Love Lotus

Love that understands,that inspires, not blames but lifts up.


1. Love Lotus

The love lotus bloomed

sweet fragrance sprayed

honey nectar spilled

joy bubbled in the pool of heart.


`Love in any kind of relationship to be free of stress and strain and free of anxiety needs to be`:

Peace fragrance not passion violence

Its beauty forgiveness not thorns of hatred

purity its grace not prejudice

may such love flower bloom in the garden of heart.


Love that accepts not rejects

love that lifts up not leaves

awareness not arrogance

may such love flower bloom in the desert of depression.


Love that surrenders not possessive

love that guides not destroys

love that tolerates not curses

may such love lotus bloom on the altar of heart.


Love that inspires not seeks revenge

quenches thirst not drowns

offers help not expects

may such love lotus bloom in the temple of heart.


To make life worth living between birth and death

love the greatest gift bestowed on humanity

core consecrated in love nectar

heart readily responds and calls`Hey! I am here!`


`May we all be blessed with such love nectar in our heart lotus to kiss the feet of Lord.`

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