Boys Vs Girls: Part 2: The Fate of the Towers

The School War has officially begun. Emily Watson is still on the verge of destruction! As the war rages on, friends will bond, relationships will strengthen, two villains will separate, and a great goodness is revealed!


21. Duel Of The Leaders

As the boys clashed with the girls, Steven got to his feet and ignited his lightsaber. Emily fired another barrage of lightning, but Steven deflected it with his lightsaber.

Emily didn't release the beam. Instead, she continued to press the attack, her face a mix of anger and determination. Steven struggled slightly but managed to keep en guard with his blade.

Finally, he leaped toward the tower Emily was standing on. Emily's lightning hit the wire holding up the melatonin tube, and it hit the ground and exploded. Now in close combat, Emily released the beam and grabbed Steven's neck. Grunting, Steven attempted to slash Emily, but Emily fired another barrage with her spare hand, keeping Steven's lightsaber near his chest as he blocked instinctively.

Finally, the charge became too great. Steven made a slash at Emily, and Emily released the beam at the same time. Both were repelled across the assembly room.

Steven went flying so hard that he slammed through the roof right above them and landed on the other side. Emily got up from the stage she had landed on and leaped through the crack. When Seven was but a few feet away, Emily ignited her lightsaber. Thinking Summer was gone and that the boys were lost in the battle downstairs, he looked below him sadly and did not attempt to gab his own weapon. Emily raised her weapon.

"No!" called a voice from below, hardly distinct between the 99-meter gap. Steven looked below. He could see Summer, but not in detail. "Emily, no!"

Ignoring Summer's pleas, Emily brought her lightsaber down...only to be met upon Steven's green blade.

"I hate you!" Emily shouted, expressing all her feelings for Steven in three words. Twirling her weapon, she rushed at Steven.


Anakin and Jay continued fighting the skyfighters head-to-head. And then the turbolasers began to fire.

Although Anakin proved able to dodge the blasts, one of them hit Jay's fighter, causing it to explode. "Jay! No!" Anakin shouted as he felt Jay's lifeless body leave the battle. He pulled up toward the top of the building, where more blasts whizzed past his fighter. A whole cloud shot past him, and he managed to blast one of them. One went tearing after him, and he managed to veer it into a building.

And then a shot connected with his wing. Anakin struggled to regain control as his ship headed straight for the school. Desperately, he hauled on the steering. I'm going to smash into the school! Oh, wait, there's the entrance. Anakin aimed for it and spiraled in through the opening, his ship smoking.

Although robots were in the way, Anakin fired the reverse thrusters, allowing the crippled skyfighter to stop short near the rear wall. Anakin heaved a sigh of relief and examined the controls. Everything's overheated... He looked up to see a squad of robots coming for his ship. "Oops, this is not good." He began to toggle with the controls.


Meanwhile, the clash between the boys and girls in the hall continued. With the girls suffering heavy losses, Helen made her way to the intercom. It had been a while since she'd used it, but it came back to her quickly. She craned the microphone and called on it. "Yo girls, give up? You are surrounded, and our army is far from destroyed. Make peace with us now, for this is your final hour."

Cindy looked up, shocked. The surviving girls did the same, and the boys lowered their blades.

"But know that none of us are completely without mercy. If you surrender, we will let you go. Are you ready to leave our school in peace? If no, then we will destroy you. You have no chance to backfire."

Helen winked, although she knew no one could see her. A moment later, all the girls all ran out the door. They would never kill a boy again. All the boys cheered.

"And stay out!" Helen said over the mike before turning it off again. A moment later, Andrew showed up and kissed her on both cheeks briefly. Ew, Helen thought, and rubbed the excess spit on Andrew's grinning face.


Sparks flew as Emily and Steven traded blows in the cramped area, and Emily felt the hate building up in her every passing second.

She kept swinging, forcing Steven back and across the rooftop. As the duel continued, Steven constantly gave ground from Emily's fierce attacks. And then they reached the edge. A glancing blow caused Steven to fall back against a pole hooked to the edge for decoration. As he raised his lightsaber to block another onslaught, Emily slashed hard, knocking Steven's lightsaber from his hand. Emily raised her lightsaber for the death blow...and then Steven bowled her over, causing her to lose grip of her weapon. It was down to hand-to-hand combat--athlete versus super.

Down below, Anakin regained power of his ship and activated the deflector shields. He blasted all the robots coming in. When robotic fighters came in, he raised his fighter and flew around, blowing them up. Then he noticed a reactor shaft nearby and fired two torpedoes at it. It broke in two and exploded. Anakin heard a muffled explosion near his ship. I've done it! Let's get out of here! He turned his fighter and accelerated out of the hangar.

On the other side of the base, a robot soldier reported in. "Internal explosions all over. We're losing power."

"Impossible!" replied the commander. A moment later, an explosion ruptured the room they were in.

Meanwhile, Anakin flew out, explosions licking at his tail. He activated his rockets and blasted out of the school, safe from the flames. A moment later, a neat chunk of the building the base consumed exploded. Anakin had done it! But with the loss of Jay.

Meanwhile, Steven and Emily's duel became a brawl. After Steven bowled Emily over, she got up and both locked hands briefly before Steven threw Emily across the roof. Barely scratched from the landing, Emily got up and extended her hand. Before Steven could finish his lunge at her, Emily electrocuted him. Steven took the hit and slammed into the metal prism that took up most of the roof's center.

Emily advanced on him, but Steven got up and rushed at her. However, Emily caught him by the collar and shoved him to the ground before throwing him across the roof. She rushed after him and landed, seeing no sign of him where he should have hit.

Then she turned and saw a statue that looked just like Steven with his hands up. Her lightsaber wasn't too far away. She used her telekinesis to repossess her weapon and ignited it when it hit her hand. Now rearmed, she walked over and slashed it abruptly...and was shocked to see what it really was. A few small chunks of metal lied at her feet.

"Come out and fight!" she shouted. Raising her weapon, she made her way across the roof. Statues of children littered the edge. "Do you honestly think you've won the war? You can't hide forever!"

Unbeknownst to her, Steven was hiding behind one of the statues. Once Emily passed him, he crept behind her holding one of the poles, hoping for a respite.

Emily noticed Steven at the last minute and dodged the blow. Steven swung at her, disarming her of her weapon. He made several more swings before she backed away. "It's over, Steven!" she shouted, and dove at him. Steven extended his foot and kicked her into the hole he had made in the prism. Steven looked up hopefully...and then Emily blasted her way out.

Emily landed awkwardly. Steven took advantage of this and pinned her down, holding a fist right above her face. He kept the position, wondering which part to slam the punch on.


Steven looked up to see Summer. I--I thought I'd never see her again! Did she escape? "Summer?"

As Steven left her, Emily got up and quietly used her telekinesis to reclaim her lightsaber. Steven reached Summer, and they hugged. Emily walked up and ran her lightsaber through Steven's back. Steven howled in pain, then fell to the ground. Emily turned to Summer, who had ignited her lightsaber angrily. She raised her own blade with confidence. Looks like another round is in progress.

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