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22. Taxi! (for Maia)


Maia's P.O.V.


I got into the taxi that came to pick me up from the shopping center in the city.

"Where to?," the driver asked, driving away from the curb.

I gave him my home address and relaxed in the back seat, that is, until I saw group of young girls, some older, some younger, running after wait someone....

My taxi stopped at a red light and I saw in clear view who the person was.

"Oh my gosh," I whispered. It was Liam freaking Payne.

He looked around him, breathing heavily, trying to find somewhere to hide.

His eyes landed on my taxi.

"Sir! Sir!," he yelled, running our way.

My heart pounded.

My can driver looked at him.

"Sir please, can I jump in, I'm being-"

"No sorry. This cab is occupied," my driver said.

"No, no, it's fine. He can come with us," I said.

My drivers looked at me, then nodded, putting the car in park.

Liam quickly tumbled in, just as the lights turned green and the girls almost reached the car.

"Whew, what a run," he said, drying his sweat, that trickled from his forehead.

I gulped and just looked at him.

"Hi, thank you so much for letting me join your ride," he said, smiling at me.

"M-My pleasure," I said.

He chuckled a bit.

"Are you a fangirl too?," he asked.


"Well then, you can hug me, or ask for a picture, an autograph, because you just saved my life!," he said.

That made me laugh.

"I actually don't have anything for you to sign...but a hug would be nice," I blushed.

"Bring it in," he said, spreading his arms.

I hugged him tightly and inhaled his scent.

"So, where are we actually heading too?," he asked, laughing a bit, after we ended our hug.

I told him my home address.

"Oh, my hotel isn't far from there, so actually I caught the right ride," he smiled.

"You sure did," I smiled, then laughed.

"What's your name?," he asked.

"M-Maia," I said.

"Beautiful name...Maia...Maia...," he repeated.

I blushed again.

He looked out the window.

"So...what brings you to my part of the world?," I asked.

"Well since we're on break, I decided to explore a bit more," he smiled.

"You looked as if you were running for your life from those girls," I giggled.

"Well yeah, I forgot to bring a bodyguard with me. But I've been enjoying some time peacefully at the cafe in that small town," he said.


"Until, one girl came up to me, then another and another. Once I decided to get out of the cafe a huge group was standing by it, so I ran," he said.

I laughed, and he joined in.

"Yeah, that's the way it is," he sighed.

"Do you ever get annoyed with it?," I asked.

"No. I never get annoyed with the fans. They're the reason I'm who I am today. They helped me fulfill my dream and keep helping me continue it," he said.

"That's so sweet," I said.

"Harry's not the only charmer in the band you know," he winked.

I blushed.

"So...who's your favorite of the band?," he asked.

"You," I blushed even more.

"Ahh," he said, straightening up.

"Yeah...," i nervously said.

"So, Maia...are you doing anything tomorrow evening?," he asked.

I gulped.

"N-No," I said.

"Will you let me take you somewhere then?"

"," I asked, nearly in a whisper.

He nodded.

"Yes Liam, I'd love to!," I smiled

He did too, just as we pulled into my driveway.

"Here, write your number into my contacts," he said, giving me his phone.

I quickly typed it in and gave him his phone back, taking out my money to pay the driver.

"No, no, no...I'll take care of that," Liam said.


"No "Buts"," he said.

I blushed.

"Thank you," I said.

"See you tomorrow Maia," he said.

"See you...," I said and hopped out.



~ next day ~


I spun around in the mirror in my new yellow dress, smiling to myself.

Now all I needed to do was put on some make-up and find some nice shoes.

Quickly I did that and soon I went downstairs, waiting for the doorbell to ring.

As soon as it did, I quickly opened the door.

Liam was dressed in black jeans, and a white shirt.

"Hi," I smiled-blushed.

"Hello," he smiled too.

" you want to come in?," I asked.

"Why waste time...I've got somewhere special to take you," he smiled even more.

I bit my lip and he took my hand, leading me to his fancy car.

He opened the door for me and helped me, running around the front to get in himself.

"Where are you taking me?," I asked, blushing.

"Somewhere...special," he winked.

We pulled out of the drive way to drove to the highway.

We drove for a while until we took an exit. 

Soon we got to a place looking like....

"The beach?," I asked.

Liam smiled.

He parked his car and got out to help me out.

"It's special to me, because no one knows I'm here. It's hard for the paps to find me," he said.

I nodded and we walked into the sand.

"So...tell me about yourself," he said.

I told him a bit about me.

He nodded and after a short while stopped in his tracks, turning to me.

"You're so beautiful, you know that?," he said.


"Yes, you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen," he said, cupping my face.

My heart pounded.

"Will you do me the honor of benign my girl?," he asked.

"Yes," I whispered.

With that he leaned in and kissed me gently. I quickly kissed back.

He pulled away and smiled.

"Thank you," he said.

I blushed.

He took my hand in his and we walked down the shoreline, hand in hand.






Heyyy Maia! I hope you like it! Let me know in the comments below :) :)


"All the Love" xoxo

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