'm leaving now with or without you."

He sighs and grabs my arm. Together, we go to the Burrow.

"Hide here," I hiss. "They will kill you if the see you. Use the Cloak." I hand him the Cloak. "Remember, watch for the signal."

He nods, taking the Cloak from my hands and wrapping it around him.

I turn and walk into the Burrow.

Inside is as festive and bright as always. Molly was in the kitchen, Luna dancing with Ginny and Ron, and everyone else was talking. "Hey, Mrs. Weasley," I say, walking into the kitchen.

"Neville! Oh, I've been worried sick! Do you know where Harry is?" She envelopes me in her signature warm hug.

"No, I don't know where he is," I say, gritting my teeth.

"Oh, well, in that case, it's nice to see you. Go say hi to your friends!"

I nod, leaving the kitchen.

"Luna," I whisper, tapping her on the shoulder.

She whirls around and grins. "Neville!"

"Hi," I say shyly. She smiles, and it illuminates her features, reminding me of one of the reasons I liked her when we were students.

She gives me a peck on the cheek, her radish earrings swinging. "Where have you been?"

"Around." I shrug.

She gives me a knowing smile. "Well, I'm glad to see you back."

The remainder of my time at the Burrow was quick. I didn't want to keep Draco waiting, so I said I had to leave because of curfew.

I Apparate outside, looking for the invisible Draco. I wave my wand in a downward slash above my head, which was our signal.

Something taps me on the shoulder, and I jump about a mile. Then I laugh, figuring it's Draco.

But it wasn't.

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