Boys Vs Girls: Part 2: The Fate of the Towers

The School War has officially begun. Emily Watson is still on the verge of destruction! As the war rages on, friends will bond, relationships will strengthen, two villains will separate, and a great goodness is revealed!


11. Steven And Summer

Even amid the war, life goes on.

Even amid the war, Steven and Summer were still a couple.

It was through working with Summer that Steven finally found out why he was her only friend.

"You don't have good social skills," Steven finally told her. "Do you know what that means?"

"Yes, I do," Summer replied.

"C'mon," Steven replied. "We're going to do a roleplay."

"Um...OK," Summer replied.

In turn, Summer taught Steven how computers worked. Her knowledge confirmed, Steven had a request for her. "I was wondering...could you hack into Emily's underground base computer files?"

"Sure," Summer replied. "When are we getting down?"

"Tonight," Steven replied with a wink.

And so Summer found herself alone, looking on a cliff over a cave.

She used her lightsaber to get ahold of the next pod streaking through the cave and slash the comlink. The pod sped down to the entrance, where Summer climbed out. She rushed for the front gate and entered the compound.

As soon as she was deeper inside the base, she sabotaged a map. It showed her that the computer files were behind the arena, guarded by a wall of lava. Summer rushed across the hall and into the door the map pointed to. She stood in front of the falls, not knowing how to open it.

Just then, the falls opened and robots came pouring in. Summer ignited her lightsaber and deflected four bullets back toward the robots and moved in to cut them down. She was making progress--and then a cannonball fired from behind the wall and sent her flying across the hallway and over the balcony overlooking the arena. Summer just barely managed to cling on the balcony's edge and climb back up, where she could spy on the robots.

"...there's no sign of her body," a robot reported to the leader.

"Then she is not dead," said the Robot Commander, secretly surprised. "Double your search," it added quickly, though it doubted they would find anything useful.

As the robots filed out, Summer rushed in the opposite direction, trying to find her way out of the base. As she returned home she struggled to make out what happened.

Just then she arrived at Steven's house and brought him the news. "The underground base has been abandoned," she said. "Robots are patrolling it to make sure we don't take it."

"Gotcha," Steven replied. "Clearly they have something else in mind. Ya know, I think it might be a good idea to join Emily."

"What?" Summer sputtered. "Why would I--"

"No, Summer. Just pretend. Surely we'll find what she's up to."

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