Boys Vs Girls: Part 2: The Fate of the Towers

The School War has officially begun. Emily Watson is still on the verge of destruction! As the war rages on, friends will bond, relationships will strengthen, two villains will separate, and a great goodness is revealed!


13. Brother Vs Sister

Summer was waiting when Steven arrived. The ships had stopped firing on the Bow-Tie. Their laserfire had set a few small fires, some here and some there, but ultimately the boys had given up penetrating the hull.

"I suggest you have a different plan," said Steven.

"Yes," said Summer. "We're going to ride back and plant some bombs inside the main control center. That should cause a chain reaction."

"Brilliant," said Steven. "But risky. What's Plan B? We always need a backup plan."

Summer hadn't considered that, but it quickly came to her. "We will seize the controls and drive the Bow-Tie into space. No air will be there, and the Bow-Tie will freeze and crack. Let's go!"

"I've got the explosives," Steven replied. "Let's go!"

"All righty!" Summer replied. "Micheal! Andrew! If we're not back in 45 minutes, then come in after us. OK?"

"OK," Micheal replied. "Andrew?"

"All right," Andrew seconded.

With that, Steven and Summer boarded their fighters.


Once inside the skyfighters, Steven and Summer flew toward the mildly disabled Bow-Tie. It was easy to get inside. But then two girls spotted them. "I knew it was you!" one said. "Hands up!"

Steven and Summer whipped out their lightsabers and cut down both girls with ease. Then they headed for the higher levels.


Meanwhile, Emily returned from the observatory tower to find Helen waiting for her. "What's the situation?"

"Steven and Summer are here," Helen reported. She turned on one of the security cameras. "Listen!"

On the camera, Steven and Summer were halfway up toward the top tower. Emily watched as they cut down a horde of Girl-Team robots with ease. "And we will put a bomb on this tower by the end of this decade...right?" she heard Summer say.

Emily cackled. "We'll see about that, Steven! Robot patrols, come with me! Helen, stay here."

Emily quickly found Steven, just as her quarry neared the control station. "Hands up, Steven! This is your last!" she said, though she couldn't help but wonder what happened to Summer.

Hordes of robots poured in, flanked by Emily. "Fire!" Emily shouted, her lightsaber still clipped to her belt.

The robots fired. Steven's lightsaber worked in a blur to deflect all their bullets, but he knew he couldn't keep this up for long. Finally, he ran.

"Hold your fire!" Emily shouted. "I will deal with this punk myself!" With that she ignited her lightsaber and ran after Steven.

Meanwhile, Summer headed for the control panel. "Steven!" she said, taking out her cell phone. "I've made it here. What are you doing?"

"I'm..on the run! And it's hard to talk and run. after me. Bye!"

"Oh no," Summer said as she hung up. Better get this going then...I've got a surprise for Emily...

Meanwhile, the chase rendered Steven cornered against a bridge. Steven realized it was down to one choice: fight. He ignited his lightsaber, prompting Emily to jump toward his position. Their lightsabers locked together immediately--and then Emily broke the lock and electrocuted Steven. Steven howled in pain as the lightning effortlessly flowed from Emily's fingers.

"Oh, come on," said Emily, and electrocuted Steven again. Finally, her hands released the beam, replaced by her lightsaber, now pointed at Steven's eyes. Emily cackled. She was sure Steven was dead at last. "Now you fall, as all boys must."

Just then, Micheal showed up. "Step away from our leader!" he shouted.

Steven, dazed, looked up at Micheal. Has it been 45 minutes already?

"I'm warning you!" Micheal repeated, and ignited his lightsaber.

"Is that a threat, my brother?" Emily asked with glaring eyes.

"You'd better believe it," Micheal replied.

"It's betrayal, then," Emily replied, grinning. She lunged at Micheal, who blocked her first blow with ease. The following duel led them across the bridge and into the other room and out of Steven's view.


Helen pressed the switch to open the hangar doors. More than enough robots were guarding the control room, and the boys had stopped firing on the Bow-Tie. She felt this was where she should be. The doors lid open, and Helen walked inside. Yes, I am definitely needed here, she thought as she saw Micheal's lightsaber menacing Emily. Emily had been disarmed and thrown against the wall. "You are beaten," Micheal said. "The threat of school violence will never return here. You have lost the fight."

Through her peripheral vision Emily could see Helen, but hinted no sign she could. "!" Emily raised her hands. "You will die!" Lightning spat from her fingers toward Micheal. He had let his guard down for one second, but quickly brought his lightsaber toward Emily to deflect the attack.

Emily sighed. "Why can I only electrocute one boy in the whole world?" She released the beam, which Micheal's lightsaber absorbed with ease.

"Now I'm going to end this--permanently!" Micheal said, redirecting his lightsaber toward Emily.

"You can't kill her," Helen replied. "The school needs her. We need peace, and you boys are obviously trying to keep that from happening."

"She's not after that, she's after revenge!" Micheal replied, glancing at Helen briefly. "She's too dangerous to keep her life!"

"You actually want this," Helen sighed. "It is over, then."

"You actually think that's what the girls are fighting for," said Micheal. "Then you are sadly mistaken." With that, he raised his sword--and Helen screamed and ignited hers. Micheal parried the first blow, but Helen's second strike knocked Micheal's lightsaber from his hand. This left him defenseless against another series of lightning bolts, which envoloped his body. Micheal howled in pain. Just then, Andrew rushed in, but Emily redirected Micheal's body and slammed him into Andrew, knocking them both toward the door. Andrew finally tried to carry Micheal, but then collapsed. He could go no further.

Meanwhile, Summer had redirected the controls so the Bow-Tie would spiral into space. It was set to rocket upward in 10 minutes.

A siren immediately filled the air. "Time to abandon ship!" Emily said, getting up. "Helen, come with me." Both headed for Emily's ship and they took off.

Andrew hugged Micheal tightly. "Micheal! You can't die!"

"'s too late..." Micheal struggled to speak.

"No!" Andrew cried.

"I'm sorry...I know I caused this...there's no one to blame for this but me."

"It's okay," Andrew said hastily.

"Andrew...there is...another girl...who...will betray...E...mily..." Micheal strained. With that, his head fell backward and he died. Andrew cried as he hugged Micheal's head, but then the alarm brought him to urgent focus.

Meanwhile, Summer had grabbed Steven and rushed for their ships. Just as they were about to get on board, Andrew caught up to them. "Mind if I squeeze in?"

"Not at all," said Summer. So Andrew hitched a ride to Summer's fighter and they took off for the nearest Boy-Team ship. Inside weapons designer Robert Iego greeted them warmly. "I imagined you three had something to do with that."

"All part of the plan," Steven replied.

"All this standing hurts my legs," Robert said. "How about we head for the main ship?"

"Certainly," Steven said.

Just as they neared the ship, two enormous booster jets ignited from below the Bow-Tie, sending it rocketing upward and into space.

"Did you see that?" asked Jay as Robert walked Steven, Summer, and Andrew inside. "You've destroyed the Bow-Tie!"

"Great job, guys!" said Anakin. "But where is Micheal Watson?"

"He is dead," Andrew said solemnly. "He was murdered by Emily."

"What a shame," said Anakin. He knew what good friends Andrew and Micheal were.

"So...the war is pretty much over then?" Summer said. "The Bow-Tie is gone, and Emily and Helen were on it."

"No," said Anakin. "Emily, Helen, and Beethoven...all 3 of them are alive, as well as many girls who weren't on the fighter. I regret to say it's not over yet..."

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