~the easiest way to die is a belladonna kiss~


1. prologue

"bella!" my mom shouted.

I skipped down stairs to see the usual,my mum sitting on a chair with a book in her hand and my dad was sitting down too but with a bunch of what I think are work papers,in his hands.

"can you tuck brandon in his bed?" she asked and I nodded.

I held my fast asleep,three years old brother,I went up the stairs,kicking his room door open,softly with my foot.

I tucked him in,spread his blanket on him and kissed his cheek.

I can't believe I will be 18 in three days,I'm so excited since I can drive then,I wish we lived in the USA till now,I would've already bought a car,we used to live in LA,california but then my dad got a promotion here in canada,so no matter how long I cried,we moved.

"mom,I'm taking cooper for a walk" I said to my mom,grabbing my black leather jacket.

"okay,sweetie but don't take more than thirty minutes,it's already nine pm and you need to sleep" she said glancing at her hand watc,I nodded,secretly rolling my eyes when I turned around.

i have been walking cooper for ten minutes now,I think I should turn around,I'm already too far from home,thanks to cooper's high speed.

the moment I turned around I hit something or should I say someone,since cooper is barking like crazy.

"ummm...sorry,dude" I said looking up to be met with a guy with black buzz cut hair and black eyes.

he didn't reply,he just held three fingers up and whispered "three" then walked away,well that was weird.

I walked home with cooper who seemed over protective and didn't stop growling since I hit that dude,I swear if I wasn't holding him,he would've ripped this weird guy to shreds.

I left cooper in tha backyard,than dropped my keys on the table once I was in the house.

I kept thinking about if I should tell mum and dad about this but I decided against it since I know they would freak over nothing and probably keep me in a closet under the crap that they say which is,"we are protecting you" or whatever.

I think I need sleep,I feel that,this is too much thinking for my own good,ugh.

I changed into an oversized muscle shirt that says 'over-thinking' in neon green,the irony of the quote,ha.

I yawned and started slowly falling asleep after I put on my headphones and starting playing my favorite song by slipknot.

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