Will u forgive ?

Lies, lies, and even more lies. That's how it all started.
Tears, laughs, smiles, and more tears. That's how it grew.
But at the end of the road, will they be able to forgive ?


5. chapter 5

Chapter 5

I panicked. I didn't know what to do. I was frozen in place, no words were able to escape my sealed lips. I felt his hot breath on my face. And I kinda lost myself in the moment. He whispered in my ear: "You're gorgeous in this, I'm gonna buy it for you". I didn't answer. I couldn't even if I wanted to. Suddenly, he pulled away with a satisfaction smirk playing on his face. Then I realised it. He got me. He was playing my feelings and he he won. I let him win. And I hated myself for that. He didn't say anything, he didn't have to. My cheeks were on fire and my heart, well, if feeling your heart beating so fast that you can hardly breath, feeling that it's gonna pound right out of your chest, is normal, then yeah, that's what I felt. I still heard it pounding hard and fast , and I wouldn't be surprised if he heard it too. He seemed so satisfied I wanted to slap him right across the face. But then he did something really unexpected. He hugged me. I was so chocked, I didn't move. In a fraction of second, he pulled away, and guess what? Our dear friend put his hand on my left breast. Yeah that's right you got it. And I didn't even bother to push him away. What was fucking wrong with me ? This was so wrong. He cut my thoughts though: " Wow how can you not hear your heartbeat? It's like a million beat per second. See what I can do to you?" His smirk gettin wider. "Yeah, sure, now keep your hand to your self would you? And get out , I need to change. "

- I don't mind stayin at all.

- Out, you perverted head. "

He went out, still satisfied from what he's done to me. Mean while , I stood there, processing what just happened. I lost to him. I admitted to myself I liked him. I let him play with my feelings. He touched me. My mind was a total mess , and if it wasn't for a little knock on the door I would probably still be thinking, and overthinking things. I quickly got out of my nightgown and put my clothes back on. Later Zayn insisted on buying a lot more than what I was asking for , (and of course that stupid night gown he saw me in) and we did more shopping and he ended up buying me a lot more than needed. We went back to his flat on his bike - and let me tell you it's very much unpleasant to carry a hundred shopping bags on a motorcycle.

Anyways, we got there somehow and he helped with my stuff. We put all the bags in the living room and sighed in unison , we both noticed so we started laughing at the timing.

- I don't know about you but if I don't eat know, might as well go wear that little black dress you bought to my funeral, he told me with a small laugh.

- Yeah, well I'm starving so I can't even last till your funeral. And by the way, I am NOT wearing that dress. And this too : I didn't buy it , you did.

- You're right, you wouldn't last, you'd miss me too much.

- Whatever you say, as long as I get to eat.

- Good little girl , now help me with those pancakes, he said while going in the kitchen.

- It's not necessary y'know, fried eggs will do.

- Yeah, but I want pancakes.

- Fried eggs.

- Pancakes.

- Fried eggs.

- Pan.......

And he just threw flour in my face, "cakes", he continued , smirking.

It took me a little while to process what he just did. How could he possibly be so childish ?! But I wasn't letting him get away with it.

"Fine", I said walking to the fridge to get the eggs for the 'pancakes' and put them on the counter, but instead of cracking them in some bowl, I did a tiny mistake. I cracked one on Zayn's hair. "My bad", I smirked with a bow. "You didn't dare..." He got up the stool he was once sitting on and chased me. Of course I was runnin like a 5 years old but I didn't. This whole thing soon turned into a food battle where sprinkles and flour and eggs and whipped cream were involved. As for us , especially me, you might've thought I was some kind of walking cupcake. At some point I was tackled onto the ground. I closed my eyes waiting for some kinda pain but it never came. I slowly opened my eyes, and realised that I was using Zayn's hand as a cushion , and that it was him who broke my fall. But I didn't take me long either to realise he was on top of me. We were both breathing heavily (for him it was probably from the run , but for me? Might be something else), and I stared right back in his hypnotising hazel eyes, waiting in anticipation.

'Kiss me already' I thought to myself and mentally killed myself for that. "Don't think too much" he said while getting off of me , a smirk playing on his lips , then helped me up. "Don't flatter yourself , either" I answered, proud , yet feeling horribly guilty for lying to myself and him like that. 'Stupid stupid stupid ' I thought. But again, not the first lie I've told, neither will it be the last. I sighed. "You probably need to shower, you look nasty". His voice brought me out of my train of thoughts. "Me ? Could you look at you ? Not to mention your hair. But I do need a shower. Now be nice and stay here."

" can't make any promises I can't keep but I'll try. ". He chuckled and I smiled. I took a bag of those laying on the floor and grabbed the towel Zayn threw at me then made my way to clear out my mind. The water did wash a bit of the nervousness but not all of it, knowing I admitted to my self I liked that guy, a little too much maybe, and the way he could make me feel , but I decided to blame it all on excessive hormones. Crazy, right? But at least I wouldn't feel so bad about it anymore. I quickly put on my underwear and shorts, but surprisingly my top wasn't there. Guess I'd have to see if it fell in the living room. I went there and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a shirtless Zayn smoking near the window. He had a towel around his neck and droplets of water falling on his naked torso. He was wearing his dark skinny jeans. Fuck, he was hot. I guess I didn't notice how long I've been staring, cause eventually he caught me, and before he could come up with any sort of reaction, the door bell rang. I was going to open when Zayn said:"careful". At first I furrowed my eyebrows and stared at him like he was some alien, then he pointed at my chest , making me self conscious that I was actually topless myself. 'Shit shit shit', I thought while grabbing one of Zayn's t-shirts that was laying on the couch and quickly put it on , then ran to the door wich Zayn didn't bother to open. I slowly opened. And I regretted it. It was some fake blond, with a ton of make-up covering her face, and her long fake manicured nails digging in the door frame. Not to mention the slutty outfit: a top that showed half her breasts , all her back , and a little hold that showed her belly button. That and a tiny skirt that barely covered her butt. I know I shouldn't judge people over their looks , but with that girl , it was different. I hated her. Period. She was looking at me with ... Disgust? "And who are you supposed to be?" She asked venom laced in her words. "Good evening to you too, I replied sarcastically , I'm Zayn's cousin, and you are?" I looked at her while Zayn stood behind me. " I'm Sierra. Zayn's girlfriend. " she smirked. I felt like crying , but never. Never in front of her. " Ex- girlfriend , Sierra ", Zayn said , clearly annoyed. "

Her jaw almost dropped to the floor " Ex? So you chose this 'slut' over me ?" She asked while looking at me with disgust, this time much clearer. Me , a slut? Without even thinking I found myself slapping her cheek with all I've got , my fingers leaving red marks on her make up caked face. " Go fuck yourself, you whore" is all I said slamming the door shut in her face. I walked away, pissed off. Not at her, well a bit , but more at Zayn. I couldn't believe the guy I was crushing on could've dated a... BITCH like her. And I knew it was non of my business , but still, it made me mad. "Wait", he yelled but I didn't slow my pace until he grabbed my wrist and turned me around so I was facing him. My eyes were tearin up. And then he hugged me , stoking my hair with his gentle hand, and we stood there just like that , with me sobbing silently in his warm chest, till he broke the silence : "there's nothing between me and her anymore, so don't listen to what she said. Your a great person. And you're even better wearing my clothes". I could feel the amused smile plastered on his lips and couldn't help but smile too. This was perfect. He was perfect. I broke our embrace with a goodnight kiss- on the cheek of course and went to the bedroom without having the courage to look at his face. Sleep took over pretty soon.


I woke to a little noise coming from outside the room. It was late - about 11 AM but it was my day off anyway. I stumbled to the bathroom , did the usual and then to the living room where I found Zayn fully dressed just closing the front door with a bag in his hand. He threw it on the counter, then noticed my presence "morning" he said and I just smiled in return making my way to the bag. There were some basic stuff , but in some little bag inside the big one there was a package of tampons. I blushed as I made a mental note to put it away later. "Been shopping? Thought that was a girl thing ?" I asked acting innocent. "Real funny , now go dress up, would ya?" He asked. "But I didn't have breakfast yet". "Me neither. But I'm taking you out. You must be bored at home. ".

It surprised me a little but I nodded, took the shopping bags from yesterday, and went to the bedroom.

I chose a sleeveless jeans shirt, jeans shorts, navy blue decorated sneakers, an 'I love music' chain necklace, a fuchsia lips purse and some shades. Light make up, brushing my hair into its natural waves. Ready.

I went out of the room as Zayn's eyes went wide for a second and I caught a little blushing creeping on his cheeks before disappearing, vanishing into an amused smile that landed on his lips and he asked :" Ready?" . I nodded and I sat behind him on his bike - I kinda got used to it - and we stopped in front of a Starbucks. He acted like a gentleman and opened the door for me , we ordered some drinks and sat across each other and chatted for a while , warm discussion , and I was really enjoying this sort of date - even if it wasn't a date to him, and he didn't feel that way about me, I had to admit that I had pretty strong feelings for him, and I had to tell him. Now.

"Hey listen Zayn , I needed to say that ....." And I was cut by an all too familiar voice that only it could ruin the moment. " Hey guys , nice to see this sweet loving couple here. " Louis voiced echoed in my ears. "Gosh..." I whispered. 'So you had fun shopping yesterday ? You could've invited us. 'Rectification. Louis and Liam. My eyes went wide as he scrolled images through his iPhone. They were images of me and Zayn in the mall. I didn't say a thing. Too embarrassed.

Zayn smirked " Actually...."

And then he kissed me. Time stopped and everything froze.


Hey guys.

So this is extra long chapter to make up for the fact I'm late as always. Now I wanted to thank you all for reading this book. It really makes up for the hundreds of hours I spend writing it. I hope you love the turn of events, but it's just the beginning.


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