Society vs me

This story is basically about a young teenage 'mutant' that is commanded to save the human race in her words known as the monsters


2. One More Time

The rain fell softly on the busy streets of New York. I stood waiting in the back ally of quarter and main street. Once again Caleb was late. Not a surprise, He always seems to be late for anything with a set time. Just then he turned the corner. His shaggy hair hanging in his eyes. 

"What's with the glare." he said trying to flip his already sopping wet hair out of his eyes.

Until then I hadn't realized I was glaring but i didn't care much. "You're late!" I scowled. 

"Not according to the clock tower I'm not." He smiled that crooked smile. 

I look up at the clock tower.He was right, my watch must have been to fast. The clock was just a minute to midnight.

"I do believe you said midnight, right?"

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever. Any ways we have a job to do." 

I start trudging down the ally way. The wet gravel glides beneath my feet. The soft crunching sound sounds just like their snarls. But I ignore it until I realize Caleb isn't following."Caleb ya com'n?" I turn around slowly to find Caleb starring at something. something at the opening of the ally. I didn't dare to turn and face the ally but I did. There at the opening of the ally was him. My eyes shot wide. How did he find us? He was just like every other one of his kind, greedy, selfish, stupid, But yet he still found us. I turn towards Caleb who was still staring, "Caleb," I whispered so only he could hear. "run towards him on the count of three."

I began to count until Caleb yelled back. "RUN ARE YOU NUTS!" 

At that moment I knew we were goners. I turned towards him and there he was plummeting down the ally towards me and Caleb. I didn't have time to think before I knew it he had both me and Caleb in his grasp and the only thing he snarled was:

"Say goodbye to your life because it ends today."


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