Boys Vs Girls: Part 2: The Fate of the Towers

The School War has officially begun. Emily Watson is still on the verge of destruction! As the war rages on, friends will bond, relationships will strengthen, two villains will separate, and a great goodness is revealed!


16. Sky Battle

The war continued, even with Helen on the Boy Team. Emily had built a new base, hidden within the school, to replace the Bow-Tie. In a stunning move, the evil Emily Watson kidnapped Andrew, the former test subject for her Boy Trap. She tried to turn Andrew to the dark side, but could not break his will. Finally, two Boy-Team ships came to his rescue!

The ships flew through a sky battle that had already began. Weaving across their gigantic transport, they both dove off and flew through endless streams of traffic as well as countless laser blasts flying through the air. After flying through a huge explosion, one of the pilots spoke to her teammate. "Steven, Emily's new base is dead ahead."

"I see it," Steven replied. This time he was flying with Helen due to Summer's absence. Helen had offered to go instead, and Steven agreed. The ships were hard to miss; at least a dozen crowded on the school roof. "Oh, this is going to be easy! All right, come on, Helen!"

At Steven's words, the robots folded up into the 11-foot fighters they were and lifted from the school. "All right," Helen replied. "It's time to get down!" She changed the comm's settings and called in the nearest group of Boy-Team fighters.

"We're on your tail, Helen," said Andre. He turned to the fighters surrounding him. "Set your wings in attack position." They did, and within moments the squad swung in behind them. Helen just barely had time to acknowledge their arrival before the Girl-Team fighters were on them. She blasted one, then swung to back up Steven. More fighters appeared from behind.

Helen fired and missed, and called to Steven: "Steven, you have one on your tail!"

"I know," Steven replied, and swerved crazily. A huge explosion erupted behind him. Several robots had gone down. But more were chasing Steven. He swerved around a cruiser, and the fighters followed--only to crash and explode.

Helen wasn't having much trouble either. After disposing of her fighters, she moved in beside Steven. Around them the Boy-Team fighters struggled against the enemy. They were badly outnumbered,

"I'm going to go and help them out," said Helen, and started to turn her fighter.

"No," Steven told her firmly. "They can do their job, and we can do ours."

Steven complied. He had forgotten, just for a moment, that winning the battle wasn't important. Not if it got in the way of the mission.

Two fighters appeared behind them, firing missiles. Helen unleashed her own secret weapon--rear-view yellow energy balls. She jettisoned 3 of them, and they collided with the missiles and exploded behind her ship.

Let's see them follow this, Steven thought, and went into a tight loop. The missiles veered out of control, collided, and exploded. "I got them, Helen!"

"Great, Steven!" Helen replied. "The school is directly ahead." She flew forward and fired on the unshielded ends of both blast doors, and the shield covering the doors disappeared. "Oh, I have a bad feeling about this!"

Both fighters quickly flew through the blast door beofre it could close again. Both fighters crashed to the floor, and robots came running in from all directions.

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