“I dream of leaving and never looking back. But it’s impossible.”

“Then take my hand and we’ll run together.”

Rosalie Brookes is running. She’s always running, that’s all she does. She’s lost, running from her deepest and darkest nightmares. The creature within her, its claws tight in her heart, has made her kill everyone she loves. Since watching her mother being murdered through her five year old eyes she’s had a secret. But she’s about to reveal her secret for the first time. To the man that saved her the night she was running.

Harry’s lost. He’s always lost. He’s lost everyone and needs to care for someone to make him complete. His twisted past of drinking and drugs is forgotten about. He’s escaped his problems and now wants to help Rosalie do the same.

Someone will bring their messed up worlds together. They have a lot more in common than they think. And that may save their lives one day.


This is the second version of this story I've made so enjoy!


24. Niall's Story

In a matter of minutes, I reached the outside of the city. I slowed down slightly, not wanting to draw any attention to myself. I ran at a normal speed, letting my legs take me to Niall’s place, the only place I looked forward to going to. Lights whizzed past me as I pushed through the crowds. I gritted my teeth, my jaw tense as I tried fighting off the smell of everyone’s blood surrounding me. I weaved through people with no effort, my legs doing all the work.

I gradually slowed down as I reached the block of flats Niall had recently moved into. I was glad that he’d moved out of his parents’ house. They had never accepted me and Niall as a couple. I wasn’t living with an upper class family. They hated the fact I was fostered. They said I would never make Niall happy, that I’d use him, steal what I could and run. They had no idea. But here at Niall’s place we could be alone. Just us two.

I stopped outside the main entrance, slamming the side of my body against the locked door. I screamed out, pushing harder against it, my longing to see Niall overwhelming. But the door wouldn’t budge. I stepped back, bringing my leg up and smashing my foot against the door. It swung open, crashing into the wall inside.

I darted inside, striding up the stairs in a matter of seconds. I spun around, dashing to the next flight of stairs. I skipped several steps, needing to get to Niall. As I got to the top, I turned to the side and marched up to Niall’s flat.

I banged on the door hard with the side of my fist, my teeth gritted as Samuels’ voice echoed in my head. I heard faint movement coming from inside the flat until the door flew open.

“Rosalie, what’s the…?”

But I stopped him. I burst into the flat, lunging towards Niall as I wrenched the bag off of my back, throwing it to the side. His lips parted in shock as I cupped each side of his neck, pulling him closer to me. I crashed my lips onto his as I wanted this aching in my muscles to stop. I wanted Niall to ease this pain, this constant throbbing overtaking my body. I needed to prove to myself that I was loved, that someone really did want me. But his touch, his taste just wasn’t enough.

I stepped forward, pushing him into the flat. I grabbed his sides and pressed him closer to me. My lips moved fast against his, kissing him deeply. I slammed the front door shut behind me before enveloping Niall’s body in my arms. His lips were hesitant against mine, his arms cautiously on my hips. I pressed my lips firmer on his, letting my hands wander over his back. I could sense that Niall was doubting this. But it only made me want more.

I started planting kisses over his cheeks before trailing down to his jawline. I let out small moans between the kisses, but Niall stayed silent, holding his breath as I tried easing the pain from deep inside me. I soon grabbed onto his hoodie, wrenching it off of his shoulders. I let it fall to the ground by our feet, running my hands down his arms. The curves of his muscles under his t-shirt sent jolts of excitement through my body.

I quickly spun Niall around, slamming him up against the front door. My tongue begged to enter his mouth as I pushed my chest hard against Niall’s. His lips were rigid, his body stiff against mine. I started getting angry, wanting a reaction from him. I gripped hard onto his sides as I kissed the corner of his mouth. I grabbed his arms, forcing him to wrap them around my neck. His forearms rested limply on my shoulders as I trailed kisses down to his jawline.

“Rosalie,” his thick Irish accent spoke cautiously. I ignored him, continuing to trail my lips down to his neck, caressing his skin. “Rosie, I-I thought we were waiting…for when the time was right,” he stuttered as I kissed his neck, feeling the blood run through his body under his skin. I parted from his skin, my lips hovering by his neck.

“I need you, Niall,” I whispered.

He gasped slightly as I crashed my lips to his. I couldn’t stop myself from cupping one side of his neck, my fingers tingling as I felt his blood. I knew I should have stopped, but I wasn’t strong enough to do so. I slowly let this thing take over me, the urge growing inside of me.

Before I could stop myself, I grabbed hold of Niall’s t-shirt at the front and spun him around, throwing him across the room. His body flew back until he crashed onto the bed at the other end of the room. He grunted as he landed on the mattress safely, his body laid out flat on it.

I sped over to him, straddling him before he could get up. I bent down and kissed him passionately, my love growing for him by the second. But it wasn’t that. The urge made me think that that was happening, that I was doing this because I loved Niall. I was wrong. It was because of who I was. I needed blood.

I pulled back from him and grinned down at his uncertain face before grabbing onto his t-shirt, ripping the material open from the middle. I pressed my hands into his chest and laid fully on top of him, pressing my mouth on his. His chest jerked against mine as his breaths quickened. His muscles grew tense under my body, his legs stiff against my own.

“Rosie, I don’t think we should be doing this,” he muttered against my lips, squirming slightly under me. I grabbed his wrists and pinned them to either side of his head on the mattress. I trailed my kisses down to his neck again, the blood under his skin pulling me towards it.

“Rosie, please,” Niall begged, struggling under my body. “Stop this. I don’t want it. I’m not ready.”

I let my eyelids droop as my body became possessed with this thing inside of me. I felt my strength grow quickly, my grip on Niall’s wrists getting tighter. I heard him wince, but it sounded distant as I focused on the blood pumping around his body, his heartbeat ringing in my ears. My teeth grew in my mouth, my jaw stiffening as Niall continued to struggle under me. I ran my sharp teeth along his neck, breathing in the gorgeous scent of his blood. I kept my eyes closed as I slowly pressed my teeth into his neck.

“Rosalie…Rosie, stop. You’re hurting me!” he cried frantically.

A smile played on my lips as I sunk my teeth into his veins. He screamed out in pain, tilting his head back as he tried fighting me. I began sucking his blood, breathing out as the taste was overwhelming. I heard Niall grunt quietly as his body grew weaker underneath mine. He slowly began giving up on fighting, letting me suck the life out of him. A small sob escaped Niall’s mouth before his body grew limp, unmoving. The last drop of his blood ran down my throat.

I pulled my teeth out of his neck before staring down at Niall. My whole world seemed to crash down around me. His dead eyes stared back up at me. His face was pale, his lips partly open as he laid under me. Tears swelled in my eyes, soon falling down my face.

“Wh-what have I done?” I whispered, trembling hands letting go of his wrists to violently wipe at my mouth. But I could still taste it, Niall’s blood.

I quickly clambered off of him, unable to look into his lifeless eyes any longer. I laid down onto the bed next to him, remembering all the gentle times we had just gazing up at the ceiling on this bed, talking about anything and everything. He would occasionally kiss me, but always insisted on waiting until we were both a bit older to go the full way.

But now he was dead, lying unmoving on this bed beside me. And I’d done that to him. I brought my hands up to my face as I laid with him, sobbing quietly into them as the realisation crashed into me. I’ve killed someone I loved.

“Well done,” a gruff voice spoke.

I took my hands away for my face, shooting my head up. My heart stopped in my chest as the door was open. Samuel stood in the doorway of the flat, smirking over to me. He stepped into the room, the door closing by itself behind him. I quickly sat up, my body trembling with fright. “Your first human. I’m impressed,” he continued.

I shuffled to the end of the bed before springing to my feet. “I loved him,” I cried, glaring at his blurry figure as my eyes filled with tears.

“And now you’ve learnt. This curse doesn’t allow you to fall in love, Rosalie. The quicker you realise that, the better.”

“No!” I yelled back. I yearned for love, for someone to comfort me when I was sad, for someone to hold me when I was lonely. And I had that with Niall. He was my only escape from my life back home. “Give him back to me; take this demon from me!” I screamed.

 “Once it’s done, it’s done, Rosalie,” he said. “This is who you are now. Get used to it.”

His words hit me hard. I lunged towards him, about to punch him hard in the face, but his figure quickly disappeared in front of me. Before I could stop myself my fist smashed into the wood of the door, my knuckles crunching painfully. I screamed out, pulling back and cradling my fist in my other hand. Tears formed in my eyes, my feelings mixed inside of me, loss, pain, anger.

“Come back you coward!” I shouted, letting the tears escape my eyes. I spun around, my eyes connecting with Niall’s still body lying on the bed. I leaned back against the door, slowly sinking down to the ground. I pulled my legs to my chest, still cradling my fist in my hand. I was soon sobbing loudly to myself, hating Nick, Samuel, but mostly myself. But I barely had time to mope, to stay here and cry. I had to run.

“And that’s exactly what I did. I ran,” I muttered, gazing out at the view of the city lights. Harry’s arm around me squeezed me tightly, pressing his plump lips to the side of my head. My head quickly shot around to face Harry, emotions streaming down my face. “I didn’t want to do it, I swear. I loved him. I really did. But the urge always wins. It always beats me. I can’t control it.”

“I know,” Harry muttered, brushing his nose against mine.

We sat on that roof for a little while in silence, Harry holding me in his arms. He rocked me gently, lips sprinkling kisses on my head, trailing down to my neck.

“I wanted affection,” I eventually murmured, Harry’s lip caressing the skin of my neck. “I wanted to feel loved. Niall was the only one that did. And I took advantage of it.”

Harry’s touch left my neck, his head resting on my shoulder instead. I knew he understood. He understood me.

“He was so sweet,” I continued, staring ahead of me. “He always knew how to make me smile. I loved him so much, Harry. He understood my worries, my life back home. He knew me.”

Harry’s head lifted from my shoulder to nod silently, teeth sinking into his bottom lip as he took in all this information. Silence lingered around us, my thoughts on my time spent with Niall, the emotional conversations we would had, his obsession with food, his gorgeous accent.

But my thoughts flickered to this curly haired guy sat with me today, his arm tight around me in comfort. I loved Niall. I needed him. But now I have Harry. I need him now.

“You’re the first person I’ve ever told this to, Harry,” I whispered.

His gaze flickered away from the city in front of us to connect with mine. He leaned into me, soft lips planting a kiss to my nose. I grinned like a child as he withdrew, warm breath fanning over my lips.

“I trust you.”

The words barely came out as a whisper. But Harry heard them. He knew how much meaning those words carried. And he knew how much I meant them.

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