Midnight Memories

Life was perfect for Avery , until her mom died from a car crash . Then it didn't seem like there was a reason for her to stay alive . Her dad got a drug addition , got drunk every night and tried killing her whenever he could . Will Avery get away and start a new life with a Prince Charming or will she live a living Hell ?


12. What Do I Do ?

Harry's POV :

"Avery !" I shouted . I picked her up and carried her to the bed . After about 50 seconds she came back . "w-what happened ?" She said almost in a whisper . You passed out . I told her . She seemed so out of it yet she seemed like she knew what was happening . As I reminded her what had happened before she passed out she got that same scared look on her face . " I need to get out of here ." She said

Avery's POV :

Once I saw the paper Harry was holding I didn't know what to do . I need to get out of here I told him running to pack up my stuff . The thought that he was in the same building was enough to make me break down . Harry was standing at the door asking me all these questions like what's going on or where are you going ? But even though I could hear him just fine my mind couldn't stay focused , I couldn't do anything but pack . Wait ! When Harry asked me to have dinner with him there was nothing on the doors but only 1 minute later there was ... He's still in the building .

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