Vegan Kingdom- Land of Animal Cruelty Free World

This is idea inspire from "Yes Pretty Cure 5, Land of Sweets" and "Cloudy with Chance of Meatballs."
However in Vegan Kingdom, human, animals, fish, cats, dogs, sharks, snakes only eat vegan food.
Chicken raises vegan egg.
Cows in this kingdom milks soymilk.
In Vegan world, it's illegal to kill animals, or import meats.
There has been evil meat kingdom who wants to kill everything from meat and even vegetable. It's about to Vegan Super Hero to save a day.


1. In Vegan Kingdom (Amelia Ducktown

My name is Amelia Veganism and I am ten-year-old. I am resident of Vegan Kingdom. Here in Vegan kingdom, everybody eats vegan food, even animals, reptiles, mammals, and insects, even meat foods only eat Vegeterian Foods. Those vegan creatures speak English.

All vegan creatures eat only vegetable, plants only.

All meat foods born in Vegan Kingdom only eats vegan because they raised baby meat food and don't want to kill their babies by mistake, so meat foods become Vegetarian.






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