“I dream of leaving and never looking back. But it’s impossible.”

“Then take my hand and we’ll run together.”

Rosalie Brookes is running. She’s always running, that’s all she does. She’s lost, running from her deepest and darkest nightmares. The creature within her, its claws tight in her heart, has made her kill everyone she loves. Since watching her mother being murdered through her five year old eyes she’s had a secret. But she’s about to reveal her secret for the first time. To the man that saved her the night she was running.

Harry’s lost. He’s always lost. He’s lost everyone and needs to care for someone to make him complete. His twisted past of drinking and drugs is forgotten about. He’s escaped his problems and now wants to help Rosalie do the same.

Someone will bring their messed up worlds together. They have a lot more in common than they think. And that may save their lives one day.


This is the second version of this story I've made so enjoy!


64. To Have and To Hold

My body was suddenly let go of. I crumpled to the ground, Harry crying out my name. I laid heavily on my front, barely able to move my weak body. I was finally dying, but Harry would get out safe now. I can die now. I was ready.

I tried one final attempt to haul myself up, Louis’ booming footsteps walking away from me and towards the cage door. I tried to push myself up from the floor, but my arms shook violently, causing my body to crash back down. I groaned softly, forehead pinned to the floor.

“You killed my parents,” Louis spat to Samuel. “You’re going to pay for this!”

Metal suddenly clashed against metal, a scream of anger forced from Louis. I weakly rolled myself over, witnessing the door of the cage around us fling across the space, landing a few feet from me. A rush of noise and movement suddenly surrounded my dying body. Explosions of clashes and bangs erupted in the room, cries of pain sending cold shivers through my breaking body.

I could barely keep my eyes open as I lazily rolled my head to one side, witnessing Louis stride towards Samuel and Harry still being held. Samuel’s face grew paler than ever before. He couldn’t defend himself. The Aquavirine was in Louis’ gums. One bite. That’s all it took.

“I-I saved you, my son,” Samuel stuttered, taking shaky steps back. His arm was still around Harry’s neck, walking him back with him. “I took you out of that foster home and raised you as my own.”

“You put me in there in the first place,” Louis spat, nearing their bodies quicker.

“I did it for you, boy,” Samuel spoke. “To make you into what you are. You’re like a son to me, Louis. You should be thanking me.”

My mind raced with this new information. Samuel had killed all the men’s parents so they’d be put into the same foster home as me, so Samuel could use them as his own men in the future. Now the truth had finally come out.

Louis’ mouth opened to reveal his long teeth dripping in blue liquid.

“Don’t do this, boy,” Samuel said warily.

“I loved them,” Louis whispered. “You never did this for me. You did it for yourself. You betrayed me, Master.”

Samuel paced back in fright, finally throwing Harry away from him. He fell to his knees, coughing and rubbing his neck once constricted by Samuel’s arm. I let a weak smile cross my lips. He was going to be safe. He was going to get out of here.

Louis’ fists clenched into tight balls either side of him. Samuel’s tall frame now shook with fright, eyes locked on the liquid in Louis’ mouth. He knew he couldn’t survive this. Louis approached Samuel in a flash, fists clenched around Samuel’s shirt. I watched silently as Louis dragged a kicking and screaming Samuel into the changing rooms.

“You’ll pay for this, Rosalie!” Samuel yelled, his body being dragged away against his will. “I know your weakness, girl. I’ll make sure he suffers!”

Angry tears dripped down my face, Samuel scratching and clawing at Louis. A lone tear ran down the Louis’ face as he dragged his victim away. He’d spared my life today. I’ll thank him some day, somehow.

The smile never faded from my lips as I rolled my head back around, staring up at the ceiling through the metal bars. A sudden pang of heat exploded through my heart. My shrieks of pain echoed in the room as my body uncontrollably jerked and shook in a seizure, back arching from the floor of the ring. My eyes fell closed, preparing myself for the inevitable, for death.

Suddenly my body was engulfed in sweet warmth. My upper body was scooped up, arms rocking me back and forth. A bruised face gazed down at me as I laid in his arms. My entirety shook violently, sharp breaths puffed out of my mouth, but the smile on my lips widened nonetheless. The claw around my heart was opening up. The beast was dying inside of me, being burnt from the inside, killing me with it. But none of that pain mattered anymore. I was in Harry’s arms. He was safe. He can run.

“Rosie?” he asked shakily, letting his tears run down his cheeks. He shook me gently, my body surrounded by his warmth, his protection. But I still felt cold. Is this what death feels like? Coldness? “Rosie, stay awake. Please. Hold on. Rosie, listen to me!”

My gaze connected with Harry’s, the warmth I craved finally running through my body. Hot tingles suddenly scorched my heart, cries of pain emitting from me. Harry’s face crumpled at my agony, his arms squeezing me tighter than ever before.

I let out long breaths to calm my pain, ignoring the sizzling of my heart. Tears trickled down Harry’s cheeks as his green orbs took in my pained body lying in his arms. It was breaking his heart seeing me like this.

“Y-you’re going to be okay,” his voice spoke shakily, tears clouding his vision of me. I was rocked quickly back and forth, Harry’s long arms holding me close. “I-I’ll get help…”

His trembling hand swiped away the hair from my forehead, the back of his hand wiping away my tears brought on by the pain bounding through me.

“Harry…” I croaked.

“Hold on for a little longer,” he sobbed. “I’ll call an ambulance. I’ll…”


“I know you don’t want me to because of what you are, but right now your safety is all that matters, baby. Let me call them, Rosie. They’ll help you.”

He patted at his jeans pocket with frantic hands, mumbling lowly to himself.

“Shit…wh-where is it…?

“Harry, stop…”

“I had it on me when I got here. I-I swear I did…”


“Samuel,” he stated. “Samuel used my phone earlier. Oh shit…”


His gaze shot up to meet mine at my sudden outburst, tears falling quickly down his face.

“Harry, I…”

“Don’t leave me,” he suddenly whispered.

His statement shocked me. My lips parted to tell him I wasn’t going to be okay, that help isn’t what I needed right now. It was him. He’s all that I’ve ever needed. But I clamped my lips shut again at the heartache in his tone of voice. It wasn’t the burning of my heart paining me; it was the heartache of leaving him.

I slowly shook my head at him. “I’m sorry,” I whispered.

“No,” he sobbed.

He shook his head vigorously, tears beginning to stream down his face, eyes quickly growing red and puffy. This goodbye was going to hurt so much. Harry’s chest jerked as he sobbed, head bowed as he repeated the one word. No.

Tears escaped my eyes at the sight of my angel breaking down above me. His hanging head continued to shake, refusing to believe the truth, that I was dying. Arms squeezed me tightly, dark curls masking Harry’s face from my vision.


He lifted his head, bottom lip taken harshly between his teeth. His curls lay flat on his forehead, eyes red and sore. Silence encircled us, Harry’s lips parting slowly as if wanting to say something.

“Yeah?” he finally answered shakily, gently rocking me back and forth.

“Do you remember what you made me promise earlier?”

He stared straight into my eyes. He knew. He knew what I promised him. And he knew what I was going to say next. His lips were pressed together with such force as he nodded silently, his emotions swimming in his orbs.

“Yeah, I do,” he whispered.

As my face dampened by the second I forced out the words Harry didn’t want to here. “Do it for me, Harry,” I croaked. “Run. This is your chance to go, run. Please, Harry. Do this for me.”

If he couldn’t accept my death, I didn’t want him witnessing it. It would just break him even more. This was his chance to go, to start a new life with someone else. Samuel was out of the way. He could get away from here. But Harry was being stubborn. He shook his head vigorously. I watched each tear run down his face.


“Go,” I whispered.

“I’m not leaving you!” he cried.

I couldn’t stop my tears running down my cheeks at the severity in his tone. I wanted to lie in his arms forever. I wanted him to stay with me in my final few minutes. But his safety was the most important thing. I wanted to die knowing I saved him.

Harry continued to shake his head above me, arms tightening around my weak state.


“No,” he said shakily. “I’m not running. Not now. Not ever. I’m not going to leave your side until you’re safe, until you’re away from here. So if you think I’m giving up now, Brookes, you have another thing coming.”

I smiled weakly, the bossy, training side to Harry now revealed to me. A small chuckle fell through my lips, but pain soon engulfed me again, viciously wiping the smile from my lips. The hair was gently swiped from my forehead, stay strands pulled back as sweet kisses were pressed to my skin.

“You promised me we’d spend the rest of our lives together, Rosie.”

I let a sad smile play on my lips at the thought of what our life could have been like together. But I knew it would never happen.

I used my remaining strength to lift my heavy arm, lightly brushing my fingers through Harry’s curls. He leaned into my touch, eyes falling closed to feel me properly. Tears silently ran down his face, weak sobs tumbling through his lips. I smiled up at the angel above me, my shaking body tight in his arms.

“You and I,” I sang shakily. “We don't wanna be like them. We can make it till the end. Nothing can come and I.”

“You remembered,” he whispered.

“I’ll never forget.”

Harry’s emotions streamed down his face, teary eyes staring down at me. I felt a heavy pressure behind my eyes, but I refused to give in to my feelings. I had to stay strong for Harry.

“Please,” I whispered up to him. “Please don’t cry. Everything’s going to be okay. I promise.”

But as if hearing my words, a sudden pain struck my heart. I cried out with all the energy I had left in me, my head tilted back with the agony of it all. Harry sobbing my name was distant as I prayed for the pain to die down, to give me a few more precious minutes on this earth to say goodbye properly.

A heavy sigh escaped me as the fizzling of my heart subsided again, my body falling back down into Harry’s arms. My pained state had caused more tears to drip down Harry’s cheeks. He tried brushing them away for them to be replaced seconds after. As I stared up at him I began to think about all the happy times we’ve had together, but the pain of leaving Harry alone again was breaking my heart.

“You could have done so much better than me,” I whispered, thoughts flashing back to the day those words first left my mouth. I’d accepted to be Harry’s that day, a day I’ll never forget.

“All I want is you,” Harry whispered. “Only you.”

It was those words, those exact words he had responded with that day. It was only a few weeks ago, but it feels like I’ve been with this man my whole life. But as soon as I had him, I was being ripped away again.

“I’m so glad I met you,” I whispered. “I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.”

I was finally breaking down. Tears streamed from my eyes, pouring down my cheeks. I didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to leave Harry. I loved him.

“I’m sorry,” I cried. “I never meant those things I said in here last night. I love you, baby. I don’t want to leave you.”

A loud sob burst from Harry’s lips, tears staining his cheeks.  “P-please, Rosalie,” he begged. “I can’t live without you. Don’t leave me.”

Harry broke down into uncontrollable tears above me. I couldn’t take it much longer.

“Tell me,” I spoke softly, watching Harry’s cries simmer down to whimpers. “Tell me about the cottage…and our wedding.”

I let my eyes fall closed, Harry hesitating before doing as I told him. I listened intently to Harry’s sweet voice describing the cottage to me. He gave me such a clear image in my mind, the perfect one I wanted to die thinking about. A smile relaxed onto my face, trying to grasp onto my life for a little longer to hear Harry finish.

“We’ll paint our bedroom whatever colour you want,” he sobbed. “You can choose the furniture. I don’t care. I just want to be there with you.”

His voice cracked at the end before dying out. I had no energy left to open my eyes. I heard him sniffling before continuing his words.

“We’ll have our wedding reception in the cottage,” he whispered. “We’ll spend our first night as a married couple cuddled up in bed. How does that sound, Rosie...Rosie?!"

I tried concentrating on his words, but the fire swallowing up my heart overpowered my attention. I soon felt my body begin to jerk madly. Deep groans were forced from my mouth as I writhed about in Harry’s arms.


I wrapped my arms around my torso, clutching my body tightly, praying that I could squeeze the pain away. My breaths emitted from me in sharp rasps, each groan of pain worse than the last. Tears were squeezed out of my closed eyes with the shear pain of it all, Harry’s shaking hand pressed into my cheek.

“No!” he cried, his large hands swiping back the hair falling over my eyes.

My body jerked in his arms, back arched as the fire burnt my heart, killing me finally. But in my mind I still had my last words I wanted Harry to hear before I left this world, before I left him.

My eyes fluttered open for the final time before I was gone for good. I looked up at my gorgeous looking man leaning over me, gazing down at my dying body.

“To have and to hold,” I spoke through gritted teeth, “from this day forward, for better, for worse, to love and to cherish…”

I couldn’t finish the vow, the final piece to my heart ripping away.

“'Till death do us part,” Harry whispered.

I let a smile grace my lips, parting them to let out my final breath. My body calmed, my entirety free after all these years. Harry’s pleading for me to stay with him, to never let him go circled sweetly in my mind. Warmth to my lips was the final sensation I felt. I would accept this as our first proper kiss. But I couldn’t move my lips, however much I wanted to feel him back. My bottom lip was taken into Harry’s mouth, soft sobbing emitting from above me.

“I love you,” I barely mouthed against his lips before my body finally fell into the hands of death.

As I accepted the darkness swallowing me up, two tall figures stood before me. I gazed up at them through such young eyes, a large hand resting on my shoulder.

“Daddy,” I whispered.

“You did us proud, darling,” his rich voice spoke, my shoulder squeezed in comfort. His head finally lifted to gaze at the stunning woman standing beside him, an arm snaking around her waist.


“We’ve waited so long for you, baby,” she cried, a happy tear dripping down her face. Her palm pressed to my cheek. I nuzzled into her soft hand, humming at the warmth feeling emanating from my heart. I was pure again. There was no beast, no monster living inside of me anymore. I was free.

“You’re finally with us,” they spoke together, tugging my small form into their bodies. “Forever.”

My skinny arms wrapped around them as I sobbed against their bodies, but before I was finally accepted by them, my mind flickered back to the man holding my older body now, screaming out in anger against my cold neck. My head had flopped back, strong arms holding my upper body tight to his. My dead body was rocked in his arms, his face buried into my neck as he cried and cried. He was so alone again. He held my body so tight, praying with all his heart to feel my chest rise and fall again, to hear breaths fall through my lips. But I hope one day he knows I’m happy now. I was back with my parents where my young self should be.

But I could never forget the lonely soul living below me, continuing his life alone. Part of me will always be with him, but I’m scared he’ll never know that.

Harry Styles: The man who saved my life.

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