The Mysteries

Adilyan lost her father when she was seven years old. But when she finally meets the guy she's been talking to online they find the real truth about her father...She find's out things that could change her life. The question is, Is her father really dead?


3. Where Is She!?

Luke Pov

             Casy was sent to the office once Addy left. I do love Addy, I just told her I didn't because I don't want to hurt her. The bell rang for the next class. I walked out and Tanner came up to me. "Luke what happen to Adilyan?" "What do you mean?" "She was crying...and then she ran out those front doors." "Into the freezing cold weather?!" "Noooo, the nice sunny, warm weather Luke." My heart dropped. I knew from what I heard on the news, today was suppose to be the hardest snow fall of winter so far this year. I looked outside and saw the snow getting fast and thicker. "I got to go." "Alright." 

           I drove to the house. Ryan's mom had gave me a key so I unlocked the door. I slammed open Addy's door. She wasn't in there. Her computer was on but asleep. Maybe she came here. I ran my finger on the mouse pad. Her email was up. From: Swagger22...That was me. I clicked on the email that I sent to my mystery girl. Blue_Flower26. I read it and it was my mystery girl, Adilyan was my girl that I told all my secrets to, all of my problems. She was the one that I could go to and she would help me. All this time it was Addy. I closed her laptop. I felt my phone buzz. It was an email.

Blue_Flower26;Hey if I don't reply to you...I might be dead...I can't handle this anymore and I'm sorry, but goodbye...It was good to know you :')

What did I do...This is all my fault. I texted Ryan. 

Me; Your sister is missing! where do you think she'll be at?" 

I waited for about 5 minutes and no reply so then I texted Tanner. He was her ex boyfriend so maybe he might have known where she might be. I looked out the window and the snow was thicker and faster as when I got here.
Me; Tan...Do know where Addy might be at?

He replied fast.

Tan; No, we got out of school early so I'll be over at Ryan's soon. Ryan is with me and he told that he has no idea.

Me; Okay...

       I stayed at the house walking back and forth through the house. I need to find her...She's been gone for almost an hour and a half now. I walked out front and started to walk up the rode. Thinking of where she might have been. Tanner drove pasted me. I didn't even walk back I just kept walking still thinking. "Luke!" Tanner screamed. He ran up after me. "I know where she might be." "Where!?" "Remember she told us her favorite quiet place is by the mountains?!" "Shit! Yes!!" "We'll take my car over there." 

           The mountains were up the rode a good two miles away from her house. "Follow me Luke." We ran through the long woods with the thick snow slowing us down. The snow was more thicker when we got to the one lonely bench looking out to the beautiful view of the mountains. "Oh. My. F......" Tanner loudly said. He waved me over there. "Addy!" her skin was turning blue and snow was piled over her. Her boots, and jacket's were sitting on the bench. Tanner and I began to shovel of the snow off of her. Tanner checked her pulse. "Shit...." He looked at me. "I'm going to get the heat in my car, you need to pick her up and quickly bring her...." "I know...Go!" Tanner ran as fast he could. I took off my big fluffy jacket and put it on her over her other jackets I put back on her. Tanner had grabbed her boots. I wrapped her in my arms and ran to his car. "Addy if you can hear me, just listen to my voice. It's Luke." 

       I held Addy in my arms up in the passenger seat with all of the vents blowing on her. Tanner and I pilled our jackets on her. Tanner drove to the hospital. We got to the hospital as quick as we could. I ran in the hospital and called for help. Luckily their was a doctor. He took her into the back. The girl behind the counter asked her name and what was going on with her, and of course who her family was. After, I told her I sat next to Tanner. 

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