Fire Starter /m.c\

A girl, A fire starter.
A boy, A fire starter.


8. 3 1/2

Michaels POV 

This is the first time in years that I have been in the hospital, its still the same. The same smell of cleaning products, the same sound of people screaming and cry, from pain and from joy. 

"Roise Hill please." Zayn said to the woman at the front desk.

"Yeah down the hall, room 32G." Explained the woman. "Excuses me, are you family?" She asked.

"Me?" I questioned pointing a finger at my chest and looking at her confused.

"Hes with me." Zayn said from behind me, pulling me away from the pissed of woman at the front desk and toward Roses room. "They think I'm her brother crazy right? We dont even look like each other." I just nodded seeing the room she was in. Its funny because its the same room as the one back in the dorms. Room 32G. 

I feel so guilt, its all my fault. Zayn didnt even bother knocking and just walked in me following with my head down. 

Rose POV:

I cant remember anything about what happened, I just woke up in a hospital. But anyway the food here isnt as bad as what you read or what people say the deserts are nice, the ice cream flavors are the same but they do have bubble gum and there is fudge. The only problem is the noise people come in about 3am getting their tummy pumped from drugs and alcohol. In the distance (if you are quite) you can here the mums giving birth.

From Zayn Michael was the one that saved me and so he says Michael wouldnt let go of me. He was the one that carried me out of the room, the room with the same number as this one. But the thing that hurts is the my night in shinning armour isnt here, I havent seen him in, I dont know how long.

The only person I have seen is Zayn, he hasent left my side. Hes been here everyday, the lady at the front, also known as the grumpy bitch, thinks he is my brother. I havent even spoken to my real brother since that day, I dont know if he even know if im here or what happened. In some ways I hope he doesnt so that he doesnt worry, he has enough to worry about other than me. 
As I was thinking about the a certain Zayn with a red head by the name of Michael walked in behind him. Michaels head was down and his hair was a mess falling over his eyes.

"Hey Ro, hows you doin'?" Asked Zayn as he came and sat on my bed, Michael just stood by the door head down hands behind his back leaning his side against the wall. I couldnt take my eyes away from him, he looked so sad. 

"Michael?" I asked looking at him as Zayn made a pfft noise but I just ignored him looking straight at Michael. Slowly he lifted his head giving me a sad smile, I couldnt take it no more as I jumped up out of my bed and ran to Michael -well more limped to Michael-. He just looked at me with disgust that made my heart brake into a million pieces. I just stopped dead in my tracks looking up at him. "Get out." I whispered looking down as he just stood there looking down at me shoked "Get out." I said a little louder looking up at him as the tears fell.

Zayn came up behind me and spun me around. "Whats going on?"  

We didnt say anything Michael just looked at me like he regretted something as the tears were no stop. "Im sorry." A whisper left out of Michael lips as he walked out, thats when I fell back into Zayns arms, his arms wrapped round my waist and running his hands throw my fair trying to stop me from crying even more.

20 minutes and I had no tears left and the story had been told, what happened between me and Michael, a few parts Zayn was laughing and a few he was rolling his eyes. We had made our way onto my hospital bed him just letting me tell him everything. 

Knock Knock at the hospital door. 

"Come in!" Zayn shouted as the door opened showing a red tear stained Michael.  
"Im sorry, its all my fault." He said walking into my room, tears still falling from his face. Zayn saw this, kissed my forehead and walked out the room.


Thanks Zayn 


"Rose Im sorry, this is all my fault I didnt mean to do it I was trying to save you, you were gonna hurt yourself. Its all my fault!" Michael cried as he fell to his knees by the side of my bed. 
"What are you on about? Get up and come sit with me?" I asked lifting up the covers to the surprisingly comfy hospital bed. Michael slowly got off his knees and crawled in next to me pulling me into his arms, as he let out a muffled cry.

"You had your hands over this fire thing and you looked at me and like put them in the fire I stooped you but I... I knocked over the fire and... and its all my fault. I was trying to save you... But now look at you, I almost killed you. Its all my fault, I didnt know what to do I panicked, I couldnt ju-" I had to stop Michael rambling and kissed him, at first he was surprised but after a few minutes he kissed me back and my heart fluttered. 

"So I see you are fine Ms. Hill. Kissing boys." Laughed the nurse as she stood at the door, making me and Michael pull apart blushing. "We just need to check all your vitals like, blood pressure, heart beat. Then we will need someone to sign your discharge papers. Which Im assuming would be this gentleman here?" Me and Michael both nodded at the same time. As she got ready to take all my 'vitals' Michael went to sign the papers. 

When I got back to school I wasnt aloud back in my dorm since I was let out of the hospital, because they say I am a danger to myself and others, so they are making me share with someone and at the moment that are trying to find out who I can share it with.

"She cant share with a girl remember what happened last time?" The head said to the deputy 


"Yeah but who else does she go with everyone has a pair in the boys." He said back to her.

"Ah yes, everyone but Michael Clifford." The woman said and there was a 'hmmm' in response and the door opening. 

"Ms. Hill, we have come to the decision that you will be sharing with Michael Clifford, we have come to believe that you two are friends so this should not be a problem for the two of you?" 

"No, Ms thats okay." I said trying to hide my excitement.

"Okay, Mr Scott can you call for Michael Clifford please." She ask the reception man person. 10 minutes later Michael was at the door making funny faces at me as Ms was telling me the rules of sharing with a boy.

1) No sexual acts 

2) No late night party's

3) Bed at the same time as everyone else

Well the last 2 are fine, not sure about the first one. 

"Ah Mr. Clifford you are here, we have to ask you something regarding Ms. Hill, here. Because of reasons she can not sleep in her own room or with the girls, so am she share a room with you?" She asked standing up straight arms crossed looking down at him. He let a big grin form on his face and nodded. "Okay back to class the both of you then, you can move you things after." She then told us to leave and we walked out both smiling big. 

As we turned the corner Michael quickly pushed me up against the wall as kissed me till we were breathless. "See you later roomy." He winked walked away leaving me still pressed up against the wall. 


Hey, Skittles (or Tia) here um... Im sorry that its a REALLY late update Ive been so busy with school and stuff at home but yeah so sorry.

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