Teenage runaway

Life was fine for jade, until her mom died from breast cancer.
Then things made a down spiral..jades father became an alcholic, and became abusive. Until she met Harry styles, a 20 year old badass from a small town in England, Holmes chaple. Will he make thing better, and fall for jade, or show his dark side?


1. goodbye

It'll all be ok, I love you, forever and always.

Always remember. I told my sick mother, knowing it was her last couple breaths.

M- my head hearts. She said in between breaths. Can u ask the nurse for some pain

killers, love? I simply nodded and did as I was told.

My heart then sunk, I turned around to a group of nurses running in. " she's gone " I whispered so only I could hear.

"Time of death"... The male nurse trailed off. My mum, my best friend, my everything. Had been abruptly taken from me. Without a goodbye..

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