Fire Starter /m.c\

A girl, A fire starter.
A boy, A fire starter.


13. 6

Michaels POV: 

                          I've been sat here since yesterday when Rose got here, I haven't slept and thats all she seams to do. The nurse just said that she collapsed from the pain, then with her not sleeping properly or eating didnt help at all. Zayn has been here a bit but he quickly got tiered and left, I regret saying that it will be all Zayns fault if anything happens, its awkward every time I'm alone with him. This whole hatred between us is because he is jealous that me and Rose have been spending more time together. 


"Hello?" Said the quite voice, coming from the girl that was laying next to me. 


"Rose?" I looked down at her and smiled, as she offered a weak one. "How you feeling?" 


"Okay, my are is itchy." She whispered still half asleep. 


"Ah Miss Hill, you are awake. How you doing?" Asked the nurse that was now making her way over to us.


"Yeah I'm fine, arm hurts tho." Said Rose scratching at her arm, over the bandage. 


"I would have thought it would have hurt, if it wasn't for Michael here, well what happened last time would have happened. Don't you think?" Rose just nodded. 


What were they going on about? I looked away from the nurse and looked toward  Rose who just had her hands in her lap and her head down. She was looking anywhere but me. "May we leave or do you need to keep her in?" I asked, I couldn't stay in this room no more, the walls were starting to close in on themselves.


"You are more than welcome to go Michael, but I need to talk to Rose." Rose finally looked up at me, a kind of sign to tell me she would be okay. 


Roses pov:

                 I nodded my head telling Michael to leave, I needed... Scratch that I wanted to be on my own. But the nurse had other ideas.


"Ms Hill, would you like to tell me why you are here?" The nurse said, She was checking my blood pressure and all that stuff.


"Not really, I just want to get away and be on my own." I shrugged looking at what she was strapping to my arm. 


"Well, Rose I know you dont want to talk and you want to be on your own. But I want to know what is going throw your head right this minute." I couldn't help but laugh at this, she doesn't really expect me to tell her what is going throw my head? "This is a serious matter Rose." She said sternly looking at me right in my eyes. Kinda freaking me out. 


"I dont want to talk about what is going on in my head thank you!" At this point my patients have gone, and she had finished all the tests on me, so I left before I said something I would regret. Then once again leaving the room in silence. 




Guess who got her Laptop back and could never be happier!!!




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