Fire Starter /m.c\

A girl, A fire starter.
A boy, A fire starter.


12. 5.5

"Fuck you!" I shouted storming away from Zayn, this has to be the worst day ever, first I find out that Louis and Harry have been moved to a different school, far away from here. Then Liam is in exclusion for 3 weeks because of violence and if he is put in there again he will be moved, Niall is in hospital for falling down the stairs and smashing his head open. Then Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael broke the xBox, then Zayn comes storming in and blames me for something he and I both know I would never do - burn his new art book. I mean why would he blame me for it? Yeah I like flames, that doesnt mean I would burn my best friends stuff. As I walked toward my room, something on the floor caught my eye, it was shinning in the light, as I got closer I saw it was a lighter. 


Michaels POV: 

                            "Fuck you!" Rose shouted walking out the door, slamming it behind her. 


"Whats up Zayn?" I asked bored out of my mind, since Luke broke the xBox. 


"Someone burnt my new art book and I ha things in their that I needed." Zayn explained.


I can't believe for a minute that someone would burn Zayns art book, like really all he is all about his art, that's just who he is. "What do you think Rose did it then?" I asked looking at his blankly. 


"No, I dont even know why I shouted at her, I blamed her for it even though I know she didn't even do it." He said flopping on the sofa putting his face in his hands and letting out a frustrated growl. 


"Mate, she is probably doing something she shouldn't, she has had a shit day as it is and then you go and blame her for shit you know she never did." I argued back with him standing up and getting in front of Zayns face, that was still in his hands. "If she does anything I'm blaming you, Malik."  I spat in his face, not literally spit but yeah. 


I wondered to where I would think Rose would be... Her room, she goes there most of the time when she is feeling like the world is against her. "Rose?" I said throw her door. All I got was a whimper that turned into a cough. "Rose?" I asked again a bit louder, knocking on the door. 


"Go away, Michael." She whispered, she sounded like she was sat leaning against the door, keeping people out. I slid down the door to, so my back was up against it. Everything went silent till I heard a 'flick' of a lighter, then a yelp. 


"Babe! Rose! Open this door now!" I shouted jumping up and banging against the door, soon I banged my fist hard against the door that it went straight throw. Rose was laid on the floor, feet against her dresser, her lighter in hand. 


"You know Michael, fire is an amazing thing, it will only hurt you if you let it get close, a bit like people." She whispered, closing her eyes. 


"Rose?" She didnt move or say anything, so I opened the door and walked over to her gently tapping her face, yet she still didnt move. 


"Jim!" I shouted, lucky for me he was doing the room checks for the day, I remember Rose telling me that Jim is like a father to her. 


"Michael, what happened?" He asked picking her body up and carrying her to the nurses office. 


"I dont know Jim. She..." By this time I couldnt speak the tears were falling, I was so scared I was going to lose her, even before I told her how I feel.  


"Listen Michael, how shall I put this... She is beautiful, but she is beautiful in the way a forest fire is beautiful, something to admire from a distance." He said patting my back once he put Rose down and walked out. 


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