The Mysteries

Adilyan lost her father when she was seven years old. But when she finally meets the guy she's been talking to online they find the real truth about her father...She find's out things that could change her life. The question is, Is her father really dead?


4. I'm Sorry

Luke pov

             "What happen?" Tanner asked. "I don't know ." "Don't tell me you don't know when you clearly do tell what happen. Why did she just try to kill herself?" He sounded mad and confused. "I...Kissed her at the festival, and some how Casy found out...I also told Addy that I loved her." "So Casy decided to just hit her this morning?" "I guess..." "Did you once even see if Addy was okay?" He paused and looked at me. "Or did you just say what's wrong with you to her?" "The second one." "That's messed up." "Should I remind you of what you did to her?" "I'm not talking about the past, I'm talking about about what happen today." "Whatever...." "What else did you say to her today Luke?" "I said something that I wish I never said." "Which was.." "That I lied...That when I said I loved her it was a lie, and that I want to marry Casy..." "Wow!" He laughed out of anger and disappointment. "Good luck with..." The doctor came out. "Luke?" "Yeah that's me." I stood and so did Tanner. "Hi I'm Dr. Rob." "Hi." Tanner stuck his hand out and said, "I'm Tanner." The both shook hands. "Well, Adilyan is doing fine, her skin will have a bit of scaring. If you two young boys didn't save her when you did...It would have been worst." "May I see her." I quickly said. "I suppose one at a time though. She doesn't need a group of people in there right now." "Okay." Dr. Rob walked me to her room. "Thanks doctor." He just smiled and left. 

             She laid there so hopelessly. I grabbed her hand. "Hi Addy." She didn't say anything, and she just kept her eyes closed. "Addy, if you hear please open your eyes." Her hand was still cold. "Please wake up Addy." I go on to my knees and just held her hand. I put my head down. "Luke...?" She said quietly with a rusty voice. I popped up. "Addy." "I'm a live?" "Yea, Tanner and I saved you." "Why? I don't want to be here..." "But...Addy..." "Where's my phone I need to email that guy from online." She sat up. "Addy, just relax he can wait." Because that guy you love is standing right in front of you. "This is all your fault Luke." As she said that Tanner walked in. I walked out of the room and waited in the lounge.

     *                                                                     *                                                              *

             A week later I had to see Addy again. I haven't seen her since she got out of the hospital. I drove Ryan home after school today. "She'll just be in her room." "Okay." I walked to her room. I knocked. "Come in." I walked in. She looked at me. Her eyes widened. "Addy, before..." "Just close the door." I closed it. She got off her bed and walked up to me. Her eyes began to water. She wrapped her arms around my waist and hugged me so tight. I wrapped my arms around her and did the same. "I'm so sorry Adilyan." "Tanner told me..." We let go of each other. "What did he say." "How you wish you never said that." "I do..." "He also told me that you were the first one to start looking for me." She smiled. "That's because I care about you. I broke up with Casy..." "Good." "Guess what Addy." "What?" "I'm meeting up with that girl tonight." "Really....I'm meeting up with that guy tonight." "Funny, how it's the same night."  I can't wait to see her face when she finds out it was me this whole time. 


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