One Direction Imagines

Just simply 1D imagines :)


15. Authors Note...


 Hi Guys! ....or I should say girls haha :),

So a lot of requests have been coming in for personalized imagines and I'm enjoying writing them for you!

But the thing is...I've never written down what I need for personalized stories to make them even better...

I need...


1. Your Name and Nickname

2. Your hair color

3. Your eye color

4. The boy you want (obviously)

5. What country you live in...(optional)

6. Your favorite color

7. Last but not least...if you want it to be dirty or not. ;)



I sometimes don't update right away...I need to wait for an inspiration to make your story amazing, as I try to with every single one. So...sometimes it'll take me a few days before I update your imagine.

BUT.....***IMPORTANT!!!*** to be notified that your imagine has been published you need to press the "Favorite" button. I haven't gotten responses on a couple of imagines, and I'm guessing that the girls never got notified because they didn't hit the Fav button so....just wanted to tell you all that.


Anywho...have a great day. And well.... If you have some spare time, check out my Movellas :) ;)


I love you all TONS xoxoxo

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