“I dream of leaving and never looking back. But it’s impossible.”

“Then take my hand and we’ll run together.”

Rosalie Brookes is running. She’s always running, that’s all she does. She’s lost, running from her deepest and darkest nightmares. The creature within her, its claws tight in her heart, has made her kill everyone she loves. Since watching her mother being murdered through her five year old eyes she’s had a secret. But she’s about to reveal her secret for the first time. To the man that saved her the night she was running.

Harry’s lost. He’s always lost. He’s lost everyone and needs to care for someone to make him complete. His twisted past of drinking and drugs is forgotten about. He’s escaped his problems and now wants to help Rosalie do the same.

Someone will bring their messed up worlds together. They have a lot more in common than they think. And that may save their lives one day.


This is the second version of this story I've made so enjoy!


34. I Win

I woke up the next morning, the events of yesterday trickling into my mind. I scrunched my face up, groaning softly as I grew angry at myself for wanting to leave Harry. I want to protect him, of course. But I’ll find another way. There must be another way. I’ll fight Samuel myself if it would keep Harry out of danger. I love him, and I’m not going to lose him.

I tried calming myself, picturing the final few moments of last night. Harry rocked me, singing softly into my ear as I tried falling asleep. He held me securely in his arms, my face buried in his neck. I felt so safe, so secure being with him. And that was the first night I didn’t have a visit from Samuel in a long time.

But as I pictured being wrapped in Harry’s arms, comforted against his strong chest, the realisation quickly came down around me. I was alone in bed. I rolled over, blindingly patting the bed in search for Harry. My eyes peeled open, revealing the empty bed, the drawn back covers where Harry had slept.

The silence of the flat soon unnerved me, no clattering of plates, no soft singing as Harry cooked breakfast. Worried thoughts flickered in my mind, Samuel’s threat overpowering them all. My heart began to beat nervously in my chest.

I pulled myself from the warmth of Harry’s bed, my eyes falling upon his discarded Hollister hoodie sprawled out across the floor bedside the bed. I reached down to the hoodie and slowly pulled it over my head. I breathed in the strong scent emanating from the clothing, warm shivers running through my body as the material covered my torso. I pulled the sleeves over my hands before standing up from the bed.

I stumbled to the door and slowly swung it open, low murmurs coming from the kitchen. My body froze to the spot, but I soon recognised the raspy tone. I smiled with relief. I stepped out of the bedroom and turned to the kitchen.

Harry was sat on the counter, one leg bent up for his bare foot to rest on the counter beside him. A tight t-shirt adorned his body, his abs prominent as his upper body slouched. Grey tracksuit bottoms were slung low around his waist, his v-lines running into the band. His arm draped over his bent knee, his phone held to one ear.

“No, I just want some information that’s all,” he murmured down the phone. His head hung low, his gaze on the floor below, not yet knowing I was stood there. “You will get your money. I promise you.”

His words brought a frown to my face, flooding my body with worry. My arms limply fell to my sides, concerned lines covering my forehead.

“No, it’s not a scam….Well I’ll give you the money somehow.”

His eyes shot up, instantly locking with me. His face fell before a forced smile adorned his features. He mouthed a ‘good morning’, his eyes wandering up and down my body. He grinned at the hoodie I wore, before turning back to his phone call.

“Sorry, mate. I’ve got to go. See you soon. Bye,” Harry spoke abruptly, hanging up as soon as the words fell from his mouth. He lowered the phone to the counter beside him, slowly slipping off of the surface. His bare feet slapped against the tiled floor, his wandering gaze taking in my covered body. I couldn’t stop the smile creeping onto my face, Harry’s lip taken between his teeth.

He slowly approached me, arms wide open to embrace me. He grinned, dimples shown off on his cheeks. But I quickly returned his grin with a frown, arms crossed over my chest. Confusion contorted Harry’s features, his arms gradually lowering back to his side.

“Who was that?” I questioned.

“Louis,” he spoke casually. “My mate. Works out at the boxing club sometimes.” He shrugged casually, the nervousness building in my body gradually disappearing. But I wasn’t letting this go.

“Why were you talking about money?”

“God you ask a lot of questions,” he laughed, both hands rising to cup either side of my neck. He brought my head forward, warm lips pressed to my forehead. My arms fell from my chest to grip onto Harry’s sides. My eyes fell closed, warmth flooding my entirety. Harry smiled against my skin before withdrawing, pinning his forehead to mine.

“I just owe him some money,” he muttered, his breath fanning over my lips. “It’s nothing to worry about. I promise.”

My lips curved up into a relieved smile. His thumbs rubbed at my neck, his eye dropping down into a wink. He withdrew and I could feel his eyes slowly wander up and down my body, his lip stuck between his teeth once more.

“God you look hot in my clothes.”

Heat rose to my cheeks, my fingers fiddling with the ends of the hoodie sleeves. Harry reached out, taking my hands in his. He swung our arms gently, his gaze flickering back up to meet mine. His lips parted to speak, but a sudden eruption of music played behind Harry, his John Mayer ringtone blasting from his phone.

“One sec,” he said before flashing me a wink, but my smile faded as Harry spun around, darting back over to his phone. I quickly followed behind him, my arms back over my chest once more. Harry hastily grabbed his phone, his body quickly spinning around to block the caller’s ID from me. His eyes widened as I stood inches in front of him, my crossed arms almost touching Harry’s chest.

“It’s just Louis,” he spoke, but his voice quivered slightly. “I’…call him back later.”

Harry tapped at the screen, ignoring the call and putting the phone back on the counter. I narrowed my eyes down to him, but Harry’s face instantly relaxed, his hand reaching up to press into the back of my head. He closed his fist around my hair, tugging lightly. I breathed out heavily through my nose, feeling my anxiety relax at this rough action. He knew me too well.

I suddenly felt his hand at the hem of his hoodie I was wearing, his fingertips brushing at my stomach.

“Even though you look ever so hot in this,” he murmured, his hand holding the hem of his hoodie. He pulled tightly at my hair and pulled his face closer to mine. “I’d love to see you out of it.”

I grinned at him, his touch weakening every part of me. A throaty laugh emanated from his mouth, fanning over my lips. I inwardly sighed with relief, feeling more comfortable now that the flirty Harry was back now.

I quickly took a step back, the bottom of the hoodie slipping from his hand, my hair released. Harry strode forward only for me to take another pace back. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion, eliciting a cheeky grin from me. He soon realised what I was doing, a smirk erupting on his face. He took another slow step forward, his penetrating gaze staring straight at me as I stepped back once more. He hummed at my teasing, a hint of mischief glistening in his eyes.

“Are you running away from me, Brookes?” he asked, his raspy tone making me shiver with pleasure.

Another step was taken by Harry only for me to move backwards again. My feet landed on the carpet of the living room, Harry stood in the middle of the kitchen.

“Maybe I am, Styles,” I teased. “What you gonna do about it?”

A soft groan passed Harry’s lips, my actions clearly taking their effect on him.

“Hmm, I do enjoy a good chase,” he spoke deeply.

I grinned as he lunged towards me, my body quickly turning around to run over to the sofa. Harry quickly followed me, his heavy breathing close behind me. I stepped up onto the sofa, one hand pressed into the top for me to jump over, landing on the carpet behind it.

I spun around to find Harry stood the other side of the sofa, lip taken harshly between his lips. I quickly stepped to the right, Harry mirroring my actions. His smirk grew on his face, his eyes glistening with mischief. I made a sudden jump to the left, Harry copying me again. I laughed at the determination in his eyes, his tongue slowly gliding over his lips like I was his prey. My heart fluttered.

“Playing hard to get are we?” Harry asked, eyebrows raised. “Go on then. Try your hardest.”

I considered his words, returning his smirk with a smug grin. I bent my knees, jumping up onto the back of the sofa. My feet landed perfectly on the top, my arms crossed over my chest as I balanced there. I soon bent my knees once more, a surge of power boosting through my veins. My feet lifted from the back of the sofa to perform a flip in the air over Harry’s head before landing back on my feet on the carpet behind him. I quickly spun around, taking several strides back.

Harry’s body slowly turned, lips parted in shock at my performance.

“Hard enough for you?” I asked, arms crossed over my chest.

“Well that’s cheating,” he replied.

“I thought you enjoyed a good chase,” I spoke smugly, my eyebrows raised high.

“Oh I do,” he said deeply. “And I always get what I want in the end.”

He took a large stride forward, his tongue gliding slowly over his lips.

“Well let’s make this more interesting then.”

I took another step back before using my non-human speed to dash to my left into the bedroom again. I heard a throaty grunt from behind me until muffled footsteps quickly approached me. His strong arms quickly grabbed me from behind, lifting my body up from the ground. I laughed as he buried his face into my neck, leaving sweet kisses to the skin. My toes curled, head fallen back on his muscled shoulder.

“I love you, Rosie,” he suddenly whispered.

I smiled to myself, Harry’s arms still tight around my body. He slowly lowered me back to the ground. I turned to him, my arms wrapped around his neck.

“I love you too,” I whispered before a smirk crept onto my lips and I grabbed his hips and threw him across the room. He flew back and landed safely on the sofa on his back, slightly out of breath, but with a wide smirk across his face. “Catch me if you can, loverboy,” I teased.

He quickly scrambled off the sofa as I spun around and dashed into our bedroom. I slammed the door behind me, quickly grabbing onto a pillow on the mattress. I jumped up onto the bed, pillow in defence in front of my body just as the door swung open. A curly haired guy smirked at me in the doorway, slowly stepping into the room. I grinned madly down to him as I bent my knees, pillow at the ready as I balanced on the bed. Harry chuckled at me, his shoulders shaking as he laughed.

“Are we really going to do this?” he laughed, head tilting up as he approached the bed.

I nodded in response, watching as he grabbed a pillow from the head of the bed.

“Oh it’s on, Brookes.”

He climbed up onto the bed, swinging his pillow around. It hit my side, taking me off balance slightly. I quickly regained my original posture just as I took another blow to the stomach by Harry’s pillow. My laughter echoed around the room as pillows soon went flying at each other. I swung my pillow around to hit Harry in the side of the head. He stumbled to the side, the messy curls on his hair ruffled.

“Oi,” he laughed, placing the pillow between his thighs to ruffle his curls with his large hands. His head tilted forward before flicking back his locks. This gave me the perfect opportunity to whack Harry off balance with my pillow. I pulled it right back over one shoulder, grinning at Harry’s tilted head, unable to see me with the curls falling in front of his face. A sense of victory shot through my body as I swung the soft cushion around.

But my wrist was suddenly gripped, stopping the pillow from making contact with him. Harry grinned devilishly up to me before yanking the pillow from between his legs, whacking me roughly to the head. I gasped as a pillow hit me hard in the face, causing me to stumble back, my head spinning with the shock. But Harry’s grin fell as the heels of my feet hung over the edge of the bed. He dropped the pillow to his feet on the bed, arms outstretched to grab mine. His fingertips grazed mine before I lost my balance on the edge. I held my breath as I felt myself fall back, bracing myself for the impact.

I grunted heavily, my body lying flat on the ground. The back of my head crashed into the carpet, forcing a pained grunt from me.

“Shit. Rosie, are you okay?”

Harry jumped off of the bed, crouching down next to me. A sly grin crept onto my face before I straightened my face, acting I was in pain. I groaned loudly, face scrunched up. Harry was leaning right over me, teeth sinking into his bottom lip.

“Oh God, Rosie. I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to,” Harry said frantically, guilt splashed all over his face. I held back the smile willing to explode across my face, continuing with my façade. I forced out another weak groan, gazing up at Harry through narrowed eyes.

“Harry, is that you?” I croaked, reaching up to stroke his cheek.

“Yeah, Rosie. It’s me.”

His hand rested over mine on his cheek. This was the best opportunity to turn the tables. I wasn’t giving up on the chase this easily.

I quickly spun us around using my non-human speed I possess, Harry’s back crashing to the floor. I was soon straddling him, his wrists pinned to the floor either side of his head. A cheeky grin took over Harry’s face as I constricted him. He took his bottom lip between his teeth, gazing up to me with amusement sparkling in his eyes.

“You’re not giving up, are you?” he asked.

I leaned down, pressing a forceful kiss to his jawline. I deliberately fluttered my eyelashes against his skin, eliciting a small sigh from my boyfriend. I trailed my kisses to his ear, nibbling softly on his earlobe.

“Never,” I whispered.

As soon as the word fell through my lips, I leapt off of Harry.

“Oi,” Harry laughed, rolling onto his stomach to gaze at me. I quickly sped away from him, slipping into the en suite. I slammed the door shut behind me before stepping into the bath. I grabbed the shower head off of the wall as the bathroom door suddenly swung open, a tall figure standing in the doorway. He slowly stepped in, his darkness only making me chuckle. The door was closed behind him by his foot, his eyes wandering up and down my body stood in the bath tub.

“I will, Styles.” The shower head was tight in my hand, aimed at him. My other hand had hold of the cord hanging from the ceiling, ready to pull it down to turn the shower on. “Take another step. I dare you.”

A seductive smirk flashed across Harry’s lips, his arms crossed over his chest.

“You’re bluffing,” Harry teased, taking a step closer to me. My hand remained still on the cord, my grip of the shower head tightening. “You’re too innocent to do it.”

“Oh really?”

Harry nodded, taking another step closer to the bath. I was waiting for the right moment, glaring at Harry through narrowed eyes.

“I’ve finally got you, Brookes.”

I suddenly yanked down the cord. I laughed at the sight of Harry getting sprayed with water. His arms were outstretched, palms going against the water coming from the shower. I sprayed Harry head to toe in water, but he still took steps closer to me, his damp ringlets flopping over his forehead. His clothes clung tight to his firm body, his wet skin glistening from the light in the room.

“I’m coming to get you, Brookes,” Harry called over the splashing of water.

“Shit,” I laughed as Harry finally managed to step into the bath, gripping the shower head in his hands as well. We stood in the bath, twisting the shower head back and forth to spray each other. Warm water splashed over my face, blinding me. Our laughter echoed around us, my body quickly becoming drenched along with Harry’s. The droplets were soothing on my skin, calming any worries I had been carrying for the past few days. Just the sight of Harry laughing, dripping wet from head to toe, made me realise how lucky I was to have him. I loved this man.

Suddenly Harry twisted the head around, fast water sprayed in my face. It caught me by surprise. The plastic of the tub under our feet was incredibly slippery. I stumbled back to get away from the spraying water, my foot slipping under me. I was still laughing as I fell down, crashing onto the floor of the bath on my back. My hands were still gripping the shower head, taking Harry down with me. Our laughter was soon mixed with pained grunts. Harry landed heavily on top of me, his soaking chest pressed to mine. The shower head was still in our hands, the water spraying upwards beside our bodies, light droplets splashing back down onto us from up above.

“I’ve finally got you,” Harry mumbled.

I grinned up to him, rubbing my nose lightly against his. “Well done, Styles,” I muttered, a corner of my mouth tugged up higher than the other. “What are you gonna do to me now?”


He pressed a warm kiss to the corner of my mouth. My heart sank in my chest slightly. I knew Harry wanted to kiss me properly, but neither of us dared to risk it. Too much intimacy could unleash this beast in me. I didn’t want this moment to be ruined for us.

My eyes closed, Harry’s body heat warming me up as I began to shiver with dampness. His touch set off shots of warmth through my body, causing me to groan softly. I gripped the damp curls on the back of his head, tugging at them roughly. We laid there in the bath, our soaked bodies pressed tight to each other. We held one another as if scared of losing each other.

Harry’s head finally lifted from the corner of my mouth, his crooked grin illuminating his face.

“I win,” Harry mumbled deeply.

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