I really don't care

Hi im Allison. I'm a normal teen in a not so normal family. Here is the problem, I have two dads. I mean I love it, but it makes everyday life a little harder.
A/N This movella is inspired by my brother, Bobby and the song I really don't care by, Demi lovato


1. preveiw

     Hi I am Allison. and like I said I have two dads. I love them both and i'm very proud, but its also hard. i mean first of all, The questions. When Im at school and the teacher says, 'write about your family" I get frantic. I mean it's not my fault almost all the teachers are homophobes! One time my 7th grade math teacher had the god damn nerve to say, "You can just bring yourself to the parent teacher conference" And I was too damn shy to say anything. God I'm pathetic. Just because i have two dads doesn't make me gay! Another day when i was in 8th grade my english teacher didn't allow me too sit with other girls because i made them uncomfortable  And by then i was done with being shy. I stood up and said (quite loudly) Well excuse me Ms. Prick. (her name was Ms.Pick) I got suspended for two weeks. And when I came back, people thought i was a bad ass, which i'm not. But the good thing was I started making friends. People grew some respect to me after that. Hey now i'm basicly famous.


A/N Hi i hoped you liked my sneak peek. The first chapter will be published September 1st. Also read my first movella Under the willow tree. ( the beginning sucks but it gets better as it goes on) XXX-Starlight32

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