Fire Starter /m.c\

A girl, A fire starter.
A boy, A fire starter.


9. 4

"Michael come and look at this!" Shouted Rose from her room, she has lived here, in my room, well dorm room, for about 2 weeks now and no we havent done anything, I havent even kissed her since that time in the hall. The boys have all called me all the names, wimp, chicken, pussy, but I cant seam to do it, I'm getting to the point where I just want to smash my lips against hers but the boys are right. I am a wimp. I am a chicken. I am a pussy. 

"Yes Rose?" I asked walking into her room seeing her sat on her bed crossed legged, lighter in one hand and a cigarette in the other between her figures.

"Watch." Was the only thing she said to me as I entered her bedroom. She brought the cigarette to her lips and wrapped them around the bottom, as I watched my mind went to other things...

She breathed out the smoke and to my surprise she had made the 'o' shape with the smoke, she had been working on doing that smoke trick for ages. Once she was done she looked at me with a massive smile on her face, all the thought were still in my head, the way she would feel round my...

God I need to stop or big Michael will get bigger. She looked at me head cocked to the side as I walked closer to her, Im not gonna be a wimp no more! I looked at her and kissed her hard, after she got over the shock of me kissing her she kissed back and put her hands in my hair making a moan fall out of my mouth and got caught in hers. 

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that." I whispered against her lips. 

"Then why didnt you Clifford." Rose said pulling way letting me look at her lips that were red and puffy from the kiss, I just looked at them wanting to kiss her again and again. I realized I was staring to long when the corner of her lips turned up into a grin. "So when you have finished staring why didnt you?" 

"Cause I was scared, the boys were taking the mock out of me because of it." I whispered looking down at my hands, playing with my fingers. 

She just grabbed my hand and laced our fingers together. “Don’t ever be scared, you hear me. Never” 

“Got it.” I said grabbing her hips with my spare hand making her squeal, letting go of her hand lifting her up and pulling her into my lap, making her straddle my hips as I started to kiss and suck on her neck. Just as my hand into the room, giggling like a school girl. “Fuck sake, it’s always you!” I moan resting my head against Roses boobs as her hands ran throw my hair. 

“Yeah, um sorry but Calum just gave me a blowjob.” Giggle Luke.

“Well at least someone is getting something.” I couldn’t help but grumble making both laugh at my non sex life. 

“Aww poor Mickey.” Whisper Rose into my ear “I’ll give you one soon don’t worry babe” She teased making my pants a little tighter. 

“Oh I came in here as well to ask you guys if you want to come to the den.” At that Rose sat up showing my boner to Luke. 

“C’mon babe take a shower and meet us down stairs sorry for the teasing, blame Luke.” She winked walking out the door as I sulked over to the shower. 


Rose Pov:

“I need to dye my hair.” Michael randomly said as we all sat in the den, Michaels head was in my lap as I played with his now faded red hair. Niall was in the kitchen making a sandwich will Liam and Zayn, Calum and Luke were laughing whenever Calum got killed by a zombie that would come after him as they played some game on the Xbox.

“Does that mean we have to go back to that place?” I asked not really wanting to go that girl just annoyed me. 

“Why dont you like it there? Its Luc innit, you dont like her, oh my Rose, your funny, are you jealous of her?” He asked looking up at me as I just looked straight forward at the game the 2 boys were playing, my jaw clenching at the thought of her. 

“I’m not jealous of that slut!” I hissed at Michael not looking at anyone as I stormed out the door, slamming it shut. “I’m not jealous!” I kept shouting, throwing things about my room looking for one thing that would calm me down. 

"Rose calm down please, I was joking." Shouted Michael as he came into my room followed by the rest of the boys. "I didnt realize I was being a dick, I'm sorry Rosie babe please." With that name I froze.

"Mr and Mrs Howard what are you doing here? Where is Dadddy?"Asked the 5 year old girl as she walked into the living room, finding Mrs Howards husband trying to calm down his wife that was in tears.

"Where is Roy?" Mr Howard turned to Rose giving her a look of 'go fine him' with that she ran up the stairs finding her brother yet again drawing at his desk.

"What you drawing?" Rose asked walking over to her brothers side and looking over his shoulder.

"Mum, look at it, Dad said that it looks like her, he gave me a picture and everything." Roy smiled up at her as she smiled down at him. They werent like other brothers and sisters they didnt fight, being only 5 they were quite sensible. 

"Oh yeah Mr and Mrs Howard want you down the stairs." She nodded to herself  proud that she remembered. They both walked down the stairs together side by side, into the living room where things would change, for the worse.

I woke up and the first thing I noticed was that I wasnt in the place I was when I was last awake, in fact I have no I idea where I am. "Michael" I corked out as he came over and grabbed my hand "Where am I?" I asked looking up at him. He was beautiful.

"You are in the den." He whispered with spooky smile on his face.

"Mickey are you okay?" I asked pulling my hand away.

"Im fine my dear, but your not." He said eyes going wide smile getting bigger and bigger, I'm sure it would have taken over his face. "Look around you babe girl. This is my place now, not yours." Michael said with a laugh so scary it had me curling up into the corner. I toke this time to look around, the whole place was black and there was Luke and Calum hanging by there hands from the ceiling, just swinging. Liam, Niall and Zayn were up against the wall a knife though their chests. Louis and Harry were both together in some sort of cage, hands cuffed behind their backs. "No! Please No!"

Just the Michael collapsed and out came Luc. "You really think I would let you take Michael away from me, when people see this they will think its you."

"Rose, Rose!" Shouted a voice. "Wake the fuck up now!" My eyes shout open to see Michael standing above me, I quickly looked around the room, recognizing it as my own, I toke a deep breath, it was only a dream. 
"What happened?" I asked slowly sitting up, as my head started to throb. 

"I dont know you just froze then you just feel, we thought you fainted or something, then you started to shouting no please no, I was scared that you were hurting." He said looking down at the ground. I didnt now what to do, do I listen to my brain and leave cause of that weird dream or do I listen to my heart and tell him what I feel for him.



What would you do?

Thank you everyone for the support and if anyone could do me a big favor and make me a new cover I would love you forever. Thank you everyone so much. - T 





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