The Bus Driver

Mimi not attempting to take driving lessons
is the result of her taking the bus to everywhere she goes.
But being scared of riding a car
is not the only reason she keeps taking the bus.
It's the cute bus driver, who treats her like a royal.


1. Chapter One

Beep, beep, beep! My alarm blared, causing me to wake up. The noise was followed by someone knocking on my bedroom door several times before opening the door and stepping in.

''Mimi, honey, wake up! It's your first day at work!'' My mother's enthusiastic yelling filled my eardrums. She climbed onto my bed, pulling the covers off of me.

''Ma, go away! Isn't it my responsibility to wake up at the right time?! You didn't need to wake me up, I had set my alarm.'' I whined, jumping off of my bed toward the bathroom.

My mother sighed, following me. ''Sorry, honey. I just wanted to wake you up, in case you haven't heard your alarm. I don't want you to be late on your first day.'' She told me with a comforting tone, leaning out her arm to pat my back but before she could touch me I slapped her hand away.

''Um okay, but I'm fine. Everyone can hear that alarm so that isn't a problem. Now, can you leave so I can get ready?'' I raised my eyebrow, leaning my head forward as I put my hand up.

''Oh, right. Yes, of course.'' She said awkwardly, slowly exiting the bathroom. Just as I turned my body toward the mirror, my mother's head popped back into the doorway. ''And by the way, I have breakfast ready downstairs.''

''Okay, mom, leave!'' I yelled, annoyed. My mother finally left, finally letting me do my thing.

The reason why she is so annoying, is because she's nervous. You see, I got hired for my first real job at a magazine company called: Amazone. I've always been very interested in nature and that kind of stuff and that's what the magazine's about. This is basically my dream job.

Excited, I dressed myself and put on a decent amount of make-up. I ran downstairs as soon as I was ready and I indeed spotted my breakfast waiting for me on the counter. I grabbed my lunchbox as I stuffed half a pancake into my mouth.

''Kay mwom, I'm going to cjatch the bus.'' I spoke with my mouth full as I carried everything outside with me.

''Wait honey,'' She stopped me, ''I need to check you.'' She looks at me from head to toe and then smiled widely. ''You're good to go, have fun!''

''Yeah, fun.'' I said, finally swallowing my food down my throat as I started walking away from the house.

''Bye!'' My mother greeted after me as she waved endlessly. ''I'm so proud of you.'' She yelled one more time before I disappeared from her sight.

I slightly laugh at her enthusiasm and walked to the closest bus stop, which was just around the corner so I can always simply walk to it. I thought I was late but when I arrived I was first to wait there and the bus hadn't even arrived yet. Well, better early then late right?

A couple minutes later more people started approaching the bus stop and in no time the bus arrived. The doors opened and I stepped in first. What can I say, I have a favorite seat.

I walked past the driver, noticing that the usual lady, Mrs. Pelgrim, wasn't sitting there. Instead, a young boy was sitting there in uniform and staring out of the window. I frown and slightly walk backwards to face him.

''Um, excuse me, is this some kind of joke? Where is Mrs. Pelgrim?'' I questioned him as he turned his face to me at the sound of someone talking to him. He smiled at me and showed off his white teeth.

Talking about Gods, he was definitely one. Holy cowballs, he was gorgeous.

''No. Well, my mother is friends with Mrs. Pelgrim and I was kind of in need of a job so Mrs. Pelgrim suggested me to take bus driving lessons. So I did, and now I am kind of taking her place. It's my first day.'' He explained, slightly nervous.

''Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know. I didn't mean to come off mean.'' I bit lower lip, looking down. ''Well, good luck then.'' I smiled.

''Thanks, I promise I won't let us crash.'' He smiled, giving me a friendly nod as I started walking off to my favorite seat in the back.


I must have fallen asleep because suddenly someone was patting my shoulder, causing me to wake up. It was the cute bus driver.

''Um miss, we had all the stops. Is this your destination? Because it's our last stop.'' He asked, smiling at me. Realization hit me, I should've had stopped at Boston Station.

''Shit, shit, shit. No.'' I murmured, getting up from my seat and pacing through the bus. ''I-I- Ugh no, I'm late..'' I trailed off, sitting down on a seat, warm tears slowly forming in the corners of my eyes.

The boy followed me and kneeled down in front of me. He put off his hat and looked me in the eyes. ''Hey, don't be sad, what's up? Is there anything I can do for you?'' He offered, giving me a comforting smile.

''Well um,'' I paused, fidgeting with my fingers nervously, ''I'm at the wrong station, I-I- is it possible to ride me back to Boston Station?''

He immediately got up, putting his hat back on. ''Hell yeah, check out my driving skills, miss.'' He winked before walking back to his driver's seat. He started the engine and sped off as fast as lightning, causing me to tumble forward.

Well, maybe I won't be late for my first day at work.


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