Midnight Memories

Life was perfect for Avery , until her mom died from a car crash . Then it didn't seem like there was a reason for her to stay alive . Her dad got a drug addition , got drunk every night and tried killing her whenever he could . Will Avery get away and start a new life with a Prince Charming or will she live a living Hell ?


15. Where To Go

Avery's POV

"Will you tell me where we are going now ? " harry asked me . Wait did he just say we ? Forget it Avery just act like he didn't say that . "Harry ... There's a reason as to why I'm here . And it's not a good one . I was 7 years old when my mom died . Ever since than my dad wasn't like a dad he was ... I don't even know what to call him . Anyway he got a drug addition and would end up at the bar ever night . " I told him . He was about to say something but I cut him off ." When I was only 12 years old he tried killing me ... All because I said I missed mom . " don't talk about her " he told me that was the first night he tried killing me . It didn't work I ran to fast . Ever since that night I packed a bag and his it so at a really good time I could run . Tonight was that night . The reason I passed out and started packing was ... He's still in the building ". I started to cry but I still got all my items into the small backpack I packed with .

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