I really don't care

Hi im Allison. I'm a normal teen in a not so normal family. Here is the problem, I have two dads. I mean I love it, but it makes everyday life a little harder.
A/N This movella is inspired by my brother, Bobby and the song I really don't care by, Demi lovato


3. Come on!

     "Honey you need to get up its Monday, YAY!" My dad Robert says 'Whats so special about Mondays?" My OTHER dad, Devin says in a obvisibly fake sad voice. I roll out of bed (Literally my carpet is SUPER fluffy!) And say "I'm so sick Cough Cough." "Oh no honey dearest we need to take our darling to the hospital" We act alot. It's pretty fun. "Okay Should we request a Pink or purple ambulance?'' "I don't know father i'm in the mood for pink" "RIGHT AWAY!!!" And they leave my room. Ugh. Mondays. I stand up and go out and eat some cereal. "Is that good food?" Robert, (I shouldn't cal my dad that) I mean, Dad #1 says. "As good as soggy cereal can get FACHA"  "Don't call me that DAUCHA!" "Okay who's doing the Cha-Cha in here?" Dad #2 Says I roll my eyes and finish my cereal. When I'm done I clean my bowl and go to my room and change.

     I have to walk to school, well everywhere really. My parents don't believe in cars. They both have a licence but they don't use it. And I'm seventeen(overdue for a licence) But they won't pay the money to get my classes. It sucks. I'm classified with the hippies! Even though they drive, only in carpools, with some air protecting car thing. It takes about a half hour to walk to school. When i finally make to school, my first thing i need to do is dodge everyone. They crowd me like  I'm a little light in a dark room. It's sometimes refreshing but not always. I run to my locker. FAG LOVER! is carved into my locker. "Ugh not again" actually it's pretty funny. I don't give a friggin ship (My dads don't let me swear) I opened my locker and got out my pocket knife. I know that sounds bad but its really a marker. And I write "I really don't care dipshit" (Okay maybe I do swear a little)  under the persons locker. I guess I really don't care about a lot of stuff, first of all, People, second of all, Getting in trouble. But then there are things I care a lot about.  The living thing I care most about is. It's so bad I mean i would rather see him exceed in life rather than me. He is, Adam. Never in my life has four letter tore me apart so much. I have liked him for seven years now. But i still call it a crush.

     Mission objective: Bat your eyelashes slowly when Adam walks by. "hey Allison wanna hang out later" Dammit Josh "With whom?" i reply. "Me, Andrea, Alex, Mark, Jessie, Jorden, Adam-'' My heart skipped a beat "The gangs all coming?" "Ya except for Mellisa, John, Johnny, the other Johnny and oh yeah you." "Haha like I even wanted to go" I really wanted to go. Really Really Really bad. "Bye Josh" Messed it up by saying whom.

A/N Thanks for reading. XXX Starlight32

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