Spaceship - h.s.

"You'll never be anything in life."

In the future, 2197, Seventeen year old, Jayda Porter, is alone in life. Her parents died when she was three, and she lives with her roommate who's hardly ever around. Her teachers tell her all the same things. That of course, is that she'll never be anything. Bullying is pretty much her lifestyle. She's been bullied since she could remember, so she keeps her head down. She's not extraordinary, so she thinks, but why her?
When a spaceship crashes on earth, in her hometown in California, and is know to have aliens in it, everyone panics.
Harry Styles is a 20 year old alien. He's never seen a human before in his life. But when him and his parents decide to take a trip to earth, he's all for it. His spaceship crashes, and he's the only one who makes it out alive. He's alone now, and finds an immediate attraction to a girl watching from her window. He needs to get back home, because aliens can't last long on earth without finding love.

Will Harry fall in love with a human? Will he be able to handle the human cruelty, and lifestyle? What about Jayda? Can she figure out what Harry is? As how to get him home?

He only needs two things: love, or a spaceship.

Copyright @2014. All rights reserved to @[•jaydajstyles•] Any form of copyright infringement should be reported to its owner.


1. Never Fails

Spaceship ~ h.s.



Chapter One: Never Fails


I park my car in the school space. I pull my hood up and walk towards the school, hoping to go unnoticed today.

It's best to go unnoticed in my life because I can't take another cruel name, or beating. I'm broken, and alone. I'm sorry for throwing a pity party though. I don't expect you to care.

I walk swiftly, trying to match everyone else's pace so I don't get called out. No one can see I'm scared. It only makes it worse.

Once I reach my locker, I type my combination into the keypad. I make surelmy hood is still on my head. I look down at the locket my mother gave me, and smile. I still struggle to remember my parents, but images flash into my head sometimes.

"Hey, ugly!" Someone shouts.

Never fails. I can never have a day where everyone just stops terrorizing me.

I quickly grab my books, and try to walk rapidly the other way. Cameron, my number one bully, and star of the football team steps in front of me.

"I was talking to you, bitch," he yells. I jump at the sound of his voice. I quickly come up with an excuse that could possibly save me right now.

"I-I didn't hear you," I mumble putting my head down.

"Bullshit!" He yells knocking my books out of my hands. I gasp and bed down to pick them up. He pulls me by my arm so I can face him. His grip is tightly wrapped around my skin, and I know it will leave yet another bruise.

"I was talking to you," He says through gritted teeth. He pushes me down then gets down to my level, "I should beat your ass for not knowing manners, but I'm not in the mood today."

Thank god.

"What's this?" He asks pointing to my locket.

I'm out of words. Please god, don't let him take the one thing I have left of my deceased mother.

"Answer me!" He yells. I jump yet again.

"M-my mom gave it to me," I say frightened of what he might do.

He laughs evilly. "Aww, poor baby." He snatches the necklace from my neck, and throws it in my face.

He slaps my face, and whispers,"You're a waste of space." With that, he gets up and leaves, receiving high fives from his friends. I don't understand how making someone miserable is worth praising.

I feel the tears emerging. I quickly collect my stuff, and put the locket into my pocket. I run to the janitors closet and lock the door. I sit and cry, letting the tears flow out of me. I put the necklace back on, and pull out the razor I carry with me.

This was only the second time I've done this. The first was 3 months ago, when I showed up to a party, and no one was there. Everyone pranked me, thinking I was finally popular. I cried for three days, and tried to kill myself. But my housekeeper walked in and called 911.

I grabbed a bandage from my bag and wrapped it around my arm, pulling my sleeve over it. I reached over and grabbed a box of tissues, and wiped my tears and nose.

I opened the door, by now it was second period, and the hallway was empty. I walked to the office, and told the secretary I had a doctors appointment.

She gave me a sympathetic look, I think by now she new that they weren't doctors appointments. Considering I've had three this month, not including this one.

"Everything okay?" She asked, and handed me the sign out sheet.

"Yeah, just been meeting with the doctor," I lied.

She nodded, and waved goodbye and I left the school. I began crying silently as I got into the car, slamming my hands on the steering wheel as I cursed.

I drove home, and saw a note on my door.

"Went to Dean's. I'll be staying here for a while. Please, be safe. I love you girl.


Dani was my roommate. Emphasize on the word was. I put my bag down and began to cook myself dinner.

Today was horrible.




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