Fire Starter /m.c\

A girl, A fire starter.
A boy, A fire starter.


15. 7

 "You need to stop!" Shouted Michael at Luke as they both were sat on the sofa in the den side by side on the X-box playing some Mario Kart. 

"What does he need to stop?" I asked popping my head in-between theirs. Making them both jump.

"Fuck sake, dont do that! And he keeps crashing his flaming car into mine, so that I fall off the bloody road and then he fucking wins the game. He's just a cheat!" Michael complained, his eyes still glued to the screen. 

"Shouldn't you be at the counselling thing?" Luke asked turning and looking at me, his fingers still moving on the controller, beating Michael who soon throws the controller onto the table and storms into the kitchen. 

"I dont want to go that's why I'm hiding Luccas." I told him and jumped over the sofa sitting next to him and picking up the controller and starting a game. 

 "What! How is that even possible!" Shouted Luke as he did the exact same thing as what Michael did a few hours ago. "How could you beat me at my game!" I just shrugged my shoulders, laughing at Luke. 

 "Don't laugh at me!" Luke shouted and walked over to the window and pulled out a already rolled up cigarette. 

"Smoking is bad for you Lukey." Ashton teased as he walked into the den. Luke just mumbled a 'fuck off' and stuck his head out of the window even more. "What's wrong with him?" Ash asked as he came and sat next to me on the sofa. By now the X-box was turned off and we had a random music channel on. 

"I won, more than once, at Mario Kart against him. He's not to happy he got beat, by a girl, at his own game." I explained, giggling to myself.

"Yeah you should have seen his face, priceless." Michael laughed coming to sit next to me and put his arm around my shoulder, which made Ashton smirk. "Hey Luke, where is Calum?" Michael asked raising his head over mine to get a better of a look at the boy that had his head stuck out the window. His cigarette now finished.

"He is playing football." Luke said with a dreamy sigh. 

"Is that why you have your head stuck out the window?" Ashton asked, shaking his head and letting out a little laugh. 

"Only 'cause your jealous, have you seen his ass?" Lukes muffled voice said with his head still stuck out the window, eyes glued to Calum.  

"Yes, both yours, Calums and Michaels and lez be honest (A/N Pitch Perfect reference) mine is gonna have to be the best. Let Rose vote." Ash said standing up faster than he ever should, to then sit back down clutching his head "Never get up that fast, makes your head spin." 

I just shook my head. "There is no way I am judging who has a nicer bum." I said and couldn't stop laughing.

"Yeah and we all know she will say Michael." Luke shouted as he jumped down and away from the window 

"Calum finished his game?" Ashton asked as he let go of his head and looked up at Luke, who was going redder by the second. 

"Yes." He whispered out, head down as everyone laughed. All of a sudden the alarm went off stopping all our laughter and silencing us off. 



This is just a filler. My GCSE are like in 5 days and I'm shitting myself. Drama exam all day tomorrow (07/05/15) 


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