Midnight Memories

Life was perfect for Avery , until her mom died from a car crash . Then it didn't seem like there was a reason for her to stay alive . Her dad got a drug addition , got drunk every night and tried killing her whenever he could . Will Avery get away and start a new life with a Prince Charming or will she live a living Hell ?


10. Something Is Bad

" Sorry , it's just ... You know what never mind , you should probably get going ."

Harry's POV :

"Wait , can you at least tell me about yourself if I take you for dinner tomorrow night ? " she gave me a blank look , she finally replied with a simple okay and shut the door . Ok than . I started walking to my room when I saw a paper on my door . It read missing than had a picture of Avery . What ? I thought to myself ... As hesitant as I was , I went up to her room , and knocked on the door . The first thing I did when she opened it was ask her "what is this ? " I ask showing her the paper . Her eyes go big , I see her start to sweat when all of a sudden she is faced with the wood floor .

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