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9. Adidas (for Emily)

Emily's P.O.V.


I walked towards the Adidas store in my town, to buy myself some new tennis shoes. What stopped me in my tracks was the crowd right in front of the store.

I walked up slowly, hoping to figure out what the whole thing  is about.

"What's going on?," I asked the girl who was about my age.

"Louis Tomlinson is in the store!," she squealed.

I gasped.

Louis! Here? In New York? At this time of year? 

"Oh my gosh," I whispered.

"LOUIS CAN I TAKE A PICTURE!," suddenly the whole crowd arose as Louis tried to make his way through the crowd.

I pulled my phone out, just in case I'd get the chance to take a picture with him, but someone knocked it out of my hand. As I was about to reach for it, another girl pushed me over, making me stumble.

I finally reached for my phone, when a foot, kicked it all the way to the other side.

I crawled to get it.

"What are you doing!? That's cheating!," one girl cried.

"I'm just trying to get my phone, jeez!," I answered.

I got hit in the stomach, which made me stumble over again.

"Ufff," I let out a moan in pain.

"WOAH, WOAH, WOAH! Now watch it you guys!," I heard his voice say.

Suddenly he was kneeling right next to me.

"Are you okay?," he asked, worry all over his face.

"Y-yeah....but my stomach hurts," I said.

"Why were you crawling?," he asked.

"My got knocked out of my hand and slid all the way to the other side," I said, pointing the way it slid.

"What does your phone look like love?," he asked.

Love. My heart fluttered.

"It's light pink and sparkly," I answered.


Everyone started the search for my phone.

“Can you stand love,?” Louis asked.

I tried to stand up and with his help I was able to, but my stomach hurt bad.

"Here's your phone," a nice blond girl said.

"Thank you," I said.

Louis took a selfie with her and gave her his autograph.

He then took my hand and helped me walk over to his car.

"Come with me okay?," he said.

I nodded.

We got in and drove to the fancy hotel in central New York.

Louis helped me out and inside. He ordered ice to be delivered to his room and then took me to it.

"Wow," I said, as he let me in.

He chuckled and helped me sit down on the couch.

"What's your name love?," he asked.

"Emily," I said shyly.

He smiled.

"I do hope nothing happened, besides a bad bruise," he said mentioning my stomach.

There was a knock on the door and soon Louis was putting ice on my stomach.

"Better?," he asked worried.

I nodded.

"Thank you," I said.

"It's nothing love," he smiled, and laid down next to me on the bed.

He found a show on TV, and we watched it.



I must of fallen asleep cause I woke up with my head on Louis' chest.

It was dark already.

I looked at the time.

1:50 am!

I realized that the ice was gone and I was covered with the sheets.

Louis was sleeping soundly beside me.

"Louis?," I asked.

His eyes slowly opened.

"It's super late," I said.

"You don't have to go," he said, in a sleeping tone, which I found really sexy.


"You can stay. There's a shirt of mine I left for you in the bathroom on the toilet seat to change into. Do that, and we'll talk more in the morning, okay?," he said.

"Okay," I whispered.

I went to change.

What the heck is going on???? I mean, I'm spending the might with Louis!

I danced around for a while in the bathroom, before changing into his shirt and letting my medium brown hair out of the messy bun.

I walked out to see Louis by the window.

"Hey," I said.

He looked at me, then held out a hand. I took it.

"Tell me....who's your favorite from the band?," he asked.

"You," I answered, blushing.

He pulled me closer to him.

"Why?," he asked.

"Well, your personality is amazing. You're kind, loving, sweet, cute, hot, sexy-"

He silenced me with his finger to my lips.

He looked into my eyes, then on my lips, and back at my eyes.

"You're beautiful, you know that?," he said.

I bit my lip.

"So, so, beautiful," he said in a whisper, and closed the gap in between us.


I felt his hand on my bum, and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

He smiled and picked me up walking to the bed and laying us down, never breaking the kiss.

He went in for a French kiss. I giggled, which made him stop and pull away, looking into my eyes, smiling.

"Will you be my girlfriend?," he asked.

"YES Louis!," I said.

He chuckled and kissed me again.




The next morning I awoke to Louis' hand around my waist, and his warm breath on my neck.

I turned around to face him.

His eyes slowly opened.

"Good morning beautiful," he smiled.

"Morning," I smiled back.

" any plans for today?," he asked.

"Nope!," I said, popping the 'P'.

"Hmmm, well let's start the day with a good breakfast. And then we can drive over to your house and you can get some clothing to bring here and then we can go for a walk through New York, how does that sound?," he said.

"Sounds WONDERFULLLLL!," I said.

He chuckled and kissed my nose.

I smiled.

I've never been so happy in my life before.



Hello Emily! Nice to meet you ;) I really do hope you enjoyed your imagine. I'm thinking about adding more to it...but I just need some more time, since it's 1 am here, and I'm slowly falling asleep LOL haha. Let me know in the comments what you think about it so far.

Love you TONS xoxo

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