The Big Four Meets Elsa


3. True Love

( sorry last chapter short, I'm having a so called writers block. Tell me on the wall what should happen next! ~Nerdy)

True Love

Elsa's Pov

I have no idea what to do now that we confessed to each other that we love each other." Elsa, will you be my girlfriend?" Jack said. What? I didn't know what to do. Say yes or no? Oh I don't know, but that is when I looked at him and remembered I loved him.

" Yes!" I said and hugged him as tight as I could because I didn't want to loose him.

Jack's Pov

I couldn't breathe but I didn't care for I knew why she was holding me tight. When she let go of me I held her hands and kissed her. ( again writers block remember post on wall! ~Nerdy)

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