Boys Vs Girls: Part 2: The Fate of the Towers

The School War has officially begun. Emily Watson is still on the verge of destruction! As the war rages on, friends will bond, relationships will strengthen, two villains will separate, and a great goodness is revealed!


14. Helen's Redemption

It was the night after the Bow-Tie's destruction. Helen was lying on her bed in her robe, thinking with the covers off. Under the robe she was wearing a short tank top. Was she really fighting for her side? she wondered. Or was Micheal right? Emily was once out for order, but she's for revenge now. How could I not see that? Emily. Emily must pay.

She got out of bed and tied her robe an inch tighter before leaving to Steven's house. Her mom and dad were both asleep.

Still wearing her robe and tank top, she came there to find many boys--and Summer with them--celebrating their victory. Finally, she sighed and knocked. Summer answered the door. "What brings you here, Helen? Unless--"

Suddenly, all the boys were on her. They stood in front of the doorway, their lightsabers ablaze. "I don't know how many troops she brought with her," said Summer as she and Steven stood in front of the pack.

Helen took a step back. "I don't want to kill you. I--I've changed."

"Then what are you after?" asked Steven, pointing his lightsaber toward Helen.

"I want to help the boys," said Helen, and deactivated her own weapon.

Steven lowered his lightsaber, his face a mixture of confusion and suspicion. "You--what?"

"I didn't know what Emily was after, and I believe she took advantage of that." Helen stuck her lightsaber between the robe tie and her slender waist. "I'm sorry. I know now that I was wrong. I want to help you."

Anakin didn't doubt she was telling the truth. "I'm glad you realized that," said Anakin. "Denim Spikes, too, has seen the light."

Denim stepped into the room. "How's it going, Helen?"

"Fine," said Helen. She turned to Steven and bowed. "And thus I pledge myself to my true cause. The Boy-Team."

"Your help will be accepted," said Steven. "Rise." Helen did. "I have a plan. If I can get all the girls to meet at Emily's house, I can go and dispose of them all. Then I will deal with Emily. Denim will come with me if he wishes, and disable the turbolasers guarding Emily's fortress."

"I am coming," said Denim.

"Well-conceived plan," said Steven approvingly.

"Thank you," said Helen, and called Ursula quickly. When Ursula answered, Helen asked her to assemble as many girls as possible at Emily's house. Ursula asked her why.

"For a secret meeting," Helen replied. "Sorry that it's such short notice."

"It's OK," said Ursula. "I'll bring as many leaders as I can."

"Good," Helen replied. "I'm on my way." She hung up the phone, then told Denim it was time to act.

15 minutes later, clad in her plain daytime shirt and skirt, Helen marched inside Emily's fortress with Denim. She handed Denim a map. "This here is a layout of Emily's massive home," said Helen. "Use it well."

Denim nodded, and read the map before heading off. Helen, now alone, sighed before heading to the conference room.

"Emily is late," Helen said when she arrived. "She asked me to host the meeting until she can get down here."

"Good," said Ursula.

And then Helen did the unexpected. She took a keycard and shut both doors, locking them.

"What are you doing?" Nytae asked. Helen ignited her lightsaber and slashed her. Nytae fell to the ground. The other girls looked up, shocked, as Helen advanced on them.


Emily pushed open the door to the archives next-door to the conference room. At the edge was a security hologram. Emily leaned forward and turned it on, and then a lightsaber flashed across the screen. A head fell one way--Jennifer, Emily noted--and the body, the other. Around Jennifer's corpse, girls were fleeing in stupor and screaming. Yes. This is where I should be.

Meanwhile, Helen took a leap and landed in front of Ursula. Despite her attempt to reason with Helen, Helen slashed her quickly. Ursula's corpse fell to the ground in a heap, and Helen deactivated her lightsaber.

Just then, Emily came running in. Headless and limbless bodies were sprawled across the floor. Emily recognized all her best workers. Someone's been here. But who? "All you all right, Helen? There was an attack on this very corridor. Speak!"

"I haven't felt so well in years," Helen replied.

That I didn't expect. "What are you talking about?" Emily replied.

"I've seen through the lies of the girls," Helen replied. Here, now, she could feel the rolling cloud of the dark side. This might make her mission a little--a very little--easier. "You don't want order. You ant revenge. Ever since the boys held up those zero signs, you've let them twist your point of view until now--until now you have become the very thing you sought to destroy."

"Stop trying to manipulate me, Helen," Emily said. "I am bringing justice and power to our side!"

Sadly, Helen replied, "My allegiance is to order. You are no longer after that, are you?"

"Don't make me destroy you," Emily replied. "You've turned on me, and you will pay the price."

The words struck straight to Helen's heart. Surely something was left...but for her to say that? "This is terrible! If I knew this I would have done this months ago!"

"You are either on my side, or the Boy Team," Emily replied, turning her back to Helen. "This suicide mission will gain you nothing."

It already has. "Only a villain thinks as such," Helen replied, and ignited her lightsaber. Now I will do what I came here to do.

Emily's face twisted as she ignited her own lightsaber, and the fight began.

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