Throughout My Day on PSN

How I feel after a day on my PS3. Feel free to add me! PixieKiss72... if you don't akready know. Just say your from movellas. I mostly play the Sims, Portal, Minecraft, CoD, or LBP (1, 2, or K)


6. After 7:00 PM

I get relaxed as it gets later. Or its the opposite. I get crazier o3o

I'm on LBP2 or Portal 2.

I have 20+ friends on. I'm normally in a chat with a few of them.

I'm derpy, crazy, social, and not willing to rage.

I'll just fill this out (V) when I feel like it.

7/15/14: On Portal 2. Raging. In a chat with my anime and creepypasta fan friends. Yeah..  i grouped them all together. They get along well.

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