Teenage runaway

Life was fine for jade, until her mom died from breast cancer.
Then things made a down spiral..jades father became an alcholic, and became abusive. Until she met Harry styles, a 20 year old badass from a small town in England, Holmes chaple. Will he make thing better, and fall for jade, or show his dark side?


3. it's not my fault!

Jades POV:

After convincing myself I was ok to drive, I took my numb body home... Knowing I wouldn't come home to my amazing mother cooking dinner, and laughing like she always would be.

"D-daddy" I said as soon as I got in the door. " shut up you worthless piece of shit" he spoke with anger raging through his face.

This is all your fault, she's dead because of you! His breath reeked of alchol. I had nothing to say to him, or anyone else. I replied with a lifelss "K" and went straight to my bedroom.

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