The Haunted Trail

Allison,Brianna, and Emily are great friends but when they take a wrong turn on a way to a birthday party, all they wish for is a way out. A way out of the trail, the trail that takes your fears and spreads them across the trail. People always walk in, but they never walk out


1. The Invite

Allison's POV:

Me, Allison a normal girl with a normal life. I was in the middle of watching a very important episode of Doctor Who. I was crying like a maniac when I found out my favorite character died when my phone goes off. I reach out to grab it.

From: Bri

Subject: Hannah's B-Day party


Omg Hannah invited us to her party. Me, you and Emily.

Text me if you are going to go. Emily already said she would.

~ Brianna <3


Hannah? She doesn't even know me and Emily. But I never pass up the chance for a party and cake, mostly cake. I start texting back.

To: Brianna <3

Subject: RE:Hannah's B-Day party


Yeah why not, I will hang with Emily while you talk to Hannah, I barely know her and Emily doesn't know her at all so.. yeah



I threw my phone on my pillow and began to weep again. I just cried nonstop. "RIINNG!"

I fall backwards and reach for my phone. It was Bri " Hello?" I said trying not to sound weepy.

"Allison?Are you ok?" I wiped my nose. " Yeah, yeah, just ummm I stubbed my toe and it hurts really bad." I slapped myself for that stupid excuse. "You were watching Doctor Who again were you?"

"Yes." I said in a very guilty voice. "Anyways, I told you I was going." I heard her sigh and it was the more annoyed one." I know I am telling you what time and the address." I nodded. I rolled off my bed and I ran to my desk and pulled out a piece of paper and my Christmas pen. "What is it?"

"Tomorrow, at 6:00, at 1822 Meadow Lane, in the unincorporated part of town."

I quickly wrote it down.

Meadow Land, unincorporated part of town 6:00.

My pen started to go out to I dropped it and decided I would write it later.

"K, thanks, now let me finish crying."

"Did Amy and Rory die?"

"YES!" I yell and I hung up. I dug through my desk drawers looking for a pencil.

I finally found one and quickly wrote it down.

18, 18 18 what? I thought. I though about calling Bri back, but I decided not to. I jotted down the numbers that sounded familer. 1874. I grabbed the paper, stuffed it into my back pocket and walked out of my room and down the stairs. I had to put it into my cars gps so I don't get lost, never get lost in the unincorporated part of town. You could end up to the Haunted Trail and then you are a goner for sure. I walked out the door and to my car. I flung the door open and got into the seat. I pulled the keys out of my jacket pocket and put it in the ignition. After my car turned on I punched the address in. Done. I turned my car off and went back inside. Good, I got the address, so I won't get lost. Thank god.

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