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13. The Call (for Emma)

Emma's P.O.V


"You promise me you'll give him my number?," I asked (your best-friends name).

She nodded and hugged me.

I was so disappointed. She and I won meet and greet passes to see One Direction, but my parents wouldn't let me go. I cried and begged them to let me, but no.

So my best friend was going and she'll ask Louis if he could call me, since well, he was my favorite.

I waved as she pulled out of my driveway and went upstairs to my bedroom.

I waited patiently by my phone.




My phone screen lit up, with an unknown number. 

I answered it, my heart pounding.


"Hello love, I'm so sad you couldn't come to meet us. Hopefully I can make it up by this call," Louis said.

"Tell her we all send her love," Harry said, in the background.

"Harry sends his love," Louis said.

"Not me, all of us you goon," Harry said.

"Yeah, yeah, love? You there?," he asked.

"Y-yes I'm here," I giggled.

"Good. Cause I want you to give me your Skype, so I can see your beautiful face," Louis said.

My hands shook. Was this really happening?

"Uh yes it's (your-skype-name)," I said.

I think he wrote it down.

"Okay, well I'll see you in a little bit. We need to leave for the hotel now, so in about twenty minutes I'll call you," he said.

"Ok-kay," I said.

"Bya love," he said.

"Bye," I said and he hung up.

"Oh my gosh!," I whispered.

I quickly ran into the bathroom and put my make-up on, and slipped into my best clothes.

I did my hair and opened my laptop.

I found my Skype app and opened it.


"Please install the latest update of Skype to continue" - It said.


"Urrggg," I groaned and hit the update button.


"Update will take up to an hour, please don't turn off your computer"


I almost screamed.

"WHY NOWWWW!?!??," I said to it.

I slammed my fist on my bed and waited.

After about twenty minutes, my phone rang.

"Hiya love. You're not answering my Skype call," Louis said, a bit disappointed.

"Yeah, it's because it chose now to update," I said, mad as heck.

"Ahh, calm down darling. I'll wait," he said.

"It still needs half an hour," I whined.

He chuckled deeply.

I sighed.

"So Emma right?," he asked.

"Yes, that's my name," I smiled.

"Very pretty," he said.

"Thank you," I blushed, even if he couldn't see.

Suddenly the update decided to finish up in a minute and it was done.

My heart pounded as I opened the new app and saw five missed calls from LouisTommoTommo.

"You have a cute username," I giggled.

"It's done!?," Louis asked.

"Yes," I answered.

In a second he called me again.

I answered his call and soon those blue-green eyes and cute, adorable face was starring at me.

"'re so beautiful," he gasped.

I blushed.

He smiled.

"So...where were we?," he asked.

I saw Harry walk behind Louis and smile.

"Get out of here you goon," Louis yelled.

"I'm not a goon Lou, you are," Harry said.

"Fine. But shoo, and get out," Louis said.

"But I wanted to say hi," Harry said, sticking his bottom lip out.

"Okay fine," Louis said.

Harry came in front of the camera.

"Hellloooo Emma, nice to meet you, I'm Harry from- OW!," Harry said, as Louis hit him.

"She knows who you are you dummy," he said.

Harry pushed Louis playfully.

"I'm just making sure, jeez," Harry said and walked away.

Louis sat in front of the camera.

"Sorry, Harry disturbance there.

"You don't know you're beautiful," Harry sang in the background.

"Where are you love?," Louis asked.

"Wait what?," I asked.

"Where do you live?," he asked.

"In the town here," I answered.

"Can I have your address?," he asked.

" parents won't let me see you," I said.

"It's okay, I'll sneak up into your room," he winked.

I bit my lip.

"Okay it's (your address)," I said.

"Okay darling, I'll see you tonight at midnight," he winked.

"Okay," I said, nervously laughing.




"Psst," I heard outside.

I opened my window wider and Louis tumbled in.

"Oh hello there Mr. Tomlinson," I said.

"Hi beautiful," he said, getting up.

"Shhh, if you wake my parents I'll be in hell of trouble," I said.

"Okay okay," he whispered.

I looked at him and suddenly I hugged him tightly.

"Let me take you to my hotel, hmm?," he asked.

"Please," I begged.

"Pack some stuff," he said.

 I quickly packed some stuff for the night and tomorrow.

I left a note that I'll be back by tomorrow, for my parents.

Louis took my hand and helped me climb out the window.

We went to his car, and we drove away.

"Why are you doing this?," I asked him.


"You hardly know me."

"Yes, but I don't let beautiful girls like you walk away from me," he said.

I bit my lip.

"From the moment your friends showed me a picture of you, I just had to get to know you better," he said.

"And now you're taking me to your hotel," I giggled.

"Yes," he said and parked the car.

He leaned over, and cupped my face.

"Why haven't I met you before?," he asked.

My heart pounded.

He leaned in closer and closed the gap between us.

My heart leaped.

Louis hand slid down my leg, while his other one made it's way behind my back and around my waist. He somehow picked my up and got me on his lap.

He twirled my hair around his finger.

"Will you be my girl?," he asked.

"Yes Louis, a million times yes!," I said.

He smiled and  kissed me again.





@Styles_for_life  It was so sweet that you requested this story for your friend. I hope she likes it! Please let me know in the comments below :) 

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