The Bus Driver

Mimi not attempting to take driving lessons
is the result of her taking the bus to everywhere she goes.
But being scared of riding a car
is not the only reason she keeps taking the bus.
It's the cute bus driver, who treats her like a royal.


2. Chapter Two

Before I could even let out another breath, the speed maniac had arrived at Boston Station, looking at me from his little corner. ''We are here, miss--uh.'' He paused, not knowing my name.

Getting up from my seat, I finished the sentence for him. ''Russo, but call me Mimi.'' I smiled, now standing in the doorway of the bus, facing the boy.

''Mimi,'' He repeated, ''That's a cute name, you don't hear that one very frequently.'' He said, grinning.

''Yeah, that name is cute. Until you turn fourteen and people bully you with it.'' I trailed off, ''Anyways, you saved my life with this ride, thank you so much! Now I'm not late for work.'' I checked my watch, confirming my own words. ''Nope, just in time.''

The boy smiled, ''You're welcome, Mimi.''

I wave him farewell, and he turns his face back to the road as I step out. It was already too late to realize that I never got the dude's name. I shrugged it off as I was now entering the busy street.  He was just some stranger I had a conversation with and who drove me to work; no big deal.

I walked past all the buildings and eventually found the one I was looking for. I stopped in front of the entrance door, letting out a deep sigh before getting my shit together and walking in.

"Excuse me?" I tried impatiently. I blinked at the girl; she looked no more than two years older than I was. And currently, she was filing her nails while clutching the phone between her cheek and shoulder, chewing pink bubble gum and rolling her heavily eyelined eyes.

I tapped my foot against the ground as I stood in front of the reception desk. The girl behind the desk didn't even notice I was there. She just kept on babbling away while popping her gum loudly.

"I know!" she started to squeal into the phone. "He totally ditched me last night! And he never called me back! I gave him everything, and what did he give me? Nothing. Exactly."

I find my hand gravitating over the metal bell on the granite counter, trying again. "Excuse me? I'm trying to look for--"

"Hold on sweetie," she said without even looking at me,  before turning back to her conversation. "I'll call you back, Donna." Hanging up, she placed the phone back into the receiver, continuing to file her perfectly manicured nails. I wondered what a high-maintenance girl like her would ever want to work here at the age of twenty.

"Can I help you?" she bats her heavy eyelashes at me, almost bored.

"Yeah, I'm trying to find a guy," I start.

"Aren't we all?" she scoffed in my face, still chewing her gum, the inside of her mouth covered in pink wads. She was chewing so hard, I could almost feel her spit jumping out at me. I recoiled in disgust.

"That isn't what I meant. What I meant was I'm trying to find a guy who's in this building," I nodded, but she gave me a blank stare. Thinking quickly, I added fast, "He's my boss and I'm here for my first day."

The girl chewed her gum noisily, getting on my nerves with each passing second. With another blank look, she shrugged her thin shoulders. "Okay," she responded. "What's his name?"

‘'Um, Marcus Vandelier, from Amazone magazine.'' I told her.

She checked something on her computer screen and then looked back up at me. ''Floor nine.'' She simply said, chewing her gum once more.

I gave her a sly grin before walking off to the elevator. While inside the elevator, I watched with nervous eyes at the meter at it climbed to the very top, to the ninth floor. The bell rang once, and the metal doors swung open.

The elevator opened up into a hallway shaped like the top of a capital T. Two hallways branched off in opposite ways, and I had no clue on which way to go. I might as well give both sides a try.

I walked towards the left, noticing there wasn't anyone there except one person. I decided to walk up to the person to ask if he/she maybe knew where I could find Marcus Vandelier.

''Excuse me, hello?'' I greeted, the person now visible as a woman, turning around.

''Yes?'' She replied, giving me a friendly smile as she held onto some folders.

''Do you know where I can find Mr. Marcus Vandelier?'' I asked nervously, somehow trying to sound a bit confident.

''Ah yes, you're at the right address. Follow me, I'm Debby, Mr. Vandeliers assistant.'' She told me, motioning me to follow her.

''And? Is it fun to work with him?'' I asked as we walked through all the different hallways.

''Is it ever fun to be someone's assistant? You get treated like piece of garbage to be honest. But other then all the demanding, it is fun. Fun enough for me to like it.'' She explains, and it wasn't long until we both burst out in laughing.

''Yeah, you're right.'' I giggled.

When we arrived at his office, we quieted down our laughter and walked in like proper human beings. ''Sir, our new editor is here. It's her first day today.'' Debby explained, Mr. Vandelier looking up from his work, sewing his eyes together through his funny round shaped glasses.

He stood up, repositioning his black and white striped scarf on his neck. ''Ah yes, fantastic Minnie right?'' His Dutch accent spoke. I shook my head, biting my lower lip before answering.

''Um, no, Mimi.'' I replied nervously, looking him in the eyes.

''Oh, I'm sorry. I knew that. Well, I am Marcus Vandelier, your new boss and creator of Amazone Magazine.'' He introduced himself, even though I already knew everything about him. I adore his work and how he is committed to saving the Amazone.

''Well, let me show you your desk to work at.'' He said, leading me out of the office and to another office where a lot of people were sitting. I assumed this was the editorial office. We stopped at small desk next to the window. The sun rays were shining bright onto the chair, Mr. Vandelier clapping his hands together.

''So, you think you'd survive it here?'' He questioned, smiling as he gave me a hopeful look.

''Yes, thank you.'' I answered, giving him a friendly nod.

''Alrighty, so I'm gonna go now, Debby will come back with some papers and work guides.''  He told me before leaving the office. I looked around me, seeing long rows of desks all behind one another. Everyone was into its own business, and I was close to becoming one of them.

I sat on my office chair, spinning around as the warm sunlight beamed onto my face. I got up from the chair and looked outside. The view of a moving city was intriguing. Suddenly, I heard and saw small rocks being thrown at the window.

I looked after the office desk behind me and the woman didn't seem to have any rocks being thrown at her window. I turned my gaze back to my own window, more rocks being thrown.

Suddenly I saw some minion kind of thing, waving its long arms towards me. I sewed my eyes together for a better view, seeing a figure waving his hands as he held a purse. I looked even better and then I saw it.

It was the cute bus driver who I never got the name of, holding my purse. Which as I see as I am looking around, forgot.

Well shit.

I checked if anyone saw me, sneaking out of the office to the elevator. I impatiently waited for the elevator doors to open, awkwardly walking past some people when it opened. I got down to the ground floor, running past the bitchy receptionist again. I cringed my face in disgust but shrugged it off since she doesn't matter.

Outside I spotted the boy standing by his bus, looking down at my purse as he sighed. I don't think he knows I saw him. I ran through the busy crowd, mumbling an 'excuse me' here and there.

I finally approached the boy, resting my hands on my knees for a second because of the running. ''You have my purse.'' I breathed, looking up at him.

''Oh, yes. You forgot it.'' He said, smiling.

''Well, obviously.'' I replied.

''I'm not saying I peeked into your stuff, but I thought you might want it back because..... girly stu-'' I cut him off by grabbing the purse out of his hands, immediately opening it. And yes, there you have it.

Some un-used pads from last month's period. Great, now he thinks I'm on my period. I started blushing, which I hate doing because the redness never disappears until some minutes later and there's not just a slight blush, no when I blush, I do it good and turn as red as a tomato. A very ripe one.

''Um, right...'' I trailed off, not knowing which facial expression to put on, so I kept it blank.

''Well, have a great day, Mimi.'' He greeted, smiling as he waved me farewell and stepped into the bus again.

''By the way,'' he popped his head out of the bus' doorway, ''I will come pick you up, alright?'' He winked, his smile turning into a smirk.

Oh okay. You can pick up. Pick me up anytime you want. Oh boy, whenever you want.


hmm talking about awkward lawl poor mimi


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