Fire Starter /m.c\

A girl, A fire starter.
A boy, A fire starter.


5. 2

We ran to the den thinking they would be there, but I guess me and Michael were both wrong when I pulled the door wide open seeing that no one was in here and nothing was broken or in its wrong place. 

"Where are they?" I asked turning to Michael who was still stood at the door, I was so worried for the boys that I could feel myself shaking. We all knew how Liam got when he was pissed off, you wouldnt like to be near him. Michael walked closer to me seeing my shaking and grabbed my hands, that felt like they were being set on fire. 

"You need to calm down first." Michael whispered calmly looking down into my eyes. Thats when we heard a loud scream and a bang from down the hall in the court outside. Before saying anything to the poor pink blond man trying to calm me down and ran toward the courts. 

"Please Liam, calm down you'll be in exclusion again." Cried Niall as he sat rocking against the fence as Liams fist were tight together, turning white, and a poor kid that looked no older than 16 being held up my the scruf of his shirt. His legs were dangling above the floor his hands wrapped round Liams trying to get him off.

"Liam James Payne!" I shouted from behind him as he turned his head to look at me I noticed that evil look in his eyes. Slowly I walked over to him trying not to make him angry any more than he already was. When I got close enough I unwrapped his clenched fist from the boys shirt, the boy dropped and ran away fast. 

"Liam why?" I whispered.

"Go away Rose!" Liam shouted turning to me, both his fists clenched.

"Why? You going to hit me? Well do it!" I shouted right back, all the boys around me gasped, shoked that I would say such a thing to an angered Liam. 

Liam lifted his fist ready to punch me, thinking that I would flinch but I didnt I stood my ground looking him straight in the eye. The anger from his eyes slowly faded his fist still in the air. As his eyes started to water his clenched fist feel down to his side, I let out a breath I didnt know I was holding in, Liam all of a sudden feel down onto the fake grass we have in the courts as he burst into tears.

"I'm a monster!" He kept shouting over and over again rocking back and forward his hands over his ears, his knees close to his chest. 

"Someone get the nurse now." I told the other as I crouched down placing my hand on Liams knee. "Liam, listen to me, you need to breath." 

"I cant feel my fingers!" Liam paniced making me panic. 

Liam was having a panic attack. 

"I cant feel them, Rose help me please." Liam cried as he looked up at me his face we as white as snow and he was shaking. The nurse ran through the doors looking over to us with worry in her eyes and rushed over,  

"Liam can you stand up honey?" She asked in a calm voice bending down like me and looking at Liam, who shock his head. The nurse stood up radioed for someone strong enough to carry Liam into the nurses office as he cried. In the next 5 minutes there were 2 men lifting a mess of a Liam up and crying him throw the doors. 

I turned around looking at all the other boys - well only Luke, Calum, Asthon, Michael and Zayn - they all looked at me shocked.

"Is he going to be okay?" Ashton asked no one.

"Yeah, its happened before, thats why we called Ro. She is the only one that can calm his anger down." Zayn said sitting on the floor back against the fence. I was still sat down on the grass facing Zayn, the rest of the boys sat down. Michael though came and laid down on his back next to me as I did the same laying on my side facing him. 

"Are you okay?" He asked as the other boys started their own conversation.

"I dont know Micky." Was all I had to say for him to pull me into his chest, I instantly relaxed as clique as it sounds. My head was on his chest listening to his steady heart beat, his hands in my hair twisting it round his fingers. My eyes started to get heavy and before I knew it I was drifting of to sleep. 

Rosie, I'm going to work okay. You have to stay here with Mrs. Howard, make sure your brother stays out of trouble for me." Roses dad laughed as she looked up at him with love and admiration. He was her hero.  

"Okay Daddy, but Roy is a hand full thats what Mrs. Howard says." Rose said making her dad chuckle. 

"I have to go now Rosie. I will see you when I get home sweet heart., I love you babe girl." He said walking to his car leaving Rose waving at the door. 

"I love you more Daddy." Shouted the 5 year old back as her dad drives away. 

The day went past faster then normal and by the time 8 o'clock rolled round, the time the twins dad normal comes home. Rose was sat at the front door waiting for her daddy blue car to rolled up. Roy came bouncing down the stares and sat with her. 

Mrs. Howard was sat in the living room cleaning up the toys from the kids playing with the news in the background.

"Braking new, there has been a shooting at the bank of South East. 3 were killing instantly one of the killed was a father of 2 Mr. Ralph Hill, the father was shot in the head and died instantly. We have yet to now all the other casualty's but we will inform you as soon as we know anything." 

Mrs. Howard was in pieces what does she tell the children, they have already lost there mother and now there father. 

"Kids, Daddy wont be coming back tonight lets go to bed now yeah?" She said poking her head out looking at the children, Rose was curled up on the floor her head in her brothers lap was he had his head against the door.

"Okay Mrs. Howard." He whispered as she walked closer picking Rose up and carrying her up the stares to her room as Roy followed, sleepily rubbing his eyes.

I woke up to the smell of smoke around me, in some ways it was very comforting. Slowly I opened my eye closing them quickly when the blinding light attacked my eyes.

"Why the hell is it so bright in here?" I asked groggy. 

"Because I dont like the dark" Said a deep voice making my eyes fling open fast turning to the voice, it was just Michael. I then looked round the room realizing that this isn't my room, this is Michaels, thats why it smelt like smoke. 

"Why do they let you smoke but not me?" I asked turning on my side to look at him as he did the same.

"I guess I'm special."

(I know I said every Wednesday but I thought hey you guys seam to like it so I'll write it and I think this chapter is a good chapter hopefully.)

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