Boys Vs Girls: Part 2: The Fate of the Towers

The School War has officially begun. Emily Watson is still on the verge of destruction! As the war rages on, friends will bond, relationships will strengthen, two villains will separate, and a great goodness is revealed!


12. Bow-Tie Assault

It wasn't long before the boys found out about Helen's mobile weapon.

Steven knew an immediate counterattack had to be prepared. So he called the Boys together to discuss his plan to counterattack the ship and it's passengers.

"We've prepared a group of skyfighters to penetrate the superlaser and hopefully the entire station," Steven explained. "While our ships cannot withstand the superlaser, I believe a squad of Boy-Team bombers can outmaneuver it and bomb the spherical center which, by the way, is the center of a giant metal bow. Hopefully that can destroy the station and hopefully Emily and Helen."

All the boys murmured their concern.

"Our fighters will attack at high speed and concentrate our fire on the center here," Steven repeated, pointing to a set of drawings on an easel. "Hopefully Emily and Helen will be there. If we destroy them, we can end this war. Now, let's move!"

As the boys filed out toward the ships, Summer asked Steven a question. "Excuse me, but do you really think we can pull this off? If Emily is there, the ship will surely be well guarded."

"Don't worry, Summer," Steven replied, not knowing what else to say. "We can do this. Let's get moving!"


Soon the Bow-Tie was close in sight.

"You all set?" Steven asked.

"This is Andrew, standing by," Andrew said.

"Summer Petersen, standing by," Summer seconded.

Everyone else made the exact same reply.

Inside the Bow-Tie, Natalia contacted Emily.

"Yes, Natalia?" Emily replied. Helen was sitting next to her.

"Emily, we're in trouble," she replied. "The Boy Team has launched a squad of fighters to attack our base!"

Seriously? I think she overestimates their chances. "Let them come! The Bow-Tie is invincible!"

"I find it unwise to underestimate Steven," Helen said. "He and Summer are leading the attack, along with Anakin and Jay...they've sent some of their best."

"Both of you worry too much," Emily replied. "I am sure Steven, if anyone, will underestimate our power."


"We've got fighters coming in," said Summer. The next moment both sides opened fire. Most of the Girl-Team fighters zoomed right past the fleet, but Jay managed to blow up one of them.

"Fire the superlaser!" Emily called.

"But our fighters are there!" Natalia replied. "They too will be consumed by the blast!"

I see her point. "Good call," Emily said, disappointed.

As they neared the ship, the turbolaser cannons opened fire.

"Pull up, Robert, pull up!" Anakin screamed.

"No, I'm all--" Before he could finish, his fighter took a hit and slammed into the Bow-Tie's shielded hull.

Anakin shook his head as he flew past the explosion.

Inside the Bow-Tie, Natalia was getting impatient. "Can we fire yet? The robot fighters are out of sight."

"Yes!" Emily replied hastily. "And hurry!"

As they charged the superlaser, the turbolasers finally clipped Steven's wing. "I'm hit!" he screamed. His ship spun out of control and somehow went flying into an unshielded doorway in the station. His fighter screeched to a halt.

Summer grunted as she raced forward. Suddenly, she saw the superlaser charging. "Uh oh. Not good!"

"Torpedoes away!" Anakin screamed. All the ships launched their torpedoes toward the giant cannon charging the superlaser.


Meanwhile, Steven got out of his ship only to face a platoon of Girl-Team robots. Steven quickly made mush of them and headed toward an elevator.

Suddenly, the elevator screeched to a halt. Steven realized he had no choice but to climb out.

But there, at the other end of the room, was Emily!

"Where do you think you're going?" she said. She ignited her lightsaber. Then she lunged at Steven, only to bring her lightsaber upon Steven's green blade.


Meanwhile, the superlaser's cannon took a hit. Explosions began to rupture the Bow-Tie's center.

"Fire now!" Helen shouted.

The giant beam fired--but stopped midair and vaporized as another explosion tore at the hull.

"What is the damage?" Helen asked.

"We lost the shield generator--and the superlaser!" Natalia shrieked.

"Impossible!" Helen replied. "Where's Emily?"

"I have no idea," Natalia replied.

Meanwhile, Summer reported to the others. "That seems to have done it. Looks like the shield is gone too!"

All the boys cheered.

"Now the easy part. Open fire and tear down this bucket of bolts!"


Meanwhile, the lightsaber duel led Steven and Emily into the observation tower next door.

Soon, Steven had the advantage. Emily was knocked down and disarmed. Steven raised his lightsaber. "Surrender, Emily, and I will spare you."

"Your victory will be short-lived, Steven," Emily warned. "The Bow-Tie is indestructible!"

Suddenly, an explosion ruptured the room. When it cleared out, no residue could be found.

Just then, Steven's phone rang. It was Summer.

"Summer, I'm a bit busy here," Steven replied. "What is it?"

"Steven!" Summer said. "We've blown down the Bow-Tie's shield generator, but the ship's hull is too strong for our laser cannons. We'll have to destroy it from the inside."

"Blast! I'll be right there," said Steven, leaving Emily behind.

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