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24. The Drive


Emma's P.O.V.


I walked out of the bus, that left me a short distance from central London. I was here for the summer, my first time in London.

I waited for the bus to drive away and then I crossed the street to the left.

I walked for some time and realized I was going into some neighborhood instead of stores, and buildings and well the London Eye was nowhere to be seen.

I stopped and turned around, looking behind me, just when someone ran straight right into me.

"Uff," I said, and fell on my behind.

"Oh my God! I'm so sorry! Are you okay!?," said a male voice, with an Irish accent.

I looked at him.

Yep. Niall freaking Horan.

"I think so...," I said.

He gave me his hand and helped me up.

"I should watch where I'm going," he laughed.

"I guess I should watch where I turn too," I said.

"Niall," he smiled and gave me his hand.

"Emma," I smiled shyly, shaking it.

"Emma," he whispered.

I blushed.

"So what are you looking for?," he asked.

"Well, I was on my way to central London, after my bus dropped me off, but I have no idea where I'm going!," I said.

Niall chuckled, then turned me around.

"That's the way to go," he said.

"Ohhh...I can actually see the London Eye from here. Must of missed the sign...and the road," I said.

He nodded.

"Want me to take you there?," he asked.

"Weren't you heading somewhere?"

"I was about to go out to lunch, but I don't mind walking there,'' he smiled.

"If you really don't mind..."

"I don't!," he said.

"Okay then," I smiled shyly.

"So what brings you to London?," he asked, as we started to walk.

"Just summer and school being out," I said.

He nodded.

"What about you? Why aren't you in Ireland?," I asked.

"I was actually visiting Harry yesterday, at his mum's house," he said.

"Ahh, nice," I smiled.

"Mhmm," he nodded.

Soon we reached central London and Niall took me to a small cafe to have lunch.

We talked about our families and our childhood and I've realized that we had a lot in common.

After we ate Niall took me to some of his favorite shops and we tried on different things, like hats, glasses, making each other laugh.

Then he took me under the Big Ben and to the London Eye.

"So got any plans for tomorrow?," he asked, as the Eye started moving.

I looked at him.

"Not really, just walking around some more," I said.

"Do you mind if I join you?," he asked.

"I wouldn't mind. I'd actually really like that," I smiled. He did too.

After we got back down from the Eye, Niall called a taxi.

"I'll take you home, or to your hotel, and then I'll drive back to mine. Sounds okay?," he asked.

I nodded.

Once we got to my hotel, he helped me out.

"Thank you for today," I smiled at him.

"It was a pleasure," he smiled too.

He pulled me into a hug and then let me go.

"Sleep well, and see you tomorrow," he winked.

"You too," I blushed.

I waved and the taxi drove away.






I woke up excited about today. Quickly I took a shower and got dressed, and got my makeup and hair done.

I went downstairs to the hotel's lobby to eat breakfast and got a surprise.

"Niall!?," I asked.

"Heya," he smiled.

"What are you doing here," I smiled back.

"Decided to join you for breakfast? I slept here in the hotel last night," he said.

"Oh," I blushed a bit.

"So waffles?," he asked, showing me to the table.

I nodded and sat down.

"So, I was thinking....Perhaps I could take you to the shores of England?," he asked.

"That sounds nice," I smiled, putting syrup on my waffle.

"So is it a yes?," he asked.

"Yes," I giggled.

He smiled and started to eat his waffles.



After breakfast I went upstairs to get my stuff, Niall coming with me.

"So I just need to grab my bag, and I'll be ready," I said, quickly scanning my room to find it.

Niall sat down on my bed.

"Ah, here it is!," I smiled, finding it.

Niall cringed a smile.

"So ready?," I asked, standing beside him.

He stood up, looking into my eyes. I bit my lip.

"You look even more beautiful then yesterday," he said, walking a bit closer.

"Thank you," I managed to whisper.

He gently placed his right hand on my waist, while putting a lose peace of hair behind my ear with his left one. 

My eyes fluttered up to his sparkling blue ones.

His hand slipped under my chin, his thumb stroking my cheek a little, then he stroked it over my lips.

He leaned in a bit, but we got disturbed with the sudden phone ringing.

Niall cleared his throat and I did the same as he answered the call.

"Yellow?," he asked.

I sat down on the bed a little light headed.

"Oh okay, thank you Haz, bye," Niall smiled as he hung up.

"Haz?," I asked.

"You'll see, ready?," he asked.

I nodded and got up.

"Better grab a jacket, it can get a little chilly, since it's only May," he said.

I grabbed my hoodie, and we went to the elevator.

As we reached the parking, I finally realized we had no car.

"Um are we gonna get there?," I asked.

Niall pointed to a Range Rover, with a curly headed boy standing by it, posing like a model.

I giggled.

"Harry, this is Emma. Emma this is, well, you probably know," Niall said.

"Ma'am," Harry said bowing, and kissed my hand.

I blushed.

"Did you get yourself a ride back though?," Niall asked him.

"Indeed I did," Harry smiled.

"Thank you again for letting me borrow your car," Niall said.

"Anytime," Harry said.

Niall helped me in and I watched as he and Harry still talked outside a bit. Harry gave Niall the keys and they both hugged each other, just when a taxi came into the parking lot, Harry waving it over.

Soon me and Niall got on the freeway, driving towards the West.

"I'll take you to a special place of mine on the western part of England," Niall said.

"I can't wait to see it," I smiled.

"Could you do me favor though?," he asked.


"Can you check the weather on my phone? I think I opened the page where it shows the place where we are going," he said, giving me his phone.

I nodded and opened his phone.

I blinked a couple of times at what lit up on the screen.

It was Niall's notes, and written on it was:


"Will you be my girlfriend?"


I looked at Niall, who was looking at me.

"Um...this was opened on your phone...," I said.

He chuckled.

"Will you though?," he asked.

"Oh my gosh....Yes!," I smiled.

Niall pulled over on the side of the road, and pulled me into his lap.

He cupped my face and placed his lips on mine, giving me the most wonderful, gentle, sweetest, lustful, kiss.

We pulled away a short time later, him looking lovingly into my eyes.

"Shall we continue our drive?," he asked.

I nodded and he helped me back into my seat.

For the rest of the drive he kept his hand on mine.

All I could think was...Niall Horan is officially my boyfriend.






Hello Emma! I really do hope you like this story, sorry it took so long, but I didn't see the notification that you asked for an imagine until like two days later, since I was away. But I really  really hope you like it! Let me know in the comments below :) 


"All the love" xoxo



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