The Big Four Meets Elsa


5. Suspense


Elsa's Pov

Me and Jack were chatting and then we had a snowball fight, man that was fun. I never had fun like that since I locked myself up...

Jack's Pov

We just had fun and now she has a depressed face. "What's wrong Snowflake? We just had fun and now your sad?" I told her because I was concerned about her." I'm fine" she said ,but I knew she was lying.

Anna's Pov

"Anna just knock!" I heard Rapunzel yell at me , "Okay I'm just kinda scared it won't open.". " Oh don't be scared and wimpy now and just knock!" Again she yelled. " FINE!" I yelled back and knocked 3 times.

Elsa's Pov

What was that? Three knocks , three knocks hmm...! Anna! " Jack, it's Anna.". " What's wrong with Anna here we could tell her about us toge-" Jack got stopped "NO! She can't know!" " Just not now, how about you go get um some um roses yea roses so we can make them frost roses." " Okay Elsa , I'll be back then." He said as he flew away with a sad face I felt sorry ,but Anna can't know ,not now!

Anna's Pov

It opened OMG it opened! "It actually opened!" I yelled out in excitement! " Oops " " It's okay, I understand" Rapunzel said with a smirk. "Elsa ?!" I yelled in her so called empty ice palace, but I knew they are here.

Rapunzel's Pov

I knew Anna was here for just Elsa, right? But, then again why would Anna ask for my help if it was only Elsa? That's when I spotted out something fly away, couldn't see details , then I remember that only 1 thing I know that can fly and that would be here is, oh god!

Jacks Pov

"You know what baby tooth I'm going to head back and tell Anna about me and Elsa no matter what Elsa says, but what if that makes Elsa break up with me, argh! Why do girls have to be so complicated!". I knew baby tooth understood and I was still heading back ,but with nothing to say, not yet.

Nerdygirlygamer's Pov

Ooh guys I'm making this long because I got creative! Anyways, can you feel the suspension going around! What's going to happen when they all collide in one ice palace? Ooh the suspense!

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